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1 Stephen F. Cohen, historian of Soviet Union whose revisionist views influenced Gorbachev, dies at 81
2 INSIDE the cockpits of legendary Soviet planes (PHOTOS)
3 Vietnamese officials suspected of recruiting Soviet spies, petrol rationing: past headlines
4 9 ICONIC Soviet photographers who captured the zeitgeist
5 Putin Recreates Soviet-Era Political Supervision Over National Guards
6 Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev's personal plane found rotting in ghostly Arctic aircraft graveyard
7 How the Red Terror set a macabre course for the Soviet Union
8 Today in History: The Soviet Union exploded its first atomic bomb in 1949
9 Inside the FBI's File on Soviet Poet-Dissident Yevgeny Yevtushenko
10 The last Stalinist of the Soviet Union
11 Russia's 'slow-motion Chernobyl' at sea
12 This is the dancing Soviet soldiers Twitter account we never knew we needed
13 Why Russia Still Loves The Lada, Classic Soviet Car
14 In the removal of a Soviet symbol of oppression, Russians see lessons for the US
15 Chinese tycoon takes fresh aim at Soviet-era engine producer
16 Like the Soviets, Black Lives Matter Purges Its History
17 US and Soviet Soldiers Work Together During World War II | US Embassy & Consulates in Russia
18 Germany says Soviet-era nerve agent used on Russia's Navalny
19 Donald Kendall, Pepsi’s Chief During the Cola Wars, Dies at 99
20 Stephen F. Cohen, Influential Historian of Russia, Dies at 81
21 Belarus is a reminder that the USSR is still collapsing
22 Belarus’s Struggle to Escape Its Soviet Past Pushes It Into Russia’s Embrace
23 Belarusian Protesters Reimagine Soviet-Era Art
24 The Soviet Internet that never was
25 Spying on the Nazi and Soviet Bombs
26 ‘Dear Comrades!’ Review: Thrilling Soviet Drama Puts a Human Face on Russian Massacre
27 Bocharova, star of 1st Soviet Olympic gymnastics team, dies
28 New Video Shows Largest Hydrogen Bomb Ever Exploded
29 Donald Kendall, who built PepsiCo into a soda and snack-food giant, dies at 99
30 Behind the Iron Curtain: The Soviet Venera program
31 Soviet Union officially recognised independence of Baltic States on this day in 1991
32 Lady Gaga's New Video Is an Ode to a Soviet Film Classic
33 The US Needs An Endgame Before It Plunges Into the Next Cold War
34 The innocent victims of Germany's postwar Soviet special camps
35 Watch as a Georgian orchestra performs for people quarantining in former Soviet sanatorium
36 Russian Space Agency Unseals Ambitious Soviet Plans From the 1970s to Build Moon Bases
37 Leaked KGB Manual Reveals How Soviet Spies Recruited in Europe
38 I stood in Soviet breadlines as a kid. The pandemic has unleashed my long-forgotten fear of scarcity.
39 Belarus national awakening offers hope for Ukraine as Soviet collapse continues
40 5 pieces of furniture EVERY Soviet home had (PHOTOS)
