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1 University of Cincinnati research produces different results from key China COVID-19 study
2 The quiet spring of 2020
3 Berlin High School Quarter 1 Honor Roll 2020-2021
4 Key China COVID-19 study produced results that influenced subsequent research on coronavirus
5 What Happened Between Clare Crawley & Benoit Beauséjour-Savard After 'Bachelor Winter Games'?
6 Global quieting of high-frequency seismic noise due to COVID-19 pandemic lockdown measures
7 null
8 Meet the 2020 graduates of Voorhees High School
9 At North Adams protest, parents, students call for in-person return to school
10 Property Transactions February 7, 2020
11 East Jefferson property transfers, March 27-April 22, 2020 | Home/Garden
12 We're the asexuals: let's not get physical
13 Gymnastics Lands Nine on Academic All-MAC Team
14 Explosive growth of Colorado wildfire seen from space
15 Who's Coming, Who's Going: Enfield Home Sales, Aug. 26
16 Norwell 2020 graduates told flexibility is key
17 'Lost' tectonic plate called Resurrection hidden under the Pacific
18 Property transfers | Homes & Garden |
19 COVID-19 lockdown caused 50 percent global reduction in human-linked Earth vibrations
20 Mars Perseverance launches on Thursday. Here's how to watch.
21 Ball State Gymnastics breaks season high for 2nd straight week
22 Record Semester In Classroom Leads To Long List Of Scholastic All-Americans
23 Lamar State College Port Arthur celebrates President's, Dean's lists students
24 Drone warns surfer of very close encounter with 5-foot shark in Australia
25 Divers discover lost WWII submarine wreck off Southeast Asia
26 Ancient caiman with 'no parallel in the modern world' left 46 bite marks on sloth leg
27 City‐Scale Dark Fiber DAS Measurements of Infrastructure Use During the COVID‐19 Pandemic
28 5700-plus Huskers named to fall Deans' List
29 Voegele sets up final showdown with Brengle at Newport Beach
30 City salaries: City manager becomes first employee to top $200k
31 Applause: Celebrating achievements across Southeast Texas
32 SpaceX successfully launches two NASA astronauts into orbit for historic flight
33 Fault near Portland could unleash a major earthquake
34 Andy Murray drawn Yoshihito Nishioka in US Open, Sloane Stephens looms for Serena
35 Campus News: Kent State announces dean's, president's lists
36 Failed brain surgery and possible human sacrifice revealed in Stone Age burial
37 It's not magic: Mysterious 'fairy circles' are built by grasses
38 You can't squish this 'iron' beetle. Now, scientists know why.
39 Regional Award Winners For 2020 NCAA DII Indoor T&F Season
40 Rare magnetism found in the world's strongest material
41 Meet the zeptosecond, the shortest unit of time ever measured
42 Louisiana braces for its 3rd dangerous hurricane in only 6 weeks
43 Fish sprouted fingers before they ventured onto land, fossil shows
44 Rare, 2-headed snake discovered by Florida house cat
45 Top White House Official Denies Pressuring F.D.A. on Vaccine Guidelines
46 Can homemade masks protect you from COVID-19?
47 Major Hurricane Delta set to batter Louisiana, where many are still homeless after Laura
48 Bright 'red glob' washes ashore in Washington. It may be a 7-armed octopus.
49 Was Jesus a magician?
50 Meet the 'vampire' parasite that masquerades as a living tongue
51 Anglo-Saxon warlord unearthed by metal detector hobbyists
52 Trump tests positive for COVID-19: What are the risks?
53 Tips for handling work and kids during COVID-19 isolation
54 Flu season may be very mild this year, thanks to COVID-19 precautions
55 Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine shows promise in first published results
56 Mummified kitten 'strangled' to death before being offered to the gods, new 3D scans reveal
57 Fossils of Ice Age manatees discovered in Texas
58 COVID nightmares are becoming frighteningly common
59 3,200-year-old Egyptian-built fortress found in Israel
60 400-year-old mummified goat found frozen in Alps by champion skier
61 Ancient people in the Kingdom of Judah may have gotten high off weed
62 Why are Armenia and Azerbaijan fighting over the Nagorno-Karabakh region?
63 59 priest mummies and statue of unusual god unearthed in Egypt
64 Ancient Siberian grave holds 'warrior woman' and huge weapons stash
65 Top Canadian results from the 2020 virtual Boston Marathon
66 Ancient stone 'breadcrumbs' reveal early human migration out of Africa
67 Health care workers brace for coronavirus in the US
68 4,500-year-old 'timber circles' discovered in Portugal
69 Liftoff! NASA's Perseverance rover is headed to Mars
70 Is honey really a miracle cure for coughs and colds?
71 Here is the best place on Earth to see stars, according to science
72 Great white fatally attacks woman in Maine. How common is this?
73 Iron age 'murder' victim unearthed outside of London
74 New flu virus with 'pandemic potential' found in pigs. Here's what that means.
75 Russia declassifies footage of 'Tsar Bomba' — the most powerful nuclear bomb in history
76 Jewish doctors in Nazi-occupied Poland stopped an epidemic in its tracks. Here’s how.
77 Live Science podcast 'Life's Little Mysteries' special report: Coronavirus (June 25)
78 How are COVID-19 deaths counted?
79 Stash of pure, 24-carat gold coins unearthed in Israel
80 Do face masks really reduce coronavirus spread?
81 Scientists condemn racism and take action with #StrikeforBlackLives this week
82 What beauty brands, retailers are doing to prevent coronavirus spread
83 Famous Irish tomb yields a surprise — a king born of brother-sister incest
84 'Mono' virus turns on cancer-related genes. Here's how.
85 1st known swimming dinosaur just discovered. And it was magnificent.
86 Live Science podcast "Life's Little Mysteries" 34: Mysterious Universe
87 Cold War satellites tracked missiles ... and marmots?
88 Capital area real estate listing from Nov. 13 to 26
89 Are there really 36 alien civilizations out there? Well, maybe.
90 Property Transactions August 21, 2020
91 Who will win the US Open in 2020? Odds, betting favorites for men's, women's singles championships
92 Open Letter: On Philip Guston Now
93 'Silent hypoxia' may be killing COVID-19 patients. But there's hope.
94 Silent earthquakes are tied to changes in fluid deep below Cascadia's fault
95 SpaceX will launch NASA astronauts for the 1st time today. Here's what to expect.
96 Worcester County real estate transfers, Sunday, Dec. 22
97 Stone Age man, whose skull was found on a spike, gets facial recreation (photos)
98 Weird Saturn hexagon covered in 'sandwich-like' layers of haze
99 Tainted sexual enhancement supplements linked with dangerously low blood sugar in 17 men
100 Sinkhole opens near the Pantheon, revealing 2,000-year-old Roman paving stones