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1 We are all to blame for this new lockdown
2 Top Health Ministry official quits, says Israel on dangerous path in virus fight
3 Israel becomes first country to impose second national COVID-19 lockdown
4 Top Israeli Health Ministry officials ignored other experts’ coronavirus advice, medical sources say
5 Workers' opposition grows to Netanyahu government over pandemic and social crisis in Israel
6 'We Didn't Go to Public School Just to Homeschool': Kids and Parents Concerned With Effect Distance Learning Would Have on Students Protested Wednesday
7 Coronavirus czar has no plans to quit despite attacks by government officials
8 No vaccine against bad decisions
9 Israel public health chief quits in protest against govt’s handling of Covid-19 crisis
10 Israel's Health Ministry orders much faster testing for newly quarantined coronavirus carriers
11 Israel took strong steps against Covid-19, but now the virus is resurging and some say the country reopened too soon
12 Israelis Fear Schools Reopened Too Soon as Covid-19 Cases Climb
13 Israel records highest single-day virus tally
14 Israel battles new wave of coronavirus infections after reopening
15 'Health Ministry's decisions are based on whims,' senior physicians charge
16 Time to grab corona crisis management by the horns
17 Top Health Ministry official: Israel at start of second coronavirus wave
18 Top Israel health official resigns, warns country is 'in a dangerous place'
19 COVID-19: How countries are reopening their schools amidst pandemic
20 Daily planners show Israel’s health chiefs waited weeks before discussing virus
21 Israel's leader is starting to pay a 'political price' as virus cases surge, protests erupt
22 Coronavirus: Some 200 Israelis ordered into isolation after contact with S. Korean pilgrims
23 Cell phone-cancer link found by Tel Aviv University scientist
24 Knesset panel extends Shin Bet coronavirus tracking by another three weeks
25 High Court rules against sick pay for quarantined Israelis
26 Second wave: Israel registers record-breaking 1300 new daily Covid-19 infections
27 Israel becomes first country to advise against all travel abroad over coronavirus
28 New public health head appointed as 6 more deaths bring coronavirus toll to 480
29 Health Ministry needs to step aside, yesterday
30 Public security chief says total lockdown may be 'inevitable'
31 Israeli Health Ministry top official resigns as coronavirus emergency subsides
32 Israel has lost control of coronavirus outbreak, experts warn Netanyahu
33 Health Ministry: Half of Israeli corona fatalities are over age 80
34 Israel mulls expanding number of people Shin Bet can track for coronavirus
35 As Israel heads into a second coronavirus wave, what went wrong?
36 Israel is heading for a Shin Bet police state
37 A coronavirus disaster looms over Israel, but can still be avoided
38 Israeli protesters clash with police outside Netanyahu's residence
39 What the U.S. Can Learn From Other Countries About Reopening Schools in a Coronavirus Pandemic
40 Health officials call cellphone tracking of patients ‘excuse for policy failure’
41 Israel weighing further movement restrictions instead of full lockdown: report
42 When Covid Subsided, Israel Reopened Its Schools. It Didn’t Go Well.
43 'Health Ministry failing to provide public with life-saving information'
44 Israel reports 1182 new virus cases in 24 hours, death toll rises to 354
45 Director of Public Health: Without Shin Bet, people would break quarantin
46 Israeli Health Ministry: Only 1,500 ventilators; another 2,864 ones expected
47 Top Health Ministry official: Elderly should avoid large gatherings, public transportation
48 Only 8% of 1147 new corona cases reported among elderly Israelis
49 Israel needs an exit plan for this coronavirus crisis
50 Coronavirus Disease Weekly News 20September 2020
51 Senior health official says economy opened prematurely as virus spreads
52 Hundreds Injured as Rioters Clash with Israeli Police in Tel Aviv
53 Netanyahu announces closure of shops, restaurants to fight coronavirus
54 Controversial phone tracking 'identifies 1500 coronavirus cases'
55 Teacher Dies of Coronavirus After Warning That Parents Are Violating Isolation and Sending Kids to School
56 Open schools are the exception, not the rule, around the world
57 Forged to Tackle Virus, Israel’s Alliance of Rivals Falls Short
58 Brazil's Bolsonaro tests positive, weddings mooted as Israel factor; UK acts on jobs
59 Coronavirus update: Anthony Fauci says lower US death rate a 'false narrative', Brazil President takes hydroxychloroquine
60 Youngest Fatality from Coronavirus, 37, Toll Reaches 65
61 Israel health chief quits in protest at lockdown easing – as it happened
62 Covid-19 may spread more easily among children than thought, report warns
63 Israel’s active coronavirus cases leaped by 500% in a month
64 Coronavirus weekly round-up: Rishi dishes up meal vouchers and...
65 Global report: WHO says 'evidence emerging' of airborne coronavirus spread
66 Israeli police deploy tear gas and water cannon against anti-Netanyahu demonstrators
67 What a resurgence of Covid-19 around the world tells us about the risk of a second wave
68 'There are anti-Semites in the media who can't stand to see a Haredi minister succeed'
69 Coronavirus: Thousands flee 'complacent' Melbourne to avoid new lockdown
70 America's Covid response is flawed. But even the gold standard nations are seeing big outbreaks
71 Why are coronavirus cases spiking in Israel? This expert says, don't blame the public
72 Despite rise in infections, Israel decides against shutting schools
73 IDF Cancels Joint Exercise With US European Command Due to Coronavirus Fears
74 Cancer Risk Elevated Among Holocaust Survivors
75 To move to more normal life, Israel must do what it hasn’t yet: Mass testing
76 Holocaust survivors face greater cancer risk
77 Israelis were told to 'have fun' after lockdowns eased. Now they're facing a coronavirus COVID-19 second wave
78 Health Ministry said to predict 1,000 serious COVID-19 patients in 3 weeks
79 WHO says airborne transmission possible, Trump’s push to reopen colleges & other Covid news
80 Elevated cancer risk in Holocaust survivors
81 Airline Food For Sale. No Plane Ticket Required
82 Trump Pledges To 'Pressure' Governors To Reopen Schools Despite Health Concerns
83 How Israel's 'iron-fist' approach to the coronavirus led to the world's worst second wave
84 Israel introduces new rules to curb number of people in confinement
85 When COVID-19 subsided, Israel reopened its schools. It didn’t go well
86 Coronavirus in Israel: Shop owners say they plan to defy weekend restrictions
87 WHO warns global deaths likely to surge soon, says virus may be airborne
88 Daniel Estrin
89 Exposure to high-frequency electromagnetic fields at work not associated with brain tumors
90 Covid-19 may spread more easily in schools than thought, US report warns
91 Men and women have different genetic risk factors for developing brain cancer: New international study points the way to genetic tests that could assess risk
92 Slow tests, mismanagement and mistrust: How Israel got thrashed by second coronavirus wave
93 With a rise in coronavirus cases, Israel has little time to decide on shutting down its economy
94 Coronavirus: latest global developments
95 Event hall owners threaten to reopen in August even without Israeli gov't approval
96 Cancer Risk Is Higher For Holocaust Survivors, New Study Says
97 Israeli Defense Minister Self-Isolates After Suspected Contact With COVID-19 Patient
98 Sorry, my complaining countrymen, but Israel’s coronavirus policy is working
99 Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader who can't take responsibility
100 Israel fails to break chain of coronavirus infections – and the numbers are rising