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1 New Steve Jobs recordings from the '80s released
2 Fact check: Commentary on wealth is falsely labeled as Steve Jobs' last words
3 Bill Gates on the difference between Elon Musk and Steve Jobs
4 Bill Gates Says You Would Never Confuse Elon Musk For Steve Jobs
5 Listen to an unheard Steve Jobs NeXT keynote from 1988
6 Steve Jobs Said, 'Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal.' Next Week, You'll Get Your Chance to Steal From Apple
7 What Bryson DeChambeau, Steve Jobs, And Thomas Edison Have In Common
8 President Trump Says Steve Jobs Would “Not Be Happy” About His Wife “Wasting Money” On The Atlantic
9 What Brad Bird Learned From Steve Jobs on Improving the Moviegoing Experience
10 Apple’s Future Is The End For The MacBook Air
11 Apple CEO Tim Cook is fulfilling another Steve Jobs vision
12 Here's the Clever Habit Steve Jobs and Tim Cook Both Used to Make Really Hard Decisions
13 Michael Fassbender Hated 'Steve Jobs' So Much He Wanted To Hurt Himself To Get Out of the Role
14 You Wouldn't Confuse Elon Musk With Steve Jobs, Says Bill Gates
15 Not just a football movie: How ‘Remember the Titans’ became a hit and inspired a nation
16 Elon Musk next Steve Jobs? Bill Gates explain why you shouldn’t confuse them with each other
17 Oprah, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos—How Does Birth Order Impact Career Success?
18 Trump attacks the sixth-richest woman in the world for her ties to The Atlantic
19 Shared End Goals, Ideals 'Most Important' To Startup Success, Apple's Steve Wozniak at Globant Event
20 Wells Fargo CEO apologizes for stupid diversity comment. Now, let's see if he's genuine
21 Mitch Gould and Nutritional Products International Donate to Leonardo DiCaprio's America's Food Fund Initiative to Feed People Hurt by COVID-19
