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1 Russia awaits US response to proposals on mending ties
2 'The US is falling apart': How Russian media is portraying the US Capitol siege
3 Thousands across Russia rally for jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny
4 Iran’s enrichment of uranium to 20% is departure from JCPOA
5 Russia awaits response from Joe Bidens admin on proposal to mend ties
6 Russia: Iran a victim of terrorism and a pioneer in war on terror
7 Russia in Review, Jan. 15-22 2021
8 Russia Claims Trump Supporters Want Citizenship, Exploiting U.S. Turmoil for Propaganda
9 Russia welcomes US proposal to extend nuclear treaty
10 Zarif to embark on regional tour on Monday
11 Russian Spokeswoman Apologizes for Facebook Post About Serbian President
12 Russia blasts US for blacklisting Cuba as terrorism sponsor
13 Russian, Hungarian FMs to discuss situation around Nagorno Karabakh
14 Putin apology to Serbia over Russian spokeswoman Zakharova
15 American supporters of Donald Trump expressing growing interest in obtaining Russian passports – Foreign Ministry
16 Turkish man’s compliment to Russian spokeswoman Zakharova goes viral | Daily Sabah
17 Chinese and Russian Foreign Ministry Spokespersons Held Consultations and Agreed to Cooperate in Combating Disinformation
18 Zarif holds phone talks with Turkish counterpart ahead of Caucasus tour
19 Baku's Fake News About Lavrov Meeting Angers Moscow
20 Bwok bwok
21 New US sanctions destructive to bilateral ties: Russian foreign ministry
22 Meet The Woman Who Is Proudly Russia’s Troll-In-Chief
23 US labs in third countries may be developing pathogenic agents — diplomat
24 Russian diplomat blasts Ukraine-initiated UN resolution on Crimea
25 Russia denies supplying weapons to Afghanistan’s Taliban
26 World Leaders Are Shocked, Worried by Trump Supporters’ Actions at U.S. Capitol
27 Russian MFA Spokesperson on Georgia-NATO Black Sea Cooperation
28 Capitol Hill siege draws condemnation, sarcasm
29 Alexey Navalny will debate the Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson tomorrow
30 Russia welcomes prospect of US troop pullback from Germany
31 Dancing queen & no-nonsense spokesperson: Maria Zakharova’s 5 years as Russian Foreign Ministry’s tongue-in-chief (VIDEO)
32 "G7+" still lacks representation: Russian foreign ministry
33 Russia Urges Armenia, Azerbaijan to Refrain From Use of Force
34 Diplomat lambasts UK claims that Russia tried to disrupt Tokyo Olympics as groundless
35 Russian Foreign Ministry notes reports of coronavirus infection among US forces in Syria
36 Diplomat expects potential of cooperation between Russia, China, US to come through
37 Russia ready for dialogue on Syria with all interested countries — diplomat
38 Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Hits Back At Pyatt's Claims That Russia Wants A Greek-Turkish Conflict
39 Putin Apologizes to Serbian Leader for 'Basic Instinct' Post
40 Germany tries to disguise its course for destruction of relations with Russia — diplomat
41 Diplomat slams US strike on Iraq as "the height of cynicism"
42 Idea of expanded G7 is right but doesn't really mean true representation: Russia
43 Kremlin Rejects Navalny Poison Reports As Anti-Russia 'Campaign'
44 US TikTok move unfair: Russian foreign ministry
45 Moscow Disturbed by 'Terrorists with Blood on Their Hands' in Caucasus
46 US push to reimpose sanctions on Iran can lead to crisis within UNSC — Russian diplomat
47 UN Nuclear Weapons Ban Begins, Nobel Winner Asks Joe Biden to Abandon Them
48 UK company behind La Stampa’s article claiming Russian aid to Italy useless — diplomat
49 Russia slams ‘dangerous’ US foreign policy moves on Iran, treaties
50 Russia Slams New York Times, Financial Times on Virus Deaths
51 Russian diplomat blasts US call for moratorium on Nord Stream 2 as ‘political aggression’
