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1 Pixar SparkShort Out makes history featuring dog in key role
2 Petition Demands Disney Remove The Pixar SparkShorts 'Out' From Their Platforms
3 Pixar's 'Out' features 1st LGBTQ lead character for studio
4 The True Story Behind 'Out,' Pixar's Groundbreaking Gay Short Film
5 Out Trailer: Disney+ Debuts LGBTQ Pixar SparkShorts Film – /Film
6 Fans Create Counter Petition to Keep Pixar's 'Out' on Disney+
7 Why Pixar's SparkShorts Series Might Not Be What Disney Fans Expect
8 Pixar’s SparkShorts “Out” Coming to Disney+ Tomorrow
9 DISNEY+ REVIEW: Pixar SparkShorts "Float" is The Heartwarming Tale of a Very Special Child
10 Pixar previews all six short films in SparkShorts trailer on Disney+
11 Pixar SparkShorts Review: “Wind”
12 Pixar SparkShorts Review: “Loop”
13 Pixar's 'Wind' honors Korean grandmother's sacrifices to get her sons to America
14 Pixar SparkShorts Review: “Float”
15 Exclusive BTS Video of SparkShorts 'Loop' & Q&A with Director Erica Milsom
16 SparkShorts, Animated Films From Pixar, Foreground Women And People Of Color
17 Pixar Sparkshort "Out" Teaser Trailer Released
18 Pixar SparkShorts Kitbull Review
19 Pixar Sparkshort "Out" Coming Soon To Disney+
20 Disney Pixar's 'Wind': The SparkShorts film blends magic with realism and leaves you with a beautiful cliffha
21 Discover New Storytellers with Pixar's “SparkShorts” on Disney+
22 Rapid TV News
23 I Watched The "SparkShorts" On Disney+ And Here's How Much Each One Will Make You Cry
24 Pixar SparkShort Loop Review
25 Pixar SparkShorts "Smash & Grab" Review
26 First-Time Director Rosana Sullivan Finds Her Voice With ‘Kitbull,’ SparkShorts’ Oscar-Contending Animated Short
27 Pixar SparkShorts Disney Plus: Purl, Kitbull, Wind, Loop Release Date
28 Pixar SparkShort Purl Review
29 ‘Purl’ Director Kristen Lester On Tide Change In Animation Inclusivity & Finding Faith In Her Voice With Pixar Short
30 Animated shorts from Pixar to make you feel better during this lockdown
31 Why Pixar’s First Non-Verbal Character In The Short ‘Loop’ Was a Game-Changer
32 Pixar features first gay lead in new animated short 'Out' | TheHill
33 Pixar Launches In-House Indies Program SparkShorts
34 Bobby Rubio's Float Makes Debut On Disney Plus As First Filipino-American Animated Story
35 Pixar SparkShorts Review: “Purl”
36 Pixar's First SparkShorts Film Is A Feminist Allegory
37 Pixar's SparkShorts Ignite More Diversity in Animation
38 A complete ranking of Pixar's original short films on Disney+
39 Pixar's New Short Film Is About a Nonverbal Autistic Girl
40 Watch Disney Pixar SparkShorts' 'Kitbull'
41 Disney+ Sparkshort "Float" Nominated For Peabody Award
42 Pixar releases newest short film "Smash and Grab" as part of SparkShorts series
43 Pixar SparkShorts Review: “Kitbull”
44 Pixar Sparkshort Float Review
45 Pixar’s best deep cuts on Disney Plus are short and sweet
46 Watch Pixar SparkShorts' 'WALL-E'-Esque Short Film, 'Smash and Grab'
47 Pixar's Out team on ground-breaking LGBTQ short |
48 Check Out New Artwork and Synopses for More Pixar SparkShorts Coming to Disney+
49 Pixar Short ‘Out’ Proves Gay Stories Can Live on Family-Friendly Disney+
50 ‘Float’ Director Bobby Rubio on Unconscious Bias and Pixar’s First Filipino American Character
51 Pixar Launches New Short Film Program SPARK SHORTS for Pixar Artist Projects