41 Poisoned Russian out of hospital
42 The US cooperated with the Soviets on smallpox – it should do the same with China on COVID-19 vaccine distribution
43 Why would a Russian-Jewish couple, living near Boston, return to the Soviet Union in 1931?
44 New Book, FORGET RUSSIA: Why would a Russian-Jewish couple, living near Boston, return to the Soviet Union in 1931?
45 Why the Hungarians fought against the USSR in WWII (PHOTOS)
46 Desecration of genocide monument marks a new low in Ukraine's memory wars
47 Ilf and Petrov: The USSR’s most funny and daring writing duo
48 Let's Remember the Largest Helicopter Ever, Which Was Completely Useless
49 Sharunas Bartas • Director of In the Dusk
50 Out of Our Past: JFK visited Richmond on campaign trail, but couldn't speak
51 Firefly Aerospace and Max Polyakov Want to Build Smaller Rockets Than SpaceX
52 Today in Hockey History: Sept. 24
53 Ben Macintyre book reveals life of Soviet spy in Great Rollright
54 How Arkady Bukh, a New York-based immigrant from the former Soviet bloc, emerged as the go-to defense lawyer for the cybercrime underworld (Jeff Stone/CyberScoop)
55 The Closed Cities Of 'Tenet' Are A Real Relic Of The Soviet Union And Beyond
56 The Tragedy of Stephen F. Cohen and the Bolshevik Revolution
57 What can the US learn from Belarus' quest for democracy?
58 Why does missile defense still enjoy bipartisan support in Congress?
59 Hope is thin as gay activists join Belarus protests for ...
60 Mikhail Zoshchenko: The satirist who fell foul of Soviet censors
61 Do Russia's Sunken Nuclear Submarines Pose Environmental Danger?
62 Putin's new constitution spells out modern Russia's imperial ambitions
63 'He stopped listening... and became cruel': Lukashenko remembered by former campaign manager
64 Dwight Eisenhower Built up American Intelligence at a Crucial Moment
65 How the USSR helped Germany to rebuild its armed forces after WWI
66 As China Faces U.S. Forced Labor Sanctions, Uzbekistan Becomes A Model
67 Top 10 GREATEST Soviet sci-fi writers
68 Novichok Creator Apologizes to Alexei Navalny
69 Olympic basketball: History, top teams and all you need to know
70 Russia’s 1980s era Tu-160 is breaking records
71 The Shadow of Chernobyl
72 The Failure of Putin’s Grand Plan
73 How a Cotswolds housewife stole the atom bomb
74 Armenia’s Fraught Relations with Russia
75 Cotswolds mother renowned for her perfect scones was also Soviet spy Colonel Ursula Kuczynski
76 Early U.S. and Soviet Supersonic Fighter Jets: Contrast Design, Part 3 of 4
77 From Moscow to Vijayawada: How generations of Telugu readers grew up on Soviet children’s literature
78 Today in History: President Kennedy proposed a joint U-S-Soviet expedition to the moon
79 ‘My father was hostage!’ Khrushchev’s son's confession exposes Cuban Missile Crisis
80 The Strongman Cometh
81 Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev's personal plane found rotting in ghostly Arctic aircraft graveyard
82 ‘Just when India should be presenting as China’s alternative, Soviet-style statism is creeping back’
83 AP PHOTOS: Elderly protesters defy Belarus' strongman
84 VIDEO: Chaotic council meeting interrupted by Soviet Union anthem
85 Belarus and Ukraine: Historic Parallels, Russia's Imperial Designs
86 The Post-war plans that would have seen Glasgow resemble a 'Soviet Bloc' city
87 Declassified: ‘Golden’ communique that could’ve averted Yom Kippur War disaster
88 How an Australian-born Catholic schoolgirl became a Soviet spy
89 IT sector: Belarus's neighbours open doors to tech talent
90 Canada history: Sept. 23 1958: Canada's bitter nuclear arms debate begins
91 Liberate the US from Soviets in Freedom Fighters, Out now on PC
92 Bloated US military budget preserves imperialism abroad – North Texas Daily
93 Will new 'mountain Jew' museum draw tourists to remote Azerbaijan?
94 The Elusive Peril of Space Junk
95 A daring escape from internment and a treacherous route through sea mines secured the Orzeł submarine's place in history
96 Arsenal's 1945 friendly vs. Dynamo Moscow was so foggy nobody could see
97 Kevin Rudd: 'We need to understand China's global strategy'
98 Stephen F. Cohen, 1938–2020
99 Soviet Fashion: Trendy Autumn Outfits for Women in the 1960s and 1970s
100 A Divided America Is a National Security Threat