52 Aliyev accuses UNESCO of turning blind eye to sites destroyed by Armenia | Daily Sabah
53 Russian MFA on Disrupted 51st Round of Geneva International Discussions
54 Russian Government Spokeswoman Suggests Trump Won Thanks To 'The Jews'
55 Russia-US relations unlikely to be changed under Biden administration
56 US and Europe reaping what they’ve sown, says Russian envoy
57 More than 300 Russians, including school students, to fly home from New York — diplomat
58 State Secy to Zakharova: Hungary Freed Itself from Nazi, Communist Dictatorships
59 Russia expands sanctions against EU individuals, bodies – Middle East Monitor
60 Russia commends Turkey's efforts in Syria's Idlib: Russian FM Spokesperson Maria Zakharova
61 Russia welcomes INSTEX progress
62 Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Chides U.S. Journalists
63 Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on Khangoshvili Murder Trial
64 Belarus crisis: Russia blasts EU for 'illegal unilateral sanctions'
65 Germany threatens sanctions against Russia over Navalny poisoning
66 Over 20 countries want Russian COVID-19 vaccine: spokesperson
67 Diplomat calls allegations of Russian involvement in US riots ‘dirty manipulation’
68 Russia calls on foreign countries to step back from China's HK affairs
69 Moscow: Reporter’s Notebook
70 US can't provoke Russia-China clash: Russian Foreign Ministry
71 Russian diplomat calls Germany’s proposal on Navalny case ‘an excuse’
72 Russia again highlights inadmissibility of external interference in Nagorno Karabakh conflict
73 Feminine charm of Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman Maria Zakharova
74 Russia expects Germany’s clarification on envoy’s words about Soviet goals in WWII
75 Russian Foreign Ministry Warns of "Terrorist Enclave" in Caucasus
76 US’ Rodchenkov Act meant to make up for sports failures
77 Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on Situation in Abkhazia, Tskhinvali Regions
78 Flight MH17 disaster: Russia scorns 'political' murder trial
79 Poland’s decision to fine Gazprom politically motivated, says Russian Foreign Ministry
80 Russia says Israel's annexation plan to cause new round of violence
81 Moscow: US accusing Russia of missile tests to distract from deployment of American weapons in space
82 Russia Says SolarWinds Hack Blame May Be Trump Admin Ploy to Ruin Putin-Biden Ties
83 Russian diplomacy offers equal career opportunities to men and women, says spokeswoman
84 EU stance on Belarus violates principle of non-interference in domestic affairs — diplomat
85 New US anti-Russian sanctions are contrived, Foreign Ministry says
86 Russia accused of 'hypocrisy' after attacking Australia over Afghanistan war crimes report
87 Russia Reacts To Signing Memorandum Promoting "Greater Albania" Policy
88 Ukraine wants back only Crimea's territory without people, Russian diplomat says
89 Russian diplomat slams EU’s idea of naming human rights sanctions after Navalny
90 Russia Pins Blame on Turkey for First Time Over Syria Escalation
91 Russia says inter-regional cooperation with China continuing amid COVID-19 pandemic
92 Lavrov arrives in Minsk on working visit
93 Exclusive: Russian spokeswoman on ‘ridiculous’ airstrikes in Syria, French election, fake news and dangers for gays in Chechnya
94 Russia denies claim it saved Israel from UN resolution to create Palestine state
95 Russia: Kurds would not have released Daesh militants without pressure from the US
96 Russian diplomat urges to fine BBC for biased information on Russia
97 Russia notes wide support for anti-Nazi resolution in UN, says diplomat
98 Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian's Regular Press Conference on August 10, 2020
99 Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman says 'borderisation' in Georgia 'a myth'
100 Russian foreign ministry warns parents against sending their children to study in US