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1 Attorney General Suella Braverman, 40, announces she is expecting a baby next year
2 ‘Delighted’ Attorney General Suella Braverman reveals she is expecting baby
3 Attorney General Suella Braverman ‘very excited’ to be expecting a baby
4 Hero PC Andrew Harper's widow says 'whole country stands with me' as she demands tougher sentences
5 Attorney general Suella Braverman set for Court of Appeal arguing for harsher sentences for PC Andrew Harper's killers
6 Government QCs call for end to ministers' attacks on 'lefty' lawyers
7 Suella Braverman insists she is a 'friend and ally' of lawyers despite Tory attacks
8 Attorney General to appear at Andrew Harper's killers appeal hearing next week
9 So what lies behind ultra-loyalist Suella Braverman’s rise to the top?
10 Suella Braverman calls fellow female MP 'emotional' during Brexit bill row
11 Letters: Suella Braverman – blindly in thrall to Cummings and co
12 Suella Braverman: The top Tory at the heart of a Brexit legal furore
13 EXCLUSIVE: Leading Tories challenged for using phrase linked to 'anti-Semitic dog-whistle'
14 Indian-origin minister Suella Braverman sworn in as UK's new Attorney General
15 Attorney general Suella Braverman belongs to controversial Buddhist sect
16 Indian Origin Suella Braverman Appointed UK Attorney General
17 Harry Dunn: a tragic timeline | ITV News
18 Who is Suella Braverman, the new Attorney General ready to take on the judiciary?
19 Government's top legal advisers divided over move to override Brexit deal
20 Attorney General Suella Braverman and her religious sect are still mired in sex abuse scandal
21 Indian-origin Suella Braverman appointed as UK's attorney general
22 Attorney general faces calls to resign after she defends Dominic Cummings
23 Attorney general must not use her powers to politicise role
24 Board of Deputies rebuke Conservative MP Suella Braverman for using 'antisemitic trope'
25 Suella Braverman continues to disgrace the profession
26 'It is a privilege': Braverman sworn in as attorney general
27 READ: Westminster's 'risible' attempt to justify breaking international law
28 The alarming record of the new attorney general
29 Why Suella Braverman must go
30 Attorney-general censured for shunning probe into SFO head
31 Indian-Origin Suella Braverman Appointed UK’s New Attorney General
32 Analysis | Why Boris Johnson's Britain Is Turning 'Rogue State' Over Brexit
33 Brexit: Gina Miller says 2017 ruling no legal defence for government
34 Fareham MP and Attorney General Suella Braverman denies that tweeting in support of Dominic Cummings' trip to Durham was wrong
35 Suella Braverman tells police they 'must allow lawyers access to all evidence'
36 Attorney General Suella Braverman accused of undermining rule of law with Cummings tweet
37 Brexit withdrawal treaty dispute triggered law chief’s resignation
38 Suella Braverman calls claims her tweet backing Dominic Cummings undermined legal process 'absurd'
39 Dominic Cummings and the unchained ministers
40 Fareham MP Suella Braverman under fire after tweeting her support for Dominic Cummings
41 Suella Braverman: Fareham MP considering legal action over story connecting her to Buddhist order with history of sexual abuse claims
42 Braverman's Confidants: The Lawyers Spurring the Government to Break the Law
43 Attorney General refers the sentences of PC Andrew Harper's killers to the Court of Appeal
44 Brexit Britain: from beacon of justice to law-breaking state
45 Attorney-general faces tough session at Bar Council meeting
46 Fareham MP and Attorney General Suella Braverman backs Dominic Cummings over lockdown trip
47 Wagner's treaty warning to the Tories
48 Suella Braverman wants to “take back control” from the courts
49 Fareham MP Suella Braverman defends herself against ‘absurd’ claim her tweet backing Dominic Cummings undermined the law
50 Johnson's Brexit Bulldog
51 General Election 2019: Conservative Suella Braverman welcomes 'end of Remainer parliament' as she is re-elected in Fareham
