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1 The National Security Law Podcast: This Podcast Will Keep Going Until They Come For Us!
2 The National Security Law Podcast: This Podcast Has Lots of Jitter
3 Symposium: The solicitor general, the shadow docket and the Kennedy effect
4 Supreme Court won't require in-person dispensing of abortion drug for now
5 In the calm before the possible storm, it doesn't look like courts will decide the election
6 Bloomberg
7 Tuesday round-up
8 Supreme Court to hear challenges to Trump border wall funding and asylum policies
9 Barrett’s Confirmation Could Lead To The Supreme Court Taking Rare Action On Gun Rights
10 In rare move, U.S. federal court allows military sexual assault case to continue
11 Supreme Court allows Pennsylvania to count mail-in ballots received after Election Day
12 'Failed By The Courts': Texans Hoping To Vote By Mail Have To Hit The Polls Instead
13 The Week that Was: All of Lawfare in One Post
14 Justices Thomas and Alito lash out at the decision that cleared way for same-sex marriage
15 Good Governance Paper No. 6 (Part One): Domestic Military Operations — Reforming the Insurrection Act
16 Jamal Khashoggi’s Fiancée Sues Saudi Crown Prince in U.S. Court
17 Federal Judge Strikes Down Texas' Straight-Ticket Voting Ban, Citing COVID-19
18 Dr. Conley’s Timeline Stokes Fears of White House ‘Coverup,’ Effort to Conceal the ‘President’s Diagnosis’
19 5 major cases to watch at the Supreme Court | TheHill
20 ‘$400 Million Is a Peanut’: Trump Admits to, Downplays Massive Debt During Town Hall
21 Election speed read: 12 days to go
22 Federal judge agrees to hear arguments if DOJ can represent Trump in E. Jean Carroll defamation suit
23 The Fear Behind Donald Trump's Obsession with Immunity
24 No, Merrick Garland isn't investigating Donald Trump for tax evasion
25 Covid-19 complicates Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nomination
26 The National Security Law Podcast: This Podcast is 'Considerably Recalibrated'
27 Supreme Court starts quiet term that could turn tumultuous
28 Today's Headlines and Commentary
29 What the Heck Are Federal Law Enforcement Officers Doing in Portland?
30 Trump's George Floyd protest threats raise legal questions. Here's what he can (and can't) do.
31 The Lawfare Podcast Bonus Edition: Steve Vladeck on Emergency Powers and Coronavirus
32 The National Security Law Podcast: Cleanup on Aisle Trump!
33 Phone Briefing: Current Congressional Oversight Litigation, with Steve Vladeck and Michael Stern
34 The National Security Law Podcast: What Would Robert Jackson Do?
35 The National Security Law Podcast: This Podcast Does Not Have a Navy
36 The National Security Law Podcast: This Podcast Will Have a Very Powerful Reopening
37 The courts don’t even try to settle fights about war powers anymore
38 The National Security Law Podcast: This Podcast Is Not Subject to (Prior) Restraint
39 That National Security Law Podcast: This Podcast Prefers Its Nothing Burgers to Be Medium Rare
40 Trump says he can adjourn Congress. He’s misreading the Constitution.
41 How the Supreme Court Is Quietly Enabling Trump
42 DHS Authorizes Domestic Surveillance to Protect Statues and Monuments
43 The National Security Law Podcast: Podcast Emergency Action Documents
44 Why Were Out-of-State National Guard Units in Washington, D.C.? The Justice Department's Troubling Explanation
45 Steve Vladeck, Author at Just Security
46 The National Security Law Podcast: This Podcast Has Temporary Absolute Immunity
47 The National Security Law Podcast: At Least There Are No Zombies…Yet
48 My Jotwell Review of Lindsay Wiley and Steve Vladeck's "Coronavirus, Civil Liberties, and the Courts"
49 ‘Is There Going to Be Another Portland?’
