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1 Sleuthing for misinformation about voting | Stanford News
2 Think Before You Share That Outrageous Election Day Video
3 Society Needs to Adapt to a World of Widespread Disinformation
4 Stanford debrief hits on role of tech in spreading election (mis)information
5 Voting is over, but the disinformation machine is humming right along
6 What You Need to Know About the Election and Disinformation
7 The Lawfare Podcast: The Most Intense Online Disinformation Event in American History
8 Senators warn YouTube to buck up on misinformation
9 Podcast: Alex Stamos on misinformation around the US election
10 Who needs Russia? Loudest attacks on US vote are from Trump
11 Most important 2020 election misinformation threat is not coming from overseas: Facebook former security chief Alex Stamos
12 Post-2020 election, Covid vaccine is biggest disinformation threat on the internet: Former Facebook security chief
13 The Cybersecurity 202: The next big disinformation fight is coming – over coronavirus vaccines
14 YouTube, Facebook and TikTok Try To Contain Livestreaming Misinformation
15 Here Are The 3 Types of Misinformation Spreading After the Election
16 Conservatives Flock To Mercer-Funded Parler, Claim Censorship On Facebook And Twitter
17 Biden's Day 1 challenges: Misinformation flood control
18 Why the latest cyber attacks were disinformation, not voting system breaches
19 Stanford faculty warn of democracy's vulnerability to technology misuse
20 Trump’s attacks on election outcome prolong tech’s emergency measures
21 No social media is safe: How election misinformation spread on LinkedIn, Pinterest and Nextdoor
22 Today's Headlines and Commentary
23 Parler's vibe is MAGA-red and unreal. Extremism by design?
24 Facebook's Ex-Security Chief Details His 'Observatory' for Internet Abuse
25 The Next 2020 Election Fight? Convincing Trump's Supporters That He Lost
26 Facebook Removes Pro-Trump Group Urging 'Boots On The Ground'
27 No vaccine can stop the spread of conspiracy theories
28 Disinformation Expert: We Have No Common Sense of Facts | Amanpour and Company
29 Trump’s early victory declarations test tech giants’ mettle in policing threats to the election
30 Twitter, Facebook suspend some accounts as U.S. election misinformation spreads online
31 Where Biden's new chief of staff stands on tech
32 FSI | Cyber
33 Myths About Vote Tampering Could Persist For Years, Say Experts
34 Pressure rises on Facebook, Twitter to rein in Trump as false claims spread
35 Twitter, Facebook Face an Uncertain Future in a Post-Trump U.S.
36 The types of electoral misinformation
37 The Week that Was: All of Lawfare in One Post
38 We’ve got bigger problems in November than foreign disinformation
39 The Technology 202: Silicon Valley gears up for new relationship with a Biden White House
40 Unverified Election Claims Are Running Wild On Social Media
41 The Technology 202: Trump's Twitter feed is covered in warning labels
42 Researcher reveals how far-right media is feeding viewers' post-election detachment from reality
43 Twitter, Facebook and YouTube Survived Election Day. More Tests Loom.
44 How to Handle Post-Election Misinformation, Even With a Presidential Winner Declared
45 San Diego Registrar: Sharpies Fine for Marking Ballots, Ignore Arizona Dustup
46 Tech's election post mortem: Better than 2016, but lots of new woes
47 Videos falsely claiming election fraud in Detroit spread quickly, with help
48 How a fake persona laid the groundwork for a Hunter Biden conspiracy deluge
49 Will Trump's false election claims gain steam? Disinformation experts weigh in
50 Election Botches: YouTube Lets Fake Results Livestream; Facebook Flip-Flops Midway 11/04/2020
51 'Follow me on Parler' is new mantra for users aggrieved by Facebook
52 Latest Cyber Attacks Disinformation, Not Voting System Breaches
53 What will the internet look like on Nov. 3?
54 5 types of misinformation to watch out for while ballots are being counted – and after
55 Facebook suspends Pak accounts spreading propaganda, Stanford Internet Observatory report exposes network
56 What Are the Take-Aways of the 2020 US Elections for India's Information Ecosystem?
57 #StopTheSteal, Donald Trump Supporters' Viral Offensive To Discredit Election
58 How Russia Uses Stealth Misinformation to Polarize Electorates Worldwide
59 The tale of two conspiracies
60 Ahead of the US Election, Online Misinformation Is Becoming Harder to Detect
61 Election 2020: Live Updates, News, Results And Analysis
62 Facebook to continue labeling candidates' posts declaring premature statewide victories
63 Are we ready for Election Day misinformation?
64 Robocalls, WeChat messages, and more spread misinformation on Election Day
65 Morning news brief: Domestic terror in Kenosha, says Trump, protests erupt in Los Angeles & more
66 Today's D Brief: 'The most secure' election; Syria 'shell games'; China's new joint ops doctrine; And a bit more.
67 Right-Wing Social Media Finalizes Its Divorce From Reality
68 Trump-linked figures have boosted #StopTheSteal movement
69 As Chinese propaganda on covid-19 grows, U.S. social media must act
70 Online misinformation and disinformation in the age of COVID-19
71 New Coalition Wants to Help in Fight Against Election Misinformation
72 Internet Archive will now let users know why that particular webpage was taken down
73 Twitter bans 926 accounts linked to Thai military manipulation
74 Virus Experts Aren’t Getting the Message Out
75 Information Operations Spotlighted at Black Hat as ...
76 Facebook’s ex-security chief is starting an institute to tackle tech’s biggest threats
77 Social networks fail to corral Trump's misinformation about U.S. vote count
78 Stanford scholars, researchers tackle COVID-19 crisis
79 Coronavirus conspiracy theories don’t go viral by accident
80 Facebook would be in 'way better shape' adopting Twitter's disinformation response, ex-Facebook security chief says
81 The Spread Of Anti-Vaccine Misinformation : Short Wave
82 The Supply of Disinformation Will Soon Be Infinite
83 The Right’s Disinformation Machine Is Getting Ready for Trump to Lose
84 Q&A: Jack Cable Advocates for Security Education for All
85 How Russia’s Troll Farm Is Changing Tactics Before the Fall Election
86 Project Veritas Video Was a ‘Coordinated Disinformation Campaign,’ Researchers Say
87 The Lawfare Podcast: Alex Stamos on Fighting Election Disinformation in Real Time
88 Doctor Promoting Vaccines On TikTok Targeted By Harassment : Short Wave
89 The Danger of Overstating the Impact of Information Operations
90 Here’s how Russia will attack the 2020 election. We’re still not ready.
91 Twitter Removes Chinese Disinformation Campaign
92 Turkey slams 'propaganda machine' Twitter over removal of accounts
93 Washington firm ran fake Facebook accounts in Venezuela, Bolivia and Mexico, report finds
94 Ex-Facebook security chief, now Zoom advisor, says he still trusts Zoom for his video meetings
95 How TikTok could be a player in election disinformation
96 What To Expect When You're Electing | On the Media
97 Facebook takes down Russian operation that recruited U.S. journalists, amid rising concerns about election misinformation
98 'Fake News' Sites In North Macedonia Pose As American Conservatives Ahead Of U.S. Election
99 Twitter labels Trump posts violating policy on election integrity
100 Targets of Discredited Scientist's Anti-Vaccination Crusade Warn of ‘Dangerous' Claims