22 Bill Gates on Coronavirus Vaccines, Climate Change, and Elon Musk and Steve Jobs
23 The Great Brand Reset: Coronavirus Leads To Fewer Brand Choices
24 Apple Critics Form Coalition to Challenge App Store Fees
25 Spotify, Match Join a Challenge to Apple's App Store Practices
26 Review: 'Agents of Chaos,' from Russia, but not with love
27 The literally useless Roku diamond button might actually be a good idea
28 This is where the pandemic might really hurt senior living
29 Netflix's The Trial Of The Chicago 7 Review: Another Courtroom Masterpiece From Aaron Sorkin
30 How Actor Adam Shapiro Turned Pandemic Cooking Experiment Into Bustling Soft Pretzel Business
31 How Can We #MakeRoom for the Next Generation of Leaders?
32 What quantum computers reveal about innovation
33 Make the Best of the Crisis Whilst it Lasts: Time to Think Like Never Before…
34 Linguistics References in APA | Writing & Speaking Center
35 Steve Wozniak: When Apple got 'big money' Steve Jobs' personality 'changed'
36 Read Steve Jobs’ emails about why you can’t buy digital books in Amazon’s apps
37 Are Entrepreneurs Narcissists?
38 Is Apple (Still) the Perfect Stock?
39 A guide to the cast of 'The Comey Rule' | Gallery
40 Actors from other countries who played American icons
41 Bill Gates: 'I was so jealous' of 'genius' Steve Jobs
42 Tim Cook Succeeded Steve Jobs as Apple CEO Nine Years Ago Today
43 Economic Impact Of Systemic Racism In Last 20 Years Is $16 Trillion, Citigroup Reports
44 How this 'profound' lesson from Steve Jobs shaped Laurene Powell Jobs' business
45 Steve Jobs Wanted What Every Remarkably Successful Person Wants--and How He Did It Was Not Revolutionary
46 What Steve Jobs—and a surgeon—can teach us about using body language to boost likability, trust and respect
47 23 facts about Steve Jobs that will blow your mind
48 Today Would Have Been Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs' 65th Birthday
49 Steve A. Tolman | News, Sports, Jobs
50 Sting Honored by Prince Albert of Monaco at Gala With Johnny Depp, Sienna Miller and Kate Beckinsale
51 Construction Worker Dies From Eating Too Much Candy: Black Licorice Habit Caused Heart To Stop
52 Kanye West threatens Gap and Adidas to demand board seats
53 These Are the 4 Words Steve Jobs Used to Change Everything
54 Corona-fied: Employers spying on remote workers in their homes
55 Former Black Panther Jalil Muntaqim To Be Released From Prison After 49 Years
56 With Just 9 Words, Steve Jobs Revealed the 1 Crucial Secret of Great Marketing
57 Louisville Protesters Take Off And Start Bustin’ On The Police, 2 Officers Shot
58 20 years ago, Steve Jobs built the “coolest computer ever”—and it bombed
59 Why Some People Who Worked for Steve Jobs Wouldn't Change the Experience for Anything
60 Economist Stephen Roach Issues Another Dire Dollar Crash Warning, Predicts Double-Dip Recession Odds Of 50%-Plus
61 Employers Are Spying on Remote Workers in Their Homes
62 One of Steve Jobs' most famous quotes is misunderstood: Laurene Powell Jobs
63 Wells Fargo CEO: It’s Hard To Recruit And Find Good Black Talent
64 The genius way Steve Jobs got people to argue with him and succeed
65 Steve Jobs said Silicon Valley needs serendipity, but is it even possible in a Zoom world?
66 Steve Jobs Had 3 Profound Pieces of Advice for Living Your Best Life
67 [Update: Sold for $16k] Magazine autographed by Steve Jobs hits auction block with humorous backstory
68 Letter: Before Steve Jobs died, he told me his biggest fear for Apple
69 Steve Jobs' widow vows Apple co-founder's fortune will be given away
70 Steve Jobs—A Self-Marketing Genius
71 Bill Gates reveals one skill Steve Jobs had that made him ‘jealous’
72 1 Single Word That Helped Steve Jobs to Focus and Accomplish His Goals
73 Go read how the US government built a top-secret iPod right under Steve Jobs’ nose
74 Steve Jobs: 'Technology is nothing'—here's what he said it really takes to achieve great success
75 Rare photos show Larry Page and Steve Jobs at Google in 2007
76 Tim Cook's Apple Silicon transition follows Steve Jobs' Intel shift script
77 30 Years Ago, Steve Jobs Began an Extraordinary Comeback. Here's How He Did It
78 Steve Jobs's Advice on Productivity Is Brilliant
79 Steve Jobs’ Vision Of The iPad Has Failed
80 Steal Steve Jobs's Secret for Being More Creative at Work
81 Steve Jobs Knew How to Lead and Motivate Employees. Here's How He Did It
82 Steve Jobs' personality changed after Apple's success, Wozniak says
83 In Breonna Taylor Murder, 1 Police Officer Charged With Wanton Endangerment, $15K Bond. National Guard On Watch
84 The 'Father of the iPod' Credits Steve Jobs for Teaching Him This Valuable Communication Skill
85 Steve Jobs's real talent wasn't design—it was seduction
86 Steve Jobs Hated Working From Home But That's Only Half the Picture
87 Steve Jobs autographed magazine cover sells for $16,638 at auction
88 Stan Silverman: What Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein can teach us about networking and risk-taking
89 Businesses Must Remember This Steve Jobs Tip About Perseverance
90 In 2005, Steve Jobs Gave an Incredible Speech. Here's What to Steal From It
91 "Stay hungry, stay foolish" – the life and legacy of Steve Jobs
92 20 Years Ago, Steve Jobs Built Apple's G4 Cube. It Bombed
93 Ellen DeGeneres reportedly complained about her iPhone to Steve Jobs
94 Apple Store designer on the biggest lesson he learned from Steve Jobs
95 35 Years Ago, Steve Jobs Attempted to Lead a Coup to Retake Apple Inc.
96 Bob Iger was more than Steve Jobs' friend: He was legacy media's most tech-savvy CEO
97 Unlikely rumor claims development of Steve Jobs-inspired 'Apple Glass' edition
98 Steve Jobs once did this for 20 seconds and it became a legendary power move
99 How Tim Cook Made Apple His Own
100 11 books about Apple and Steve Jobs to read in Lockdown