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1 Rare 200-million year old fish fossil goes up for auction in West Sussex
2 Collectors Love Mammoth Bones At Summers Place Auction
3 Lion statue from demolished country house could fetch £30000 at auction
4 Undersea treasure: 200-million-year-old 'Lazarus' fish up for auction
5 Carved Cotswold stone seats take their place in pick of five auction highlights sold this week
6 Pictures of the Day: 28th October 2020
7 Week Ahead: Rishi Sunak’s Spending Review revealed as undersea treasure auctioned
8 Adopt a whole family of ice-age mammoths
9 Give back our 20,000-year-old woolly mammoth bones
10 Ice Age mammoths up for auction at Summers Place(1/3)
11 Mammoth 'family' fails to sell at auction in West Sussex
12 200-million-year-old Jurassic-era ‘Lazarus’ expect to fetch £50,000 at auction
13 Lizard head suspended in amber could fetch £4m at 'Jurassic Park' auction
14 This Artwork Changed My Life: Ramiro Gomez’s “Las Meninas”
15 6 Market Experts’ Top Takeaways from This Summer’s Virtual Auctions
16 A Wednesday of art with Hospitality House’s Art in the Park
17 Smith's 'Auction Extravaganza' Brings Out Summer's Best Finds
18 Giant mammoth skeleton takes top spot at West Sussex auction
19 This Rare Dinosaur Skeleton Could Be Yours for Under $1 Million
20 Five lots to watch at auction this week including a rare pair of Jagger statues, a Winston Churchill letter and an Indian toy soldier
21 Dodo skeleton sells at auction for US$430000
22 Coronavirus: latest changes to auctions and fairs dates
23 New study resurrects woolly mammoth DNA to explore cause of extinction
24 Composite skeleton of Dodo bird to be auctioned
25 Parts of Berlin Wall to be auctioned 30 years after reunification
26 A Queen Anne-style giltwood dressing mirror and a First World War propeller chair are among four lots to watch and bid online at auction this week
27 'Once ever' dodo auction inspires excitement and envy
28 Auction house to sell composite skeleton of a dodo bird
29 Allosaurus dinosaur skeleton fails to sell for £500000
30 Rare diplodocus dinosaur sells for $650,000 at British auction
31 Photos of the Week: Prehistoric Tongue, First Snow, Panda Scan
32 Mammoth skeleton sells for £115,000 at auction
33 Family of four mammoth skeletons goes up for auction again
34 Berlin Wall fragments sell in West Sussex auction
35 Silence Of The Lambs-style moth expected to fetch up to £30,000
36 Jerry Summers: The Coal Creek War
37 Near-Complete Dodo Skeleton Sells for Enough to Make Your Bank Account Extinct
38 Prized collection of The Sculpture Park's Eddie Powell for sale with Summers Place Auctions
39 Tulsa auto auction moves online as city continues shelter-in-place restrictions
40 Auction of antique planes to be held Oct. 17
41 Downeast Art & Artists Shine In Barridoff Galleries' Summer Sale
42 Christie’s Takes Its Interiors Sale Online for the First Time
43 Berthe Morisot’s Scene of Summer Tranquility Was Unusual for Its Time. Here Are 3 Facts You Might Not Know About the Impressionist Masterpiece
44 Soviet Cold War missile sells for more than £15000 at auction
45 Allosaurus dinosaurs resorted to cannibalism when food dried up, according to US palaeontologists
46 Jerry Summers: John Heisman (Football Innovator)
47 Chester Frost Noogasplash Waterpark Taking Steps To Open Early This Summer
48 Six complete sections of the Berlin Wall will be auctioned
49 Joseph Peter Spang, 85, Curator, Collector & Friend To Many
50 Could biodiversity destruction lead to a global tipping point?
51 Baby dinosaur fossil among treasures up for auction in England
52 Woolly mammoth skeleton sold at UK auction
53 The world's biggest egg is yours for only £50,000
54 Christie’s Jumps Back Into the London Summer Postwar Evening Auction Calendar With a Steady $57 Million Sale
55 Got a spare half a million? A Diplodocus could be yours
56 Union School and contents to be sold
57 Jerry Summers: Lincoln Park
58 London signposts up for sale
59 Berlin Wall sections to be auctioned 30 years after reunification
60 A crowd gathered at a Tulsa auto auction Friday. Here's how officials responded
61 Coronavirus Seaside Heights: Bamboo Bar, Karma auctions move online
62 Founders of YouTube, Restoration Hardware to Auction Off Scenic New York Campsite
63 Livestock auction leads to positive COVID-19 cases in Jackson County
64 You, Too, Can Own A Hypersonic Flying Laboratory
65 Images of the Day
66 Jerry Summers: Lem Motlow
67 The Italian town auctioning off abandoned homes for €1
68 Dodo skeleton pieced together by 19th century naturalist features among specimens of extinction at Christie's auction
69 Major events reeling from the COVID- 19 pinch
70 A chunk of the Berlin Wall is going under the hammer
71 Want to buy a Jurassic fossil? You’ll need $50k
72 Lake County Fair: the show must go on
73 Monumental bronze lions could fetch up £100,000 at auction
74 Earth Day: Can Genetic Technology Help Resurrect Extinct Species? | The Weather Channel
75 Top Picks: The Emperor And Empress Of Mexico
76 Monty the woolly mammoth is up for sale at Summers Place in Sussex
77 Towering bronze horse heads to go under hammer in Britain
78 Photos of the Week: Eco-Fashion, Dancing Devils, Spelling Bee
79 Fancy owning your own woolly mammoth? Skeleton of Ice Age beast goes on sale
80 Six auctions to watch this week including parts of a Medieval manuscript and more than 100 pieces of Delftware
81 Almost complete dodo skeleton heads for auction | Fossils
82 Oregon hemp growers get a reality check
83 Ice cream van sold for a cool £27,000
84 Russian missiles set to go on sale in Sussex
85 Dinosaurs’ Star Power Has Yet to Translate at Auction
86 Equestrian painting from Marylou Whitney collection sells for $3.1 million
87 Soviet rocket auction £8,000 alongside gardens features
88 Hendrickson: 'Marylou wanted Saratoga to be summer place to be for everyone'
89 Berlin Wall anniversary resonates in age of Brexit and Trump
90 Animal bits and musical instruments
91 Christchurch sculptor Llew Summers' personal art collection to be auctioned
92 Winds a worry as death toll reaches 35 from West Coast fires
93 Trafalgar Square lion doubles on sale alongside rare family of mammoths
94 Five lots to watch at auction this week including prestigious Georgian-style entrance gates and a Charles II sterling silver tankard
95 Summer's End Sidewalk Sales and Night Market
96 Lions modelled on Trafalgar Square statues do a roaring trade at auction
97 Mammoth sale! Four skeletons tipped to make up to £400000
98 Two huge Soviet MISSILES are being sold as an 'arms deal' at an auction house in sleepy Sussex
99 The 25 Blythe Road auctions collective is relaunching under the brand of Olympia Auctions
100 Ancient Mammoth Bones Sold For More Than Half A Million Dollars