52 Shameful moment 'rude' SNP MPs laugh during Suella Braverman's speech
53 Attorney General extends undertaking for Grenfell Tower Inquiry
54 Willesden Green man's legal action over Dominic Cummings breaking lockdown rules is rejected by High Court
55 It's bosses who tell people how to dress who deserve a dressing down
56 ‘Bullying, money rows’: Indian-origin UK ministers under fire
57 Dominic Cummings: Police findings spark calls for attorney general to resign after backing adviser | The Independent
58 MP for Fareham, Suella Braverman, has announced the town will benefit under the NHS Funding Bill
59 General Election 2019: Conservatives' Suella Braverman keeps Fareham seat after campaigning with baby boy
60 Brexit news latest – UK close to striking trade deal if EU ‘doesn’t move goalposts’ as huge changes for farmer
61 Should Fareham MP Suella Braverman have got involved in Cummingsgate? | The News
62 Sentence increased for Northampton man who killed another man in pub attack
63 Richard Keen has quit, but who on earth will Boris Johnson get to replace him?
64 Conservative MP Suella Braverman criticised for using anti-Semitic trope of 'Cultural Ma...
65 Outrage over government's breach of law | News | Law Gazette
66 Tory MP Suella Braverman 'not in any way antisemitic', says Board after 'productive meeting'
67 Reasons to be cheerful? | Opinion | Law Gazette
68 Top ministers urged Priti Patel to stop attacks on 'activist lawyers'
69 Suella Braverman accused of 'sacrificing' the 'UK's reputation' by top lawyers
70 Former Brexit minister Suella Braverman: Resigning was never part of the plan, but this deal is a betrayal
71 UK Attorney General facing calls to resign over supporting official who violated COVID-19 laws
72 Explainer: Finance minister Rishi Sunak and UK's 'most Indian cabinet' ever
73 Who is Suella Braverman and why did the Brexit minister resign?
74 Suella Braverman opens country's third 'reading oasis' at primary school in Fareham
75 It is now time for my fellow MPs to get Brexit done and redeem our Parliament
76 PM Johnson's Brexit team seeks to evade Irish Sea checks on goods
77 The Secret Barrister: ‘No one in power is willing to defend the rule of law’
78 UK government faces 'difficulty' in replacing Lord Keen
79 Internal market bill fuels anger within UK legal profession
80 Why Geoffrey Cox's A Man for All Seasons clip sends Brexit Britain a potent message
81 Attorney General launches recruitment campaign for new Chief Inspector
82 Tablets used for signing in to buildings during Covid | Romsey Advertiser
83 Don't expect pyrotechnics: LCJ on Braverman appointment
84 Attorney General appoints new Junior Treasury Counsel
85 Tory MP condemned for repeating antisemitic conspiracy theory about 'cultural Marxism'
86 Attorney General warns Mail over reader comments on court case
87 Harry Dunn death: Attorney general 'considers virtual trial'
88 Why pruning the British judiciary’s powers will prove tricky
89 Attorney General provides undertaking for Grenfell Tower Inquiry
90 When it attacks 'lefty lawyers', this government takes aim at the rule of law
91 Commons Confidential: Damaged Dom
92 Judicial review: 'Snarling' not the way to get reform, says former top judge
93 Tory MP, former Erasmus student, didn't vote in favour of Erasmus in Commons
94 Sir Jonathan Jones left after a long fight over respect for law
95 Junior Brexit minister Suella Braverman becomes latest to resign in protest of Theresa May’s draft deal
96 Britain's furious attorney general lashes out at online trolls amid outrage over 'no-deal' Brexit warning
97 The coronavirus crisis means No 10 can no longer fight the battles it craves
98 Three ways Brexit makes Britain stronger
99 Fareham MP Suella Braverman reveals sex of her baby due this summer
100 Here's why Fareham MP Suella Braverman voted against the abortion amendment law