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Result Content Idea Research
1 Adapting the Image and Culture of Special Operations Forces
2 The intriguing military origins of the term 'special operator'
3 DOD Proposes Removing More Than 11000 Troops From Germany
4 Army Special Forces colonel faces court-martial on five counts of sexual assault
5 It's time for a third special operations revolution
6 Army Special Forces Colonel Faces Court-Martial on Sexual Assault Charges
7 A defense contractor died after a bar fight with Marines, and some see a crime. Others see an accident and overzealous prosecution.
8 Ukrainian Special Operations units hold competition
9 3rd Special Forces Group Wins Active Field Feeding Category of the 52nd Philip A. Connelly Award
10 SecAF visits Pope Army Airfield > US Air Force > Article Display
11 Government bracing for damning report on alleged Special Forces' incidents in Afghanistan
12 5th time’s the charm? Pentagon has yet another civilian leader of special operations in 3 years
13 Special operations troops get a new boss in Stuttgart
14 10 Marines Punished Following Investigation into Death of Former Green Beret in Iraq
15 Special tactics Airmen integrate combat capabilities during exercise Commando Crucible
16 US Army picks Airbus to modernise special operations aircraft
17 Change of command for Australia's special forces ahead of explosive war crimes report
18 USAG Rheinland-Pfalz welcomes new commander | Article | The United States Army
19 SATCOM antennas special operations
20 High-throughput testing system latest addition to combat COVID-19 at LRMC
21 Germany Dissolves Elite Army Unit Over Far-right Activity
22 SOCOM looks to combat disinformation in Africa on new governmentwide contract
23 Elite U.S. Forces Critique Themselves: Overused, Underled, Raid-Obsessed
24 AF Security Forces Center commander looks back on legacy of change
25 Special Operations Command is diving into space
26 EOD Marines Compete for the Top Team of the Year
27 How to Fix US Special Operations Forces
28 Poland Wraps Deal For Permanent US Troops, Drones, Special Ops
29 After decades focused on terrorism, special operations is broadening its horizons
30 Special Ops Command Faces Funding Cuts
31 Review Finds No Systemic Ethical Problems in Special Ops
32 Defence to probe special forces’ cultural and leadership flaws
33 Special Ops Will Remain Integral to Strategy, Socom Commander Says
34 U.S. Army Special Operations Command 30th Anniversary
35 U.S. Army Special Operations Command rolls out new strategy
36 More U.S. Commandos Are Fighting Invisible Wars in the Middle East
37 US special operations forces are special — but they're not 'elite'
38 Special Ops will remain integral to strategy, USSOCOM commander says
39 New special operations outdoor training facility allows safe workouts
40 Special Operations Command is reorganizing to focus on software and AI
41 Israeli Special Operations team wipes out armed group
42 Special Operations Command Launches 'Engage SOF' Tool
43 Al-Qaida, ISIS affiliates team up in West Africa, says US Special Operations Command Africa leader
44 Special Operations Command wants to put all mission data in a single pane of glass
45 Passing the paramilitary torch from the CIA to Special Operations Command
46 US Special Operations Command wants to sniff out misinformation campaigns
47 Misconduct concerns grow as US special operations forces deploy more
48 Today's D Brief: AFRICOM HQ planning to move; Portland calms; Trump to FLA; Obvious Russian mercenaries; Marines missing; And a bit more.
49 Exclusive: Army Special Forces command disbands elite units
50 US Army Black Daggers hold parachute landing at Lexington Medical Center
51 The role of special operations forces in a 'Great Power Conflict'
52 14th Air Force redesignated as Space Operations Command
53 First Woman Set to Pass Special Forces Training and Join Green Berets
54 Protecting the future of the special operations forces enterprise
55 Army Spec Ops boss won't reinstate Special Forces tab to officer pardoned by Trump
56 Female Soldier Graduates Special Forces Qualification Course
57 Yokota AB in Japan receives C-130J Super Hercules WST simulator
58 Africa’s COVID-19 Chaos Opens Door for Opportunistic Extremists
59 First Woman Joins Green Berets After Graduating From Special Forces Training
60 Congress Wants to Know SOCOM's Plan to Counter New Threats, Reform Command Culture
61 Review finds no ’systemic ethics problem’ in Special Forces
62 New military operation launches in North Iraq to track ISIS
63 U.S. Army JFK Special Warfare Museum becomes Army Special Operations Forces Museum
64 smart-soldier communications special operations
65 Amid Crisis Is The Best Time To Take A ‘Tactical Pause’
66 The Real US Special Operations Command > US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > Story
67 U.S. Special Operations Command Review Found Overemphasis on Combat
68 Terrorists still number 1 on Special Operations Command's target deck
69 The changing role of US military special operators: Less door-kicking, more tech savvy
70 United States Africa Command
71 U.S. Commandos at Risk for Suicide: Is the Military Doing Enough?
72 VSOFIC NEWS: Special Ops Community Developing Drone-Killing Drones
73 527th SAS crosses over to USSF
74 Air Force creates new AFSC for Special Warfare officers
75 MARSOC takes certification exercise to the next level
76 Russia touts untested vaccine; Protests rage as Lebanese PM quits; Yet another new SOLIC chief; DoD frees 5G freqs; and a bit more...
77 JSOC deputy tapped to lead division-level 1st Special Forces Command during modernization period
78 US Special Operations Command is upgrading its gunships
79 Robots in Action: How a Pandemic Affects the Future Face of the Armed Forces
80 Army Releases Ultra Rare Video Showing Green Berets Training In Taiwan
81 “ARSOF History: Embracing the Future”
82 All of Marine Forces Special Operations Command will be based in North Carolina by 2022, officials say
83 Army Special Operations Command closes museum and stirs controversy
84 Help keep Army Special Operations history alive
85 USSF field command structure reduces command layers, focuses on space warfighter needs
86 Special Tactics Airmen support vital training, maintain readiness through COVID-19
87 Inside Delta Force, the secretive Army Special Forces soldiers
88 Increase NATO's operational reach: Expanding the NATO SOF network
89 US special-operations troops mock order to behave: 'They want us to be choirboys'
90 The Air Force created a new way to pick its special operators
91 This is what special ops learned 40 years ago from Operation Eagle Claw
92 US Special Operations Command Now Wants its Own Light Attack Aircraft Fleet
93 Special Operations Command Made a Mind-Reading Kit For Elite Troops
94 Bruce Blair: Challenging the accidental nuclear war machine at every turn
95 $349 million in projects continue even as military prepares to draw down in Germany
96 US Special Operations Command is looking for a new armored vehicle
97 KRG seeks US help to rein in Turkish attacks
98 US special operations troops in Syria are testing a 'guaranteed hit' smart rifle system
99 SOCOM's Tech Initiatives Reflect Old, New Mission Sets
100 Screw the Air Force, Special Operations Command wants its own SOF Close Air Support