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1 Watch Today's Splitsvilla X3/13 Latest 8th May 2021 Episode: Dasee Toh Fasee Task Begins
2 MTV Splitsvilla X3: Wild Villains to surprise contestants with their strange act
3 Splitsvilla X3: Major catfight between Nikita and Bhoomika to happen in Sunny Leone, Rannvijay Singha's show
4 Splitsvilla 13 8th May 2021 Episode: Golden Opportunity Task Winner, Fight Highlights and Elimination Updates!
5 MTV Splitsvilla X3: CAT FIGHT between Avantika Sharma and Pallak Yadav because of Nikhil Malik
6 Splitsvilla X3: Shivam-Riya or Jay-Aditi, who'll get dumped this week in Sunny Leone, Rannvijay Singha's show?
7 Splitsvilla X3: Splitsvillains turn into Naagins for 'Dasee toh Fasee' task in Sunny Leone, Rannvijay's show
8 MTV Splitsvilla X3: Meet the THIRD WHEEL in Sapna and Dhruv Malik’s LOVE STORY
9 Exclusive
10 BIG TWIST: Couple ELIMINATION in MTV Splitsvilla X3
11 Splitsvilla X3: Nikhil Chinapa brings Wild Villa winners Sapna Malik and Devashish Chandiramani into the
12 MTV Splitsvilla X3: Finally! Vyomesh Koul and Aarushi Chib become a COUPLE
13 Splitsvilla X3 episode 7 update: Wild Villains take Splitsvillains by surprise this week
14 MTV Splitsvilla X3: Devashish Chandiramani takes REVENGE from Nikita Bhamidipati
15 Splitsvilla X3: Shivam-Riya or Jay-Aditi, who will get dumped at the Dome Session this week?
16 MTV Splitsvilla X3: Vyomesh Koul, Shivam Sharma and Jay Dudhane indulge in a HUGE FIGHT
17 MTV Splitsvilla X3: Shweta Nair and Azma Fallah EVICTED
18 MTV Splitsvilla X3: Riya Kishanchandani LASHES out at Trevon Dias for saying she lacks SELF-RESPECT
19 Splitsvilla X3 17th April 7th Episode: Wildcard Entries, Task Winners, Elimination Updates!
20 MTV Splitsvilla X3: Contestants gang up on Vyomesh Koul yet again for FAVORING Aarushi Chib
21 MTV Splitsvilla X3: Hosts Rannvijay Singha and Sunny Leone TEASE Riya Kishanchandani and Shivam Sharma
22 Splitsvilla 13 1st May 2021 Episode: Task Winner, Fight Highlights and Elimination Updates!
23 MTV Splitsvilla X3: After fighting with Shivam Sharma NASTILY, Riya Kishanchandani PATCHES UP with him
24 MTV Splitsvilla X3: Nikhil Malik and Pallak Yadav NOT an IDEAL MATCH; Nikhil disappoints Pallak
25 Kevin Almasifar and Kat Kristian become the first ideal match of MTV Splitsvilla X3
26 MTV Splitsvilla X3: Riya Kishanchandani CLARIFIES why she PATCHED UP with Shivam Sharma
27 MTV Splitsvilla X3: Major catfight between Nikita and Bhoomika raises eyebrows in the villa
28 MTV Splitsvilla X3: Nikhil Chinapa brings Wild Villa winners Sapna Malik and Devashish Chandiramani into the game
29 Kevin Almasifar to be DIRECTLY ELIMINATED from MTV Splitsvilla X3 for VIOLENCE?
30 BFF from Roadies Revolution Arushi Chawla is Kevin Almasifar’s IDEAL MATCH; check out how
31 Splitsvilla X3 host Rannvijay Singha reunites with his family in London; see pic
32 MTV Splitsvilla X3: Sapna Malik to pair up with Dhruv Malik
33 MTV Splitsvilla X3: Devashish Chandiramani creates a NASTY FIGHT between Shivam and Dhruv
34 Have a look at MTV Splitsvilla X3 fame Nikhil Malik and Pallak Yadav’s ADORABLE video
35 MTV Splitsvilla X3: Shivam Sharma, Jay Dudhane and Nikhil Malik get HURT during a task
36 Splitsvilla 13 24th March 2021 8th Episode Highlights: Ideal Matches, Dome Session, Vote Out, Elimination Updates!
37 Splitsvilla 13 24th April 2021 Episode: Golden Opportunity Task Winner, Dome Session and Elimination Updates!
38 MTV Splitsvilla X3 Contestant List: THESE celebs are part of Sunny Leone, Rannvijay Singha's show
39 MTV Splitsvilla X3s first eliminations to come with a surprise along with a Dome session
40 Splitsvilla X3: Get ready for first-ever ONLINE auditions of Sunny Leone, Rannvijay Singha's show
41 MTV Splitsvilla X3 premiere episode: Here’s what you can expect from first episode
42 Splitsvilla X3 episode 2 release date: Know details about the 2nd episode below
43 Krishna Singh Thakur launched his song, "Super Star Peg"
44 Splitsvilla X3: What to expect from second episode of Sunny Leone, Rannvijay Singha's show
45 MTV Splitsvilla X3: Rannvijay Singha and Sunny Leone play cupids
46 Splitsvilla X3: Sunny Leone, Rannvijay Singha's dating show to begin from THIS date. Watch promo
47 Splitsvilla X3 Trailer Out: Rannvijay Singha & Sunny Leone’s Dating Reality Show Will Have Two Villas
48 Splitsvilla X3: The Upcoming Episode Has In Store A Lot Of Messy Fights, Mind Games And More!
49 MTV Splitsvilla X3: Riya Kishanchandani slammed for using profanities against Vyomesh Koul