50 The Supreme Court’s Most Partisan Decisions Are Flying Under the Radar
51 The Federal Government's Legal Authorities in a Public Health Crisis: A Q&A with Benjamin Wittes and Steve Vladeck
52 Five Questions About The Unidentified Forces Arresting People In Portland
53 The National Security Law Podcast: LIBERATE THIS PODCAST!
54 President Trump’s taxes reach the Supreme Court
55 DOJ designates New York, Portland, Seattle as “anarchist jurisdictions”
56 Constitutional Law Professor Stephen Vladeck Discusses White House Impeachment Letter
57 Just Security's New Co-Editor-in-Chief
58 I am your podcast of law and order
59 Steve Vladeck: What if Trump simply defies the Supreme Court?
60 Congress and Trump could both be losers at the Supreme Court this week
61 Justice Dept. Intervenes in E. Jean Carroll Defamation Lawsuit to Help Trump
62 Columnist who has accused Trump of sexual assault seeks to block DOJ intervention in defamation case
63 Academic highlight: The quiet doctrinal shift (likely) behind the border-wall stay
64 From QAnon to 1994 crime bill: These questions from Trump, Biden town halls really lit up social media
65 Law Professor Debunks ‘Ludicrous’ Idea That Impeachment Would ‘Overturn’ 2016 Election
66 The National Security Law Podcast: This Podcast Is Not Wearing a Facemask (But It Did Wash Its Hands)
67 The Lawfare Podcast Special Edition: The National Security Law Guys Talk Adjourning Congress, “Total Authority” and Guantanamo
68 The National Security Law Podcast: This Podcast Has All the Elsas (but No Eminem)
69 Response to Steve Vladeck on the Hernandez Briefing
70 Legal expert says Trump's promise to send feds to Detroit may cross Constitutional line
71 Symposium: June Medical Services and the future of Article III standing in abortion cases
72 Under the Insurrection Act of 1807, here’s what a U.S. president can and cannot do
73 The National Security Law Podcast: John Bolton is Welcome to Testify on this Podcast
74 Trump says his ‘authority is total.’ Constitutional experts have ‘no idea’ where he got that.
75 Another 'shadow docket' decision? SCOTUS once again blocks relaxed election procedures
76 Federal agents, local streets: A 'red flag' in Oregon
77 Dispatches from a Racialized Border: The Invisible Threat
78 Q&A: Does an Assange Prosecution Pose a Threat to Freedom of the Press?
79 It's Time to Admit That the Military Commissions Have Failed
80 GAO Deems Homeland Security Appointments Not Legitimate
81 The National Security Law Podcast: Manafortnite
82 Trump's plan to end birthright citizenship via executive order is as unconstitutional as it is transparent
83 The Lawfare Podcast: The Expanded Intelligence Activities of the Department of Homeland Security
84 Is democracy rigged? The debate over Senate representation ignores a much more plausible reform
85 Why the 2002 AUMF Does Not Apply to Iran
86 Supreme Court says federal law protects LGBTQ workers from discrimination
87 The Incoherence of the Normative Case Against Bivens
88 The National Security Law Podcast: And the Oscar Goes To…NSL Podcast!
89 Supreme Court Rules Prosecutor May See Trump's Financial Records
90 National Security Law Podcast: 'That's Nobody's Business But the Turks'
91 What To Make Of The Supreme Court's Immigration Rulings
92 Trump nominates Chad Wolf as permanent DHS chief
93 Ken Cuccinelli and the Federal Vacancies Reform Act of 1998
94 Whitaker May Be a Bad Choice, but He’s a Legal One
95 Running on Roberts
96 The Untold Power of Bill Barr to Direct US Military Forces in Case of "Civil Unrest"
97 Are the Trump administration’s actions in Portland legal? Are they constitutional?
98 Supreme Court says Clean Water Act applies to some groundwater pollution
99 Supreme Court rules against an undocumented immigrant fighting state prosecution
100 Opinion | Trump's disclosures to the Russians might actually have been illegal