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1 German democracy under 'open attack,' says SPD chief
2 Social Democrats to put forward motion over funding of greyhound industry
3 Daniel McConnell: Labour and Social Democrats are outperforming Sinn Féin
4 1918 Germany Has a Warning for America
5 German Social Democrats Seek an Independent EU Army
6 Don't Abandon the Democratic Party—Take It Over
7 Social Democrats' bill to defund greyhound racing 'falls at the first hurdle'
8 Jack Bernard: Why Trump supporters continue to deny election results
9 YLE: Finns Party edges closer to Social Democrats, National Coalition continues slide
10 The Center Cannot Hold: Biden and the Challenge for Progressives
11 Bavaria's state premier says Conservative-Green coalition is many Germans' favoured option
12 Joe Carey apologises for liking tweet describing fellow TD Holly Cairns as ‘ignorant little girl’ over views on greyhound industry
13 Arkansas police chief resigns after demanding ‘death’ for Democrats: ‘Leave no survivors’
14 Deutsche Bank, EY Linked To Germany’s Wirecard Investigation
15 Call to withdraw German police from Greek migrant 'pushbacks'
16 Social Democrats' Dáil Bill On Greyhound Racing Branded A Disgrace
17 President Biden will pick up the PRC's gauntlet
18 Democrats made inroads in Arizona. But it’s a deeply divided place.
19 What a Joe Biden Cabinet Pick Might Mean for Native Americans—and Democrats
20 German forces took part in Greek migrant pushbacks toward Turkish waters, report reveals | Daily Sabah
21 200 years since the birth of Friedrich Engels
22 David Shor’s Postmortem of the 2020 Election
23 Trump’s refusal to acknowledge defeat mirrors the lie that fueled the Nazi rise
24 Andrew Yang, said to be considering mayoral bid, tested in new online poll
25 Union Power After the Election
26 North Macedonia's Digital Paradox – More Information, Less Memory
27 Why Democrats are always in disarray
28 Trump's lies about the election show how disinformation erodes democracy
29 More Republicans Distrust This Year’s Election Results Than Democrats After 2016
30 White women vote Republican. Get used to it, Democrats.
31 Coveney: Sinn Fein tweet ‘insensitive and stupid’
32 Page: Our democracy fighting bad case of 'truth decay'
33 Veteran journalist explains how 2020 campaign spending went through the roof
34 Portugal won't renege on Novo Banco commitments: finance minister
35 Losses for Bolsonaro, wins for center-right in Brazil local polls
36 Even if Biden wins, the world will pay the price for the Democrats' failures
37 Young Democrats seek quicker action to help homeless
38 Bulgaria joins Europe’s awkward squad
39 Slovenia Opposition Seeks Referendum on Defence Spending Hike
40 Romania's ruling Liberals lose ground in the polls, Social Democrats and USR-PLUS go up
41 Brazilian politics hit by wave of violence ahead of Sunday vote
42 Obama says internet, social media are threat to democracy
43 Trump’s big election lie pushes America toward autocracy
44 Support for Sinn Féin in Republic at an all-time high
45 Point of View: Socialism is not the answer, or the future for Democrats
46 German states favour extending COVID-19 lockdown to boost Christmas prospects
47 Listen: Social Democrats To Support A No Confidence Motion In Tanaiste Leo Varadkar In The Dáil Next Week
48 Democrats' Fear of the Green New Deal Is Tearing the Party Apart
49 Sweden: the world's most equal country?
50 Why Obama Fears for Our Democracy
51 Senate Democrats ask YouTube CEO to remove election misinformation ahead of Georgia runoff
52 One pandemic, two different worlds in Georgia runoff races
53 Drasko Stanivukovic, Pretender to Bosnian Serb Throne
54 Brazilian municipal runoffs in 57 cities with plenty of “wild west” shooting and killings in campaigns
55 Where the surprising US election leaves the new Biden team
56 Republicans' eleventh-hour telecom push
57 'Better working and living conditions': Germany agrees law to improve meat industry
58 Trump provided a road map for stealing an election. Next time could be worse.
59 German minister wants 'criminals' expelled to Syria, despite asylum safeguards
60 Paul Fanlund: Hey Democrats, a decade of playing nice is enough
61 Stephen Kotkin's Stalin Is a Distorting Mirror of the Russian Revolution
62 Deutsche Bank’s head of accounting probed over Wirecard
63 Karl Lauterbach: Elderly pay highest price for COVID-19 control
64 With the support of the left, Biden can deliver progressive gains
65 Clarence Page: Our democracy is fighting a bad case of 'truth decay'
66 Culled minks with Covid mutation resurface after burial in Denmark, spark infection fears
67 Business still has much to learn on gender equality
68 Bernie Sanders is a social democrat, not a democratic socialist
69 Digital Political Advertising In 2020: What We
70 Huawei Fights Exclusion from Romania's 5G Race
71 Hard road back to power for Germany’s Social Democrats
72 What Democratic Socialism Means In The US | Here & Now
73 Renamed Swiss political party seeks new voters
74 For Big Tech, Biden Brings New Era, But No Ease in Scrutiny
75 The Case for a Basic Income
76 German stimulus fails to turn anxious savers into big spenders
77 Germany: Angela Merkel agrees to compensate gay soldiers over discrimination
78 Neighboring Georgia counties voted for Biden and Trump, revealing national divisions
79 The rise of right-wing nationalism: from Poland to Polanyi
80 3 minor parties in Cambodia form "Alliance of Khmer Democrats"
81 What it’s like to teach children about the election, and its results, in deep-red Trump country
82 Gary Horton | Guess What? We're All Social Democrats Now
83 Hong Kong's democracy movement in dire straits as Beijing tightens grip
84 Congress needs to provide eviction and mortgage relief now before the coming crisis
85 Let’s Talk About Higher Wages
86 Social Democrat or Democratic socialist?
87 Confrontation at German coronavirus protest goes viral
88 Neera Tanden's Stinging Criticism of Republican Senators May Hurt Confirmation Chances
89 Taxing The Super-Rich To Help The Poor
90 With 2020 Called A Success, Big Questions Lie Ahead For Election Security
91 We can’t address coronavirus loneliness alone
92 Social Democracy Saved the World After World War II—Can It Do It Again?
93 Poll: New National Conversation About COVID-19 Urgently Needed to Overcome Partisan Divide and Save Lives
94 Saving Swedish Social Democracy From Itself
95 Social Democrats win, far-right collapses in Vienna elections
96 Bernie Sanders is not just a garden-variety social democrat
97 Canada's Only Social-Democratic Government Has Been Decisively Reelected in British Columbia
98 Finnish Premier Marin Chosen as Leader of Social Democrats
99 What Canada's Social Democrats Must Do
100 N.Macedonia: Pro-EU Social Democrats take lead