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1 No Office, No Problem: Software Unicorn Gitlab's CEO Warns You're Probably Doing Remote Work Wrong
2 GitLab Appoints Chief People Officer and Newest Board Member
3 The biggest work from home mistakes: Harvard Business School remote expert
4 Why Resilient Brands Support Working Women
5 How GitLab CEO Sid Sijbrandij built a $1 billion business by taking an idea from another programmer, then hiring the guy
6 This company was fully remote with 1,300 employees long before coronavirus — here's how they did it
7 Hybrid Remote Work Offers the Worst of Both Worlds
8 Hear how to scale to $100M ARR at Disrupt 2020
9 GitLab’s Sid Sijbrandij says there’s no sense in a hybrid working from home model
10 Where in the world are GitLab’s workers? Anywhere
11 The Future Of Web Development With GitLab CEO Sid Sijbrandij
12 This $2.75 Billion Company Employs Only Remote Workers. Here's How It Works
13 GitLab capitalizes on fast-moving DevOps world and weighs possible IPO in 2020
14 GitLab Appoints Godfrey Sullivan to Board of Directors
15 GitLab Welcomes Brian Robins as Chief Financial Officer
16 How GitLab parlayed an unusual approach to collaboration software into a multibillion-dollar business
17 There, and back again? Working remotely now, and in a post-vaccine world
18 GitLab Responds To GitHub Making Teams Free – We All Win
19 Q&A: GitLab CEO Sid Sijbrandij on Open Core and DevOps
20 GitLab asks customers to help it open source a raft of features
21 The CEO of $2.75 billion GitLab, which plans to go public this year, says his company faces less impact from coronavirus because its employees always work remotely
22 GitLab Launches All-Remote Leadership Course With Coursera
23 GitLab moves 18 of its DevOps features to open source
24 GitLab CEO Sytse Sid Sijbrandij interview
25 He Built A $1 Billion Business Where All 700 Employees Work Remotely
26 The Remote Work Report by GitLab: The Future of Work is Remote
27 End of unemployment benefits spell disaster without plans to replace them
28 GitLab acquires Peach Tech and Fuzzit to beef up its DevOps security testing tools
29 How GitLab is transforming the future of remote work
30 GitLab's Fourth Annual Global DevSecOps Survey Reveals Software Development Team Roles are Changing
31 World’s biggest trade deal? Here’s what you should know
32 Scaling to $100 million ARR: 3 founders share their insights
33 Is all-remote the future of work?
34 Pilita Clark: Companies should consider having a head of remote working
35 Why GitLab hired a ‘head of remote’ before the coronavirus pandemic
36 Why the future of work might be 'hybrid'
37 Survey says Microsoft, Google CEOs are among top CEOs for diversity, inclusion in 2020
38 GitLab Appoints Chief People Officer and Board of Directors Audit Committee Chairperson
39 Git celebrates 15th anniversary
40 Working Remotely Requires Cultural Change, Executives Say
41 A new era rises: "The software community owes a lot to GitHub, as does the GitLab community"
42 The end of the traditional IPO: Airbnb, GitLab and others consider direct listings as banks begin to come around
43 The Office of the Future Is No Office at All, Says Startup
44 Best CEOs of large companies according to employees of color
45 GitLab acquires fuzz tester Peach Tech
46 Software-Development Startup GitLab Raises $268 Million
47 Daily Crunch: Shopify confirms data breach
48 All-Remote Candidate Experience Lessons from a VP of Recruiting
49 Why 'hybrid' working spells trouble for companies
50 Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's comments about San Francisco are a warning sign for the city's tech scene
51 World’s largest remote business GitLab selects Remote to help hire the best talent
52 GitLab Bolsters DevSecOps With Peach Tech, Fuzzit Acquisitions
53 GitLab's CEO talks gearing up for 2020 direct listing or IPO
54 These are the best CEOs for diversity, according to employee reviews
55 GitLab Appoints VP of Global Channels and Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary as Company Prepares for Going Public
56 GitLab Recognized by 451 Research as a '451 Firestarter'
57 GitLab announces new acquisitions for its DevSecOps portfolio
58 Coca Cola drops 200 brands, most you’ve never heard of
59 Upbound Announces Crossplane Integration with GitLab 12.5 Release to Advance Multicloud Future
60 Best CEOs For Diversity 2020
61 GitLab holds blameful post-mortem on its pulled telemetry plan
62 GitLab’s Gitter is now in (its) Element
63 Make Hong Kong a startup hub EJINSIGHT
64 GitLab's Secret to Multi-Million-Dollar Success: All 350 Employees Work Remotely
65 Survey Reveals the Top-Rated Tech CEOs Who Create Inclusive Cultures for All
66 "Red Hat being acquired by IBM proves that open source software company value has reached a new high water mark"
67 The coronavirus crisis will change how businesses work forever
68 GitLab expands into Australia as DevOps tooling market heats up
69 What should tech companies pay remote workers?
70 Airbnb, GitLab, and 13 Other Unicorn Startups Potentially Going Public This Year
71 The Nuts and Bolts of Working for an All-Remote Company
72 Working from anywhere: your guide to the WFA revolution
73 Why GitLab's approach could ignite broad DevOps adoption
74 The newest members of the $100M ARR club
75 A Truck Tracker, A Coder Toolbox, And A Unicorn From Down Under: Inside This Year’s Cloud 100
76 With increased DevOps adoption, roles in software development teams are changing
77 GitLab considers ban on new hires in China and Russia due to espionage fears
78 GitLab gets native with Sourcegraph code review in upcoming release • DEVCLASS
79 DevOps practices can help spot vulnerabilities earlier
80 GitLab announces key executive hires ahead of public stock debut later this year
81 How to Win at Remote Work
82 GitLab raises $100M
83 GitLab Appoints Sue Bostrom and David Hornik to Board of Directors
84 Are Offices Obsolete?
85 How to convert your company to work remotely permanently
86 Sourcegraph Secures $23 Million Series B Round for Universal Code Search
87 How GitLab built a worldwide enterprise even when everybody stopped showing up
88 Tips From Gitlab On Remote Work For Innovative Teams
89 The Best Tech Companies For Remote Jobs In 2020 According To Glassdoor
90 13,000 Projects Ditched GitHub for GitLab Monday Morning
91 Former Top GitLab Lawyer Fired as Company Moves Towards IPO
92 These are 8 most funded private B2B software companies in the Netherlands
93 GitLab brings digital transformation to Aus businesses with DevSecOps
94 Microsoft's Satya Nadella was rated the best CEO in the US by employees of color — here's who else in tech mad
95 This Startup Wants to Simplify Corporate Software Development
96 Best CEOs for Diversity: Satya Nadella tops the list; Sundar Pichai in top 10
97 5 Ways Creative Zoom Teams Can Reinvent “Lucky Conversations”
98 GitLab Inhales $268M Series E, Valuation Hits $2.75B
99 How Merge Trains Streamline the Deployment Process
100 20 startups that are hiring remote workers right now