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1 Pakistan: Hardline Sunni groups on collision course with Shiites
2 The Reading Life: Kalamu ya Salaam, Sunni Patterson
3 Indian think-tank sends petition to UN Secy Gen & other global bodies on Pakistan govt atrocities against Shias
4 Shia Muslims take to Twitter to share how they faced harassment and hatred in Sunni-majority Pakistan
5 ‘Kafir Kafir Shia Kafir’: Sunni extremists of Sipah Sahaba lead anti-Shia ‘protests’ in Karachi, pelt stones
6 Is Pakistan the next Yemen?
7 Sunni coalition to demand arrest of Shia clerics in Pakistan
8 Emerging warmth of Turkey-Iran relationship shows myth of 'Sunni vs Shia'
9 Lebanese Sunni cleric warns against strife after Beirut shootout
10 'Multiple dangers': Lebanese patriarch warns of crisis without a government
11 ‘There’s convergence of interests between the relatively moderate Sunni Arab regimes and Israel’
12 Opinion: A moderate Sunni Muslim’s guide to fighting hate
14 Pakistan: Sunni Coalition To Demand Arrest Of Shia Clerics
15 Daesh alive and well thanks to Iran's militias
16 Israel-Sunni Arab bloc: New sheriff in town
17 Petition Asks for Removal of Idgah Mosque From 'Krishna's Birthplace' in Mathura
18 Why Gulf nations are normalizing ties with Israel
19 Lebanese army: Shooting in north Lebanon kills 2 soldiers
20 Lebanon PM-designate steps down amid impasse over gov’t formation
21 Red Zone to be partially sealed during Sunni council rally
22 Sunni Jihadists and the Coronavirus:Staying the Course
23 UAE-Israel Peace Is Revealing The Middle East's Faultlines
24 OPINION/LETTER: The MidEast, a breakthrough
25 Redistricting at the heart of Iraq's 2021 legislative contest | | AW
26 Seven suspects detained over riots and inciting protests in Egypt
27 To Escape Hezbollah's Grip, Lebanon Needs Partition and Federalism
28 Kanthapuram Sunni faction backs K T Jaleel
29 The coming out of the Israel-Bahrain clandestine relationship
30 Why the United Arab Emirates is uniquely stable among the Arab states
31 In Pakistan, Sunni rigorists regard all criticism, including from Muslims, as blasphemy
32 Interpreting Sheikh Hasina's Foreign Policy
33 Beirut port explosion: How to fix Lebanon’s political crisis
34 'Bleak' Future Seen for Iran’s Sunnis as Minority Cleric’s Detention Drags to 6 Months
35 In Pakistan, Sunni rigorists see criticism as blasphemy
36 Al-Azhar urges citizens to stand against attempts to destabilize Egypt
37 Hazem Saghieh
38 How a Mujahid group in Kerala is treating the terminally ill with Islamic dawa and activism
39 Iran: Saudi Arabia a wretched creature among Arab states for warming Israel ties
40 In Sunni World, Many Applaud Soleimani Killing
41 How Israel Can Stand Up to a Belligerent Turkey
42 Islam's Sunni-Shia Divide, Explained
43 The return of Sunni Messianism
44 Why Arab Sunnis are disengaged from Iraq's protests
45 How China Continues To Undermine India's interests In The Brahmaputra
46 Preventing the Next Insurgency: A Pathway for Reintegrating Iraq's Sunni Population
47 Talking peace while waging war in Afghanistan
48 Origins of Political Sectarianism in the Middle East: "Sunni Ottomans," "Shia Safavids," and Everything in Between
49 At cemeteries, the Sunni and Shia say the same prayers
50 What the World Has Lost in Iran
51 Beyond the myth of Sunni-Shia wars in the Middle East | TheHill
52 Turkey may have reclaimed the leadership of Sunni Islam from Saudi Arabia
53 Lebanon on edge as armed clashes escalate
54 Reviving the 'Sunni region' project raises questions about timing, opportunity
55 Market Moments: Sunni Sunni
56 Money, influence fuel struggle within Iraq's Muslim Brotherhood over Sunni Endowments | Hammam Latif
57 Sunni figures in exile return to Iraq as part of national reconciliation
58 INDONESIA Sunni radicals attack Shias during wedding vigil in Central Java
59 Iraqi lawmaker calls for arming tribes amid attacks on Sunni communities
60 Mullahs Increase Persecution of Sunni Muslims in Iran
61 Iraq releases 2 accused of committing massacre against Sunni worshippers
62 US seeking to carve out Sunni state as its influence in Iraq wanes
63 Sunnis and Shi’a: A Political History
64 Turkey: EU sanctions on Turkish firm over Libya embargo show bias
65 Not Shia, not Sunni, not Jewish
66 Iraqi Sunnis seek answers for those displaced in time of fighting Islamic State
67 Iran social media campaign winning over Sunnis, other parts of world
68 Why Iraq's Sunnis who once fought Americans are now begging US to stay
69 The Israel-Sunni Arab bloc – the new sheriff
70 Will Iraq's Sunnis form semi-autonomous region if US troops leave?
71 What is the Shia-Sunni divide?
72 Sunni Cleric In Iran Accuses Chinese Shiite Students Of Spreading Coronavirus
73 Sunni and Shia muslims pray together in Azerbaijan's Heydar Mosque
74 Night of violence in Lebanon sparked by video of Sunni resident slamming Shi'ites
75 How Do Sunni and Shia Islam Differ?
76 On Israel, not only is Biden's timing terrible, but he also misunderstands reality
77 Iraq Sunni leaders spooked by possible US troop pullout
78 Iraq Sunnis fear unrest as Shia militias return to confront Daesh
79 Iraq: Shiite Blocs Say Sunni-Kurdish Coalitions Should Entrust Kadhimi With Choosing Independent Ministers
80 Iraq’s sidelined Sunnis weigh options amid US-Iran conflict
81 Muslim community in US faces shortage of Sunni, Shia scholars || AW
82 John Patrick Grace: Middle East primer: the Shiite-Sunni divide
83 Why are Sunni Arabs largely silent in Shia-dominated protests? | Tallha Abdulrazaq
84 Shia-Sunni: The divide is ….
85 Sectarian Division Triumphs ‘Ummah’: Qasem Soleimani’s Killing Exposes Historic Shia-Sunni Divide
86 Why Qatar should not be designated an ally of the United States
87 Qassim Soleimani's 'holy war' will engulf Syria in Sunni-Shia conflict for years to come
88 Turkey Is Building a Geopolitical Alliance Between Sunni and Shiite Islamists
89 Suicide Bomber Strikes Radical Sunni Islamist Rally In Pakistan
90 Rather than shoring up national identity, religion creates schisms
91 Questions Rebels Use to Tell Sunni From Shiite
92 Iraq's unique place in the Sunni-Shia divide
93 ISIS has been a catastrophe for Sunnis in Iraq and Syria
94 The differences between Shia and Sunni Muslims
95 Lebanon jails Sunni scholar for life over alleged Daesh affiliation
96 LEBANON Sunnis and opposition Christians boycott Baabda summit. Fears mount of civil war
97 As ISIS Is Driven From Iraq, Sunnis Remain Alienated
98 War Of The Worlds : Throughline
99 In detail: Sunnis vs. Shiites
100 Washington's Sunni Myth and the Middle East Undone