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1 Seventy-Five Years Ago in Silesia | Bronwen McShea
2 The Stolpersteine, remembering the Holocaust
3 Germany: 75,000th 'Stolperstein' for Holocaust victims laid
4 The Stolpersteine of Ciutadella – Ciutadella de Menorca, Spain
5 Stumbling Stones for Holocaust Victims Draw Controversy
6 Travel
7 First Roma Stolpersteine – Slatina, Czechia
8 20 years of 'Stolpersteine'
9 'Stumbling stones' embedded in European sidewalks remind passersby of victims of Nazi regime
10 'Stumbling stones': a different vision of Holocaust remembrance
11 The 70 thousand tripping stones laid by Gunter Demnig
12 New Berlin Stolpersteine honor victims of Nazi Germany
13 Holocaust memorial stones 'give people back their names'
14 Opinion: To fix today, we must confront our past around race
15 Stolpersteine Holocaust Memorials – Berlin, Germany
16 Polish city refuses to install memorial stones for Holocaust victims
17 A Holocaust Survivor's Daughter on How She Honors the Lost
18 70,000th 'Stolperstein' for Holocaust victims laid in Frankfurt
19 The forgotten children of Hamburg's forced labor camps
20 A Victim of the Holocaust Lived Here
21 Munich rejects 'stumbling stone' Holocaust memorials at Jewish leader's request
22 Italian town says 'no' to Holocaust memorial, calling it divisive
23 Jewish memorial stones dug out and taken to construction dump
24 Appeal to raise £2000 for Britain's first Holocaust stolperstein memorial
25 Munich bans 'disrespectful' Holocaust memorials on ground
26 Holocaust memorial stone vandalized in Rome
27 'I investigated the past to free myself': One woman's incredible story to commemorate her Polish-Jewish family lost in the Holocaust
28 Inside Europe: Stolpersteine: one victim, one stone
29 Creator of the largest Holocaust memorial turns 70, but his life work continues
30 Stolpersteine: Reminders of Einbeck's — and Germany's — dark past, by Paul Vincent
31 Op-Ed: My father fled Nazi Germany. His homeland remembers him with a marker inscribed ‘Here lived’
32 Cobblestones commemorating Holocaust turn a new corner
33 Prague gets 24 new memorial cobblestones to remember Holocaust victims
34 In Berlin, 'Stolpersteine' is laid outside my grandfather's house
35 Berlin, Thanksgiving 2019: Hier Wohnte (Here lived) …
36 First 'Stolperstein' Holocaust memorial laid outside Europe
37 Dutch city accused of plagiarizing Holocaust memorial cobblestones idea
38 Berlin grassroots project cleans Holocaust memorials where Jews scrubbed streets
39 Munich introduces new Holocaust remembrance plaques
40 Sweden will soon host first Holocaust memorial 'stumbling stones'
41 Munich to Continue Ban of Stumbling Stone Holocaust Memorials
42 Germany: Nazi victim memorial stones stolen in Berlin
43 Remembering Holocaust victims: 75000th 'Stolpersteine' laid down in Germany
44 Billings family travels to Prague to place memorial for relative killed during Holocaust
45 Stumbling to Remember
46 How I Travelled Across the World This Year Through Pokémon Go
47 Jewish Community Officially Welcomed Back to Ljubljana with Stolpersteine Ceremony (Map of Locations)
48 German artist Gunter Demnig commemorates those lost | The Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle
49 Meet the British expat in Prague who cleans Shoah stones to preserve memories
50 Bearing Witness To A Sacred Act Of Memorializing Those Lost In The Holocaust
51 Austrians tread carefully as underfoot Holocaust memorials remain controversial
52 Non-Jewish retiree cleans Salzburg’s 388 memorial plaques for Nazi victims
53 New Holocaust memorial installed in Copenhagen
54 Cobblestones commemorating murdered Jews stolen in Rome
55 Donald Snyder op-ed: The Stolpersteine memorials
56 German Artist Brings 'Stumbling Blocks' Holocaust Project To Moldova
57 Henry Ebner, 83: Charitable lawyer linked to cinemas in Vienna
58 Witness: Germans atone for Holocaust with 'stumble stones'
59 Brussels, Antwerp Jews spar over Holocaust memorial cobblestones
60 In Berlin, Unraveling a Family Mystery
61 In Germany, cobblestones mark lives lost in Holocaust
62 Amsterdam couple drops lawsuit against Holocaust memorial stone after social media outrage
63 20 years of remembering the Holocaust on German streets
64 ‘Stumbling stones’ connect Norway’s living with Auschwitz’s dead
65 Stumbling Stones of Rome – Rome, Italy
66 Munich debate over plaques for Holocaust victims continues
67 More “Stolpersteine” have been placed into pavements in Banská Bystrica, Bratislava
68 Pressure mounts to allow 'Stolpersteine' in Munich
69 So much anti-Semitism, and a trip I will never forget – J.
70 Munich Approves Stolpersteine Holocaust Project – Jewish Business News
71 Stumbling Stones ceremony in Germany is link not only to past but to future
72 Separate trips, shared experiences: Two local families go to Europe to help honor their ancestors