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1 Chang'e-5 lands on moon, lays foundation for manned mission
2 China's Y-20 strategic transport aircraft gets key indigenous engine: reports
3 Joint PLA combat exercises to be normalized amid intensifying situation in Taiwan Straits and South China Sea: expert
4 China must prepare for US new QUAD schemes
5 Watch: Chinese Version Of US' B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber That Has A Strike Range To Hit Continental America
6 All eyes on Trump for parting South China Sea salvo
7 As China’s confidence grows, it looks to ‘design’ how war is fought
8 Washington mulls another arms sale to Taiwan, PLA flies fighter jets to Straits
9 Blaming PLA for fighter jet missing an excuse for weak Taiwan military capacity
10 Why Indian Army Needs To 'Watch Out' For Chinese Y-20 Aircraft As PLA Gears-Up For A Potential Battle?
11 Type 075 amphibious assault ship spotted on doorstep of South China Sea, near Taiwan island: report
12 US uses 'aggressive' China excuse to expand navy
13 China changes school curriculum to reflect Beijing's positive Covid narrative
14 China planning on making PLA on par with US military by 2027
15 The US shooting down a mock ICBM was a warning to China, observers say
16 US in cross-hairs: American territory within range of terrifying new Chinese weapon
17 Contenders for key posts in Biden's cabinet hint tougher stance on China: experts
18 China's aircraft carrier Shandong holds year's 3rd voyage
19 Beijing chides Taiwan’s weak military power – The Manila Times
20 South China Sea: Trump's Pentagon reshuffle to see tensions SOAR leaving chaos for Biden
21 This Is How China Plans To Cripple US Military Assets And Rupture Its 'Super-Power' Status
22 China Successfully Launches Moon Probe to Collect Lunar Rocks
23 Chinese Army Intensifies Drone Drills To Supply Frontline PLA Soldiers With Critical Equipment
24 South China Sea: Chinese assault ship located near Taiwan as conflict reaches BRINK
25 How A Tiny Singapore Could Fluster The Most Powerful Navy In Asia, The Chinese PLAN?
26 Beijing worries that Esper's exit raises risk of military action and accidents
27 China-India border talks may drag on during winter
28 Prodding the dragon: US tests China with special forces training in Taiwan
29 China Livid as US Approves MQ-9B Weapons-ready Drone Sale to Taiwan
30 China to modernize military, arsenal in next 5 years
31 China be warned! Trump places £7.2bn order for 'most advanced' US submarine of all time
32 China's ballistic missiles and uncertainty at sea
33 US bombers enter Chinese air defence zone as Beijing’s navy mounts massive exercises
34 In first, Air Force flies B-1 Bomber with externally mounted stealthy cruise missile
35 China launches terrifying new assault ship near Taiwan as US warned it 'WILL get burnt'
36 Tension with China rises as Xi Jinping talks ‘winning wars’
37 Chinese military expert advocates using lasers to paralyze US warships in South China Sea
38 China launch ballistic missiles into South China Sea in ‘warning to US’ after ‘unprecedented’ war games near T
39 PLA capable of handling US military provocations and threats
40 US intrusions in S.China Sea can be stopped by electromagnetic weapons: experts
41 China mounts live-fire test of new anti-tank missile in ‘Taiwan drill’
42 China’s Military Provokes Its Neighbors, but the Message Is for the United States
43 China holds military exercises as US boosts relations with Taiwan
44 PLA announces large-scale, live-fire drills in Yellow Sea
45 Atal Tunnel to have limited benefit to India in wartime
46 Japan makes perilous gamble by coordinating with US strategy
47 China’s military tightens secrecy rules as PLA steps up exchanges abroad
48 US arms sales won't alter power imbalance between mainland and Taiwan
49 Increasing US excursions into South China Sea aim to contain China: expert
50 US military to escalate provocations against China post-pandemic despite viral vulnerability
51 Xi stresses war preparedness during PLA Navy Marine Corps visit
52 PLA Rocket Force launches DF-26 'aircraft carrier killer' missile in fast-reaction drills
53 Caucasus drills illustrate countries' resolve to defend their core interests
54 PLA Su-30 fighter jets edge near Taiwan as US military aircraft flies through the island
55 China reportedly uses Hollywood clips to show simulated attack on US base
56 Mission accomplished for China’s secret space plane
57 US Navy victimized by White House political games
58 History will repeat itself if India makes same border mistake
59 Chinese military expert says Kyodo misinterprets his words over Dongsha Islands drill
60 China slows defense budget growth to 6.6 % in 2020
61 PLA holds concentrated military drills to deter Taiwan secessionists, US
62 What Does China Think About NASA's Artemis Accords?
63 Kono visits Guam to meet US counterpart amid upcoming presidential election
64 Washington's Diaoyu Islands promise tricks Tokyo to bash Beijing
65 US' Conflict With China More Dangerous Than It Was With The USSR
66 A new greeting: I've been sanctioned by the US, and you?
67 LAC tensions given the go-by
68 Taiwan's counter-landing drill with PLA in mind a 'naïve, meaningless show'
69 US military's frequent close-up air recons on China's coastal area 'dangerous'
70 US spy drone seen over South China Sea headed for Taiwan, think tank says
71 South China Sea warning: Beijing brags its nuclear-tipped missiles can sink US ships
72 China urged to expand nuclear arsenal to deter US warmongers
73 China's centennial goal of building a modern military by 2027 in alignment with national strength: experts
74 China's amended draft of national defense law to turn military into profession revered by whole of society
75 CPC, central military commission to lead reserve forces
76 PLA flies aircraft to Taiwan, both US and Taiwan military activities targeted
77 Navy sends another guided-missile destroyer through Taiwan Strait
78 Taiwan's potential deployment of US-made missiles, mines easy to counter: experts
79 Trump administration's 'Artemis Accords' expose political agenda of moon colonization, show Cold War mentality against space rivals: observers
80 Playing laser tag: US dominance and Chinese ambition point to new arms race
81 China-India border meeting injects hopes to ease tension; 'bottom line' with India non-negotiable: experts
82 US amphibious assault vessel, littoral combat ship intrude South China Sea
83 PLA to get major body armor boost
84 Mainland, not US, to decide time of national reunification
85 US, Chinas race for naval dominance to intensify as both push to expand weapons: Report
86 China Prepares 'Military Struggle' After US Passes Taiwan Supporting Law
87 China Plans To Bring Its Army On Par With US By 2027: Report
88 Can American defence secretary’s Beijing trip stop a cold war getting hot?
89 Chinese military puts joint drills on hold to fight coronavirus battle
90 US sends surveillance planes over Taiwan Strait after Chinese war games
91 Amid rising tension with US, China holds live-fire drills near South China Sea
92 Will new China-India border peace deal hold?
93 China one step closer to nuke-powered aircraft carrier with cutting-edge icebreaker comes on stream
94 HK rejects Taiwan charter plane carrying 'defense personnel,' reflects one-China principle: observer
95 Taiwan Can Wipe-Out Half Of Chinese Navy With New Missiles; China Accuses US Of Violating 1982 Pact
96 WARNING FOR INDIA: Chinese Army & Air Force Hold Joint Military Drills Near LAC
97 China warns it could turn military exercises into invasion of Dongsha, Penghu, and Taiwan
98 HKSAR hands over military dock to PLA Garrison to better tackle terrorism, foreign interference
99 US attack arms sales shows strategic ambiguity on Taiwan fading: experts
100 China, Russia see 'no need for military alliance' amid high-level cooperation