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Result Content Idea Research
1 Undercover video raises questions about absentee ballot handling in Somali community, Republicans say
2 'This Is Personal': Minnesota's Somali Americans Fear Reckoning in Second Trump Term
3 Somali, Kenyan troops exchange gunfire in border firefight
4 Somali leader says Al-Shabaab weakened under his tenure
5 Why US diplomatic muscle could achieve more in Somalia than drone strikes
6 Somali sewing group creates masks for local hospitals
7 Truck Bomb in Somalia Kills 3 and Wounds 3, Including a U.S. Soldier
8 Somali parliament endorses new prime minister
9 Shaping peace together: Somali youth as change-makers
10 Somalinimo: young, gifted and Somali... and at Cambridge
11 Turkey dazzles young Somali inventor at Teknofest
12 Somalinimo: a love letter to Somali culture, blackness and Islam at Cambridge University – video
13 Omar, immigration lawyers raise alarm over Somali deportations
14 Somali American farmer seeks to help others get started
15 Somali, Kenyan troops exchange gunfire at shared border
16 Suicide bomber kills 3, including child, in Somali capital
17 Somali leaders agree on revised election model
18 Somalis happy to be back in class after lockdown
19 Somali architect looks at city's ruined past and dreams of the future
20 New Somali prime minister officially takes office
21 Twin Cities Somali Activist Abdirizak Bihi Attacked In Minneapolis Carjacking
22 Somali President Names Newcomer Roble Premier as Elections Loom
23 'We should know where our kids are:' Somali community leader calls on parents to help prevent crime
24 Somalia: Somali PM Hosts International Community Representatives
25 ICE Resists Politicization of Deportations, Returns Planeload of Somali Citizens
26 Alight's Established Nutrition and Agriculture Programs in South Sudan and on the Somali Peninsula Empower Refugees and Migrants
27 Somali regulator plots course through political quagmire
28 Somalia: Somali Red Crescent launches of toll-free number (446) for emergency services
29 Somalia Signs Locust Program Agreement With WFP
30 Analysis: Combating Invisibility: Getting Everyone in the Somali Region Counted
31 ‘Living museum’ of British-Somali heritage heads to east London
32 Sen. Tina Smith meets with leaders from Black, Somali, Latino communities on Saturday
33 ICE deportation looms for Minnesota Somalis who may be infected with COVID-19.
34 UK's first Somali-born female mayor resigns from the Labour Party
35 Somalia: 16 al-Shabaab terrorists killed, 40 kids freed
36 Somalia lauds Turkish support to young inventor – Middle East Monitor
37 Creative project celebrates the beauty of Somali fashion and culture
38 'A race against time': the new law putting Somalia's children at risk of marriage
39 Somalia: Former premier announces to run for presidency
40 'Somalinimo': Meet the Somali women of Cambridge University
41 Effect of pandemic lockdowns on domestic violence rates in Minnesota mixed
42 Rising Above Negativity, Refugees Make Contributions In MN
43 Swedish citizen appointed next prime minister of Somalia
44 Free COVID-19 testing sites near you
45 Al-Shabaab raids AU forces' base in Somalia
46 How Miss Muslimah USA 2020 winner Zehra Abukar hopes to empower her Muslim 'sisters': 'If I can do it, you can do it'
47 Al-Shabaab's Improvised Explosive Device Supply Chain Gambit in Somalia
48 Somalia: Officials Say Army Killed 7 Militants in Raid On Al-Shabaab
49 Somalia: PM holds first meeting with foreign diplomats 28.09.2020.
50 Somalia: WFP On Implementing Locust Program
51 US inks bilateral agreement with Somalia, pledges debt relief
52 ICE responds to Rep. Omar’s COVID-19 concerns with deportation flight
53 Somalia Committed To Promoting Democracy, Accountability
54 King County announces funding for new international market in Tukwila
55 In Minneapolis, Somali-Americans Find Unwelcome Echoes of Strife at Home
56 Somali forces kill attackers to end siege at popular Mogadishu hotel
57 In the face of extreme droughts, Somali women face a dangerous new world
58 The Somali atheist activists who get death threats
59 Somalia: Galmudug Leader Arrive in Central Town
60 Somalia’s Army Told Her to Sew a Skirt. Now She’s One of Its Top Officers.
61 Efforts aim to share COVID-19 info, help in St. Cloud's Somali-speaking community
62 Two Weddings, Somali Style | Family
63 Human Rights Group Says Two U.S. Strikes Killed Somali Civilians
64 Ahmed Ismail Hussein, Venerable Somali Musician, Dies at 91
65 COVID-19: Greece confirms 1st refugee death
66 Why a Somali-born fighter is being honoured in Rome
67 Where is our community?
68 Fact check: Obama did not resettle 70,000 Somali immigrants in Minnesota
69 Explosions in two Somali cities leave four dead
70 2 Somali Americans Become Public School Principals In Minnesota For The 1st Time
71 Somali, Somaliland Leaders Resume Talks in Djibouti
72 Hawa Abdi, trailblazing physician who built a haven for Somali families, dies at 73
73 Young Minnesota Somalis, asserting their blackness, take center stage in Floyd protests
74 Somali officer sentenced to death for shooting civilians
75 A foundation for 'safe motherhood' created with and for the Somali community
76 Baseless Charges Against Prominent Somali Journalist
77 Somali group pushes to end Minnesota health care disparities
78 The problem with militias in Somalia: Almost everyone wants them despite their dangers
79 As students, they never had Somali teachers. Now they’re Minnesota’s first Somali public school principals.
80 US reports deaths of civilians in Somali air strike
81 Coronavirus: Somali diaspora sends home stories of woe
82 Why foreign countries (including India) are jostling to set up military bases in Africa
83 Viewpoint: What Donald Trump gets wrong about Somalia
84 Young Somalis Step In Where Government Fails
85 Somali immigrants find dream farming land in Wales
86 Tiny elephant shrew species documented in Horn of Africa for first time in nearly 50 years
87 ‘He was loved by everyone’: Somali community remembers Nur Omar Mohamed, who died of COVID-19
88 Police Killings Spark Street Protests in Somali Capital
89 Mayhem, shooting on busy road as people topple car to save 'kidnapped girl'
90 Somali pirates release last three hostages as armed men attack Panama-flagged ship
91 A Somali immigrant hopes his book for young adults will inspire others to tell their story
92 Somali, AU Forces Capture Shabab Stronghold
93 'Men don't trust we're strong enough': Somali women push into fish industry
94 At least 8 soldiers dead in blast outside Somali army base
95 Inaugural Somali regulator plots confident course
96 ‘I have suffered too long’: Somali woman breaks the culture of silence on sexual assault to motivate others
97 In a new novel, Minnesota Somali woman shows how immigrants are taking charge of their own narrative
98 Hudeidi: The Somali 'king of oud' who was felled by coronavirus
99 Hmong, Somali and Latino malls in Twin Cities devastated by economic effects of pandemic
100 A new children's book from a Somali-born Mainer explains why 'black lives matter'