50 Splitsvilla X3: Messy fights to mind games, here's what will happen next in Sunny Leone, Rannvijay's show
51 Tired of constant TROLLING and HATE comments, Ace of Space 2 winner Salman Zaidi QUITS social media
52 MTV Splitsvilla X3 is all set for its online auditions
53 Splitsvilla X3: Silver Splitsvillains to challenge golden ones this week in Sunny Leone, Rannvijay's show
54 What is Splitsvilla X3 repeat telecast time? See where to watch the reality show
55 Watch Wild Villa 2nd May 2021 Today's Latest Episode Update: New Entries & Task Highlights
56 Splitsvilla X3: Shivam Sharma To Be Seen In Rannvijay Singha & Sunny Leone’s Show?
57 Watch Today's Wild Villa 11th April 2021 Episode Dumped Girls To Enter Check Spoilers
58 Splitsvilla X3: Piyush and Samruddhi get a step closer to enter Sunny Leone, Rannvijay Singha's show
59 Sunny Leone and Rannvijay on relationships ending post Splitsvilla: More to it than just finding love
60 Sunny Leone reveals how she 'keeps the spark alive' with Daniel Weber in a fun video
62 Splitsvilla X3: Competition heats up as fierce trios battle in Rannvijay Singha, Sunny Leone's dating show
63 Janvi Sikaria: I was successful at not letting the pressure get to me
64 Splitsvilla X3: Neha Dhupia and Vidya Malavade joined madness with Rannvijay Singha earlier this week
65 Splitsvilla 13 shooting location: Have a look at where the 13th season is shot
66 Kat Kristian: All you need to know about the Splitsvilla X3 contestant
67 Salman Zaidi Quits Splitsvilla X3 Due To Health Issues; Has THIS Special Message For Fans
68 Splitsvilla X3 Episode 1 6th March 2021: Task Winner and Contestants Introduction Updates for Splitsvilla 13!
69 MTV Splitsvilla X3’s shooting to begin in Kerala
70 Exclusive
71 Splitsvilla X3: Azma Fallah To Get Into An Ugly Fight With Pallak Yadav And Bhoomika Vasishth
72 MTV Splitsvilla X3 is all set for its first-ever ONLINE auditions
73 MTV Splitsvilla X3: After giving a SPECIAL GIFT to Riya Kishanchandani, Shivam Sharma to DITCH her for Nikita Bhamidipati?
74 Sapna Malik and Devashish Chandiramani to enter MTV Splitsvilla X3 from the WILD VILLA?
75 Splitsvilla X3 Contestants List: Confirmed Contestants of Splitsvilla 13 Revealed!
76 MTV Splitsvilla X3: Bhoomika Vasishth PUSHES Azma Fallah OUT of her ROOM
77 MTV Splitsvilla X3: Avantika Sharma UPSET with Garry Lu wanting to make a connection with Aarushi Chib
78 Aly Goni to Paras Chhabra, 10 Splitsvilla alumni who made it big
79 Splitsvilla 13 Contestants List With Photo 2021: Splitsvilla X3 Starting Date, Confirmed Contestants and Teasers Revealed!
80 Samarthya Gupta to be seen in MTV Splitsvilla X3?
81 MTV Splitsvilla X3: Vyomesh Koul LASHES OUT at Aarushi Chib
82 MTV Splitsvilla X3: Girls of the Villa go AGAINST Bhoomika Vasishth and Azma Fallah
83 MTV Splitsvilla X3 fame Vyomesh Koul and Aarushi Chib’s adorable reel is a must watch
84 Sunny Leone shares new Splitsvilla X3 poster also featuring Rannvijay; check out
85 Romance, fights, and a lot of drama; gear up for MTV Splitsvilla X3
86 Sunny Leone poses with her entourage while shooting for MTV Splitsvilla X3; See Pictures
87 MTV Splitsvilla X3: Shivam Sharma gets TROLLED by Kevin Almasifar for LOSING against Vyomesh Koul
88 Splitsvilla 13 Contestants Updates: Vyomesh Koul Confirms His Appearance in Splitsvilla X3?
89 Splitsvilla 13 Confirmed Contestants List with Photos: These 21 Contestants Will Be a Part of Splitsvilla 13!
90 Splitsvilla 13 Latest Updates: Nikhil's Role in Splitsvilla X3, Starting Date and Contestants List Revealed!
91 Splitsvilla 13 Contestants: Vyomesh and Samruddhi Join Confirmed Contestants List for Splitsvilla X3!
92 MTV Splitsvilla X3: Will Bhoomika Vasishth and Vyomesh Koul turn out to be an IDEAL MATCH?
93 Splitsvilla X3: Has MTV Roadies Revolution fame Kevin Almasifar found LOVE in Kristian?
94 MTV Splitsvilla X3/13 Today's Episode Update 27th March 2021: Vyomesh Koul's Clash With Gary Lu
95 Vidya Malavade joins Rannvijay Singha for MTV Splitsvilla X3’s DIGITAL AUDITIONS
96 Bigg Boss 13's Arti Singh posts dreamy pictures from her beach vacation
97 Splitsvilla 13 Contestants Latest Updates: These Charming Twelve Girls Are All Set to Participate in Splitsvilla X3!
98 MTV Splitsvilla 13 Starting Date, Contestants List, Rann Vijay and Sunny Leone Start Shooting For Splitsvilla X3!
99 MTV Splitsvilla X3: Kevin Almasifar and Shivam Sharma’s HEATED ARGUMENT
100 Splitsvilla 13 Contestant List Updates: Roadies Revolution Winner Hamid Denies Being Part of Splitsvilla X3!