52 Disney+ Knows What We Want: More Pixar Animated Shorts
53 Disney+ Pixar SparkShort Float Soundtrack Out Now
54 Want Disney without Disney+? Check out these Pixar shorts on YouTube
55 Pixar SparkShorts Review: “Smash and Grab”
56 Pixar SparkShorts "Kitbull" Available Now
57 Disney's New Animated Short Film Features Man Coming Out to His Family
58 LGBTQ Agenda Comes 'Out' on Disney+: Pixar's Latest Film Features First Main Gay Character
59 Pixar's 'Kitbull': Hand-Drawn 2D at its Most Engaging
60 New Poster Released For Pixar SparkShorts "Loop"
61 Behind Pixar's 2D shift for Oscar nominee Kitbull
62 Pixar’s Short Film ‘Loop’ Features A Nonverbal Autistic Teen "Renee"
63 Pixar's short 'Wind' is a tribute to immigrant sacrifices
64 New Pixar short films to debut at El Capitan Theatre following "The Little Mermaid" on January 18
65 New Disney+ Content Ranked by Rotten Tomatoes
66 Pixar's SparkShorts "Purl" Out Now
67 Top 50 Shorts On Disney+ | June 2020
68 How this Pixar storyboard artist made 'Float,' a Disney+ short about his autistic son
69 How to Watch ‘SparkShorts’ Online – Stream Season 1 Episodes
70 Disney Makes Huge Donation to LGBTQ+ Students
71 Disney+ Greenlights Four New Shows Including Docuseries for Pixar, National Geographic
72 Disney+ Watch Guide: May 22nd-28th
73 Watch SMASH AND GRAB, Pixar's Latest Short Film in SparkShorts Series
74 With a gay protagonist, Pixar short 'Out' makes history
75 Pixar's SparkShorts Coming To Disney+
76 What's New On Disney+ | Pixar's SparkShort Loop & High School Musical: The Musical – The Series Season 1 Finale
77 9 Reasons You Should Watch Pixar's 'Loop'
78 Disney+ Releases Pixar Trailers for Forky Asks a Question and More
79 To Pixar, From the Thankful Father of an Autistic Daughter
80 10 Best Disney+ Original Shorts (According to IMDb) | ScreenRant
81 Pixar's new short “Purl” takes on toxic workplace bro culture
82 Pixar Sparkshorts Purl Review | What's On Disney Plus Podcast #12
83 Disney+ SparkShort's Bobby Alcid Rubio Discusses "Float"
84 Ranking All 14 Disney+ Short Circuit Films From Worst to Best
85 This Adorable Pixar Short About a Stray Kitten and Pit Bull Will Tug at Your Heartstrings
86 5 Pixar Shorts Fans Wish Were Full Length Films (& 5 That Are Perfect As They Are)
87 ‘Float’ Is Breaking New Ground on Disney+
88 Oscars 2020: 'Kitbull' is unlike other Pixar shorts
89 Pixar SparkShort's Purl Score Released
90 New Extra-Short Pixar Shorts, Called SparkShorts, Are Telling Employees' Personal Stories
91 'Float,' Pixar's first-ever short featuring Filipino characters, earns Peabody nod —
92 'Float,' Pixar's first animated short with Filipino characters, lands on Disney+ Nov. 12 —
93 Disney+: Why Pixar's First Non-Verbal Character Was A Completely New Experience For Animators In Loop
94 Pixar’s Oscar-nominated ‘Kitbull’ is a love letter to San Francisco
95 Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian — 10 Other Films And Shows That Deserve A Disney+ Documentary
96 A quick guide to some of Disney+'s original content
97 Pixar's Bobby Rubio & Krissy Cababa on Float & Autism Representation
98 Pixar Makes Filipino-American Cinematic History
99 Disney Announces Short Circuit, A New Program Of Animated Shorts
100 Pixar's Beautiful New Short Film Loop Features a Nonverbal Teenage Girl With Autism