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1 TOTO's STEVE LUKATHER Releases Music Video For 'I Found The Sun Again'
2 Steve Lukather releases title track from upcoming solo album, 'I Found the Sun Again,' and companion video | X101 Always Classic
3 Ringo Starr Looks Ahead to 2021 with New End-Of-Year Recap Video
4 Toto's Lukather Explains Weird Thing Eddie Van Halen Did When Recording Bass for His Debut Solo Album, Recalls 1st Reaction to 'Eruption'
5 Steve Lukather Preps New Solo Album: Exclusive Interview
6 Hard Rock Hollywood tickets for Schitt’s Creek, Alicia Keys
7 Toto’s Steve Lukather Releases New Collaboration With Ringo Starr
8 Steve Lukather Discusses Toto's 'Soul Crushing' Collapse
9 Steve Lukather Slams the 'Biggest Lie' in Music
10 Listen to Steve Lukather's New 'Serpent Soul' Song
11 Toto, "21st Century Blues" from 'Toto XIV' (2015): Toto Tuesdays
12 The most anticipated albums of early 2021
13 Watch Steve Lukather Battle Leaf Blowers With His Electric Guitar
14 B-Sides: The Dead Daisies Reunite With Ozzy Drummer, Bob Rock Sells Metallica Rights, David Lee Roth and more
15 STEVE LUKATHER Says His Upcoming Solo Album Was 'All Done Live'
16 Steve Lukather and David Paich Chat Toto And New Projects On Apple Music Hits '80's Radio With Huey Lewis
17 TOTO Guitarist STEVE LUKATHER Talks Recording New Solo Album
18 Toto's Steve Lukather releases new tune, "Serpent Soul," in advance of upcoming solo album
19 Guitarist Steve Lukather gets even with neighbor's leaf blower
20 Toto's Steve Lukather On Michael
21 Toto's Steve Lukather Says Rock Hall 'Hate Our Guts'
22 Steve Lukather fires back at neighbors’ leaf-blowers with insanely loud 7am guitar solo
23 Toto's Steve Lukather Says Eddie Van Halen's 'Greatest Pride' Was Performing on Stage with Son Wolfie
24 Steve Lukather's Studio Stories
25 TOTO's STEVE LUKATHER On EDDIE VAN HALEN: 'I Miss My Friend More Than Anything'
26 Steve Lukather delivers a brutal 7am wake-up call to his neighbours after being disturbed by leaf blowers
27 Bless the Rains: Inside Toto’s Slow Fall and Surprise Resurrection
28 Steve Lukather Says Weezer Should Be 'More Thankful' for 'Africa'
29 Steve Perry Guests With New Band Featuring Steve Lukather's Son
30 Steve Lukather Reveals Percentage of Toto Earnings He Has to Give Drummer's Widow After Lawsuit, Widow Responds, Calls Him 'Delusional'
31 Toto's Steve Lukather Collaborates On New Single
32 Russ Kunkel/Leland Sklar of The Immediate Family on
33 Toto's Steve Lukather and Joe Williams relaunching band with new lineup, plotting 2021 tour
34 STEVE VAI Posts Birthday Tribute To TOTO Guitarist STEVE LUKATHER
35 TOTO Guitarist STEVE LUKATHER Talks About His 'Life-Changing' Decision To Wear 'Widex Moment' Hearing Aids
36 Toto's Steve Lukather Talks How Old He Was When He First Made Money Playing Guitar, Explains Why He Blasted Super-Loud Guitar at Neighbor
37 Steve Lukather Announces The Release Of Solo Album 'I Found The Sun Again'
38 March 12
39 Steve Lukather and Joseph Williams Announce Solo Albums and Toto Pay-Per-View Concert
40 Steve Lukather's Son Is Engaged To Jonathan Cain's Daughter
41 Guitarist Steve Lukather on surprising Paul McCartney and why "it all begins with the Beatles"
42 Toto: Steve Lukather/Joseph Williams Detail New Lineup, Live Stream Gig
43 Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page Talks Iron Maiden, Recalls Seeing the Band Live
44 Steve Lukather Explains Why Toto Refused Cover of Rolling Stone, Speaks on Magazine Featuring Lou Reed on 100 Greatest Guitarists Ever
45 Steve Lukather Reveals Unpaid Money from Massive Toto Streams, Talks How Ringo Starr Feels About Beatles Classic Now
46 Toto's Steve Lukather and Joseph Williams releasing new solo albums in February
47 Bill Champlin Interview
48 Steve Lukather and Ringo Starr join forces on new song
49 How a Lawsuit Broke Apart a Pair of Longtime Toto Bandmates
50 Toto's Lukather Recalls How Prince Behaved in Studio in Early Days, Shares Opinion on 'This Weird Guy From That Band Ghost'
51 Steve Lukather reveals Toto will call it quits this weekend
52 Toto's new lineup debuting live online, 5 Things to Know
53 Ernie Ball updates Steve Lukather signature line with hot new custom pickups and finishes
54 Steve Lukather and Joseph Williams of Toto: New Albums in February
55 Toto's Lukather Shares Opinion on Nirvana & Grunge, Talks Why He Refuses to Make Another Toto Album
56 Black Sabbath & Ozzy Osbourne drummer Tommy Clufetos rejoins The Dead Daisies for tour
57 Interview with Steve Lukather of Toto
58 Steve Lukather Names Michael Jackson Song That's 'Basically Toto Song With Michael Singing,' Shares Feelings on Being Called 'That 'Africa' Band'
59 Toto "Africa" in Quarantine: Steve Lukather/Joseph Williams/Lenny Castro
60 Donald Fagen, Steve Lukather, Ringo to appear on Harry Shearer's virtual 'Christmas Without Tears' fundraiser
61 Steve Lukather Says Toto Are 'Calling It a Day'
62 Toto's Steve Lukather shares his favorite collaborations, from Miles Davis to 'Beat It'
64 SAMMY HAGAR And STEVE LUKATHER In Deleted Scene From Rock & Roll Road Trip; Video
65 Toto's Steve Lukather Shares Opinion on Slipknot, Talks How Corey Taylor Behaved When They Met
66 Levara, featuring guitarist Trev Lukather, share debut single, Heaven Knows
67 Steve Lukather Addresses Claims He Played Eddie Van Halen's Guitar Parts on VH Album, Recalls Toto Saving the Day on Michael Jackson Record
68 Steve Lukather, Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens & more to perform at 2020 Rock Against MS benefit
69 Toto's Lukather Recalls How Michael Jackson & His Monkey Behaved in Studio & 'Too Heavy' Problem They Had With 'Beat It,' Talks if He Was Asked to Join Van Halen
70 New episodes of Sammy Hagar's 'Rock & Roll Road Trip' to feature REO Speedwagon members, Steve Lukather and more
71 Toto's Steve Lukather Names Guitar He Regrets Selling When Daughter Was in College, Shares Opinion on Gary Moore
72 Toto's Lukather Names Van Halen Riff He Wishes He Wrote, Shares Opinion on Guns N' Roses' Slash
73 Steve Lukather's Life In Toto
74 Toto's Steve Lukather 'Took the High Road' in New Autobiography
75 Q&A INTERVIEW: Toto guitarist Steve Lukather talks about band’s farewell after Philly show on Sunday
76 Steve Lukather: “I'm a journeyman guitar player. And I'm proud to be that. I'm the guy you call to fix s**t”
77 Toto's Lukather Recalls How Eric Clapton Freaked Him Out in Studio, Addresses Billy Corgan Feud, Says Jake E. Lee Hates Him
78 How best deal with noisy leaf blowers? A loud electric guitar.
79 Steve Lukather discusses Toto, Ringo Starr, his new book and going quid pro quo with Weezer
80 Vinny Appice, Gilby Clarke, Steve Lukather, Marc Bonilla, Others To Perform At 'Change Ab5' Event
81 Michael Jackson's chimpanzee Bubbles 'tore apart' his recording studio
82 TOTO's Steve Lukather Tells All in a New Book That 'Peels the Onion' of His Life
83 4 guitar tricks you can learn from Steve Lukather
84 How Eddie Van Halen transformed Michael Jackson's 'Beat It'
85 Steve Lukather of Toto never thought 'Africa' would be a hit
86 Toto's Steve Lukather talks 'Africa,' Weezer, being a punch line and more
87 A candid interview with Toto guitarist Steve Lukather.
88 Toto, "Simple Life" from 'Falling in Between' (2006): Toto Tuesdays
89 Greta Van Fleet share epic 'Age of Machine' live video
90 Steve Lukather Interview: "As of October 20, Toto Ceases to Exist in Its Current Form"
91 REVIEW | TOTO's Steve Lukather releases autobiography "The Gospel According to Luke"
92 Toto, "Let It Go" from 'Falling in Between' (2006): Toto Tuesdays
93 Toto's Lukather Says Ringo Starr Thinks His Next Album Might Be His Last, Talks What It's Like Working With Beatles Legend
94 Exclusive: TOTO's Steve Lukather on why he prefers music to sports
95 Steve Lukather, Guitarist of Toto: "Sleep is the New Drug"
96 Hold the Line! The band Toto to call it quits after finishing 40th anniversary tour in Philly, guitarist says
97 Steve Lukather Says There's No "Drama" Regarding Eddie Van Halen's Health
98 It's Blur vs Oasis all over again as Toto titans go toe-to-toe
99 Toto to go on hiatus after final 40th anniversary show in Philly this weekend
100 Digging Deeper: Steve Lukather's Fantastic Chromatics