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1 India: Tributes pour in after death of Shia scholar Kalbe Sadiq
2 Tributes pour in as Lucknow bids farewell to Maulana Kalbe Sadiq
3 Old hatreds fuel online misinformation about COVID-19 in South Asia
4 Muslims have visualized Prophet Muhammad in words and calligraphic art for centuries
5 Walid Muallem – A Sunni Who Understood His Limits
6 A New Lebanese Civil War?
7 Why Depicting Prophet Muhammad Is Controversial in Islam?
8 The hit that exposed Iran's ties with al-Qaida
9 Husband of pop idol Nancy Ajram charged over death of masked intruder
10 Why India’s Muslims Reach for Liberalism
11 Sunni Muslim followers reminded of Prophet Muhammad's teachings
12 Lawrence Rosen · Isn't the opposite equally true? Between Sunni and Shi'a · LRB 19 November 2020
13 Egypt's al-Azhar calls on international community to criminalise 'anti-Muslim' actions
14 Shia News
15 Voices from the Arab press: Europe’s timid confrontation with terrorism
16 Reasons for Gulf normalisation with Israel – Middle East Monitor
17 The day my Indian mother confronted me about my tattoo
18 UAE Suspends New Visas To Nationals Of 13 Muslim States, Including Iran, Lebanon
19 France and Macron Aren't Helping Solve Islam's Crisis. They're Strengthening Extremists Instead.
20 Gulf states concerned over possible Biden overtures to Iran, Muslim Brotherhood
21 Iran Strengthens Military Presence in Eastern Syria
22 Voices of reason amidst a spate of attacks on Muslims in Europe
23 Shockwaves out of UAE
24 Many Turks Feel They Don't Belong in Their Own Country
25 Egypt says freedom of expression 'stops' when Muslims offended
26 Turkey: Land of Heimatlos
27 How Ertugrul resurrected the Muslim imagination
28 How the folklore of Mirasins thrived in 19th-century undivided India
29 Rise of a cleric: how did Khadim Rizvi become so influential in Pakistan?
30 Exclusive Pompeo interview: Team Trump 'will continue to be a force for good'
31 Deadly ISIL attack north of Baghdad sparks anger
32 EU red-flags Israel's Givat Hamatos settlement
33 Syria's Assad: Lone survivor of Arab Spring
34 Hair raising: NYPD cops can now have beards
35 Al-Azhar professor sparks fierce debate with 'misinterpreted' comment on Muslim women marrying non-Muslim men
36 'Trump administration will continue to be a force for good'
37 Al Qaeda's Abu Muhammad al-Masri Secretly Killed in Iran
38 Despite Modi, India Has Not Yet Become a Hindu Authoritarian State
39 Israeli minister says Netanyahu met Saudi Crown Prince, but Riyadh denies it
40 Al-Masri's assassination exposed Iran's ties with Al-Qaeda
41 Iraq arrests ISIS figure but its credibility is sorely tested | | AW
42 Yemen's Houthi Rebels Hit Saudi Oil Facility
43 Erdogan & Saudi King Hold Rare Talks, Agree To Improve Ties
44 Labeling Houthis ‘terrorists’ will not end Yemen war
45 Antony Blinken on Russia
46 U.S. reportedly ordered Israel to kill al-Qaida leader inside Iran
47 Turkey Forges a New Geo-Strategic Axis from Azerbaijan to Ukraine
48 Pakistan: Hardline Sunni groups on collision course with Shiites
49 Islam's Sunni-Shia Divide, Explained
50 CBI Starts Probe Against Ex-Chief Of UP Muslim Body In Illegal Land Case
51 In Bengal Election 2021, Will Mamata Govt Retain The Muslim Vote?
52 In Sunni World, Many Applaud Soleimani Killing
53 Mourning after deadly new Daesh attack north of Iraqi capital
54 Biden Appoints Anti-Israel Palestinian to Liaison with Congress on Legislation
55 ISIS claim responsibility for remembrance service bomb attack in Saudi Arabia
56 How politics at home shapes Kuwait’s foreign policy
57 Analysts: Labeling Houthis 'Terrorists' Won't End Yemen War
58 Europe's celebration of Joe Biden's victory is premature – opinion
59 How Biden Can Restore America's Role Abroad
60 Car bomb kills Muslim mufti for Syria’s capital: State media
61 How the Citizenship Amendment Act hampers India’s battle against radical Islam
62 Pompeo to JNS: 'Trump Administration Will Continue to be a Force for Good'
63 Syria’s veteran foreign minister Walid al-Moallem dies
64 Sharp rise in blasphemy cases and mob violence against Shi'a Muslims in Pakistan concerns officials
65 Shia Muslims take to Twitter to share how they faced harassment and hatred in Sunni-majority Pakistan
66 The return of Sunni Messianism
67 Imran Khan’s Chinese game plan for Gilgit-Baltistan explained
68 Biden's team has made contact with Dr. Fauci, and the president-elect said he has been 'very, very helpful' in briefings with staff
69 Mullahs Increase Persecution of Sunni Muslims in Iran
70 'It's working!' Deer, bears and other critters like Utah's first wildlife bridge — and the state has video to prove it.
71 Wealthy New Yorkers are hiring people to stand in coronavirus testing lines for them
72 What is the Shia-Sunni divide?
73 White House reporters were overheard calling Trump's minute-long press conference 'weird as s---'
74 Ashoura: Why Muslims fast and mourn in Muharram
75 My Word: It’s not rocket science
76 People are skeptical that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner will be able to easily slip back into NYC society
77 Saudi Arabia a Force for Good in the Middle East | Middle East Headlines
78 The differences between Shia and Sunni Muslims
79 Iraq-Saudi border crossing reopens after 30 years
80 Geraldo Rivera joins fellow Fox News host Laura Ingraham in urging viewers to accept Trump's defeat, saying he can't 'continue denying the results of the election'
81 Pakistani Shias live in terror as sectarian violence increases
82 Iraq's unique place in the Sunni-Shia divide
83 WW3 fears: Saudi Arabia says nuclear weapons armament ‘an option’ in stark warning to Iran
84 Views of Diversity in 11 Emerging Economies
85 What Are the Differences Between Sunni and Shiite Muslims?
86 Muslim community in US faces shortage of Sunni, Shia scholars || AW
87 In detail: Sunnis vs. Shiites
88 Marco Rubio blasts Biden White House picks for Ivy League degrees — despite Trump administration's similar credentials
89 Home Depot Data Breach Settlement
90 'Bleak' Future Seen for Iran’s Sunnis as Minority Cleric’s Detention Drags to 6 Months
91 Exploring the History, Evolution, and Observance of Ashura
92 ‘Kafir Kafir Shia Kafir’: Sunni extremists of Sipah Sahaba lead anti-Shia ‘protests’ in Karachi, pelt stones
93 Israel takes out Al-Qaeda terrorist – New Delhi Times
94 The Precarious Existence Of Iran's Sunni Muslims
95 Many Sunnis and Shias Worry About Religious Conflict
96 Money, influence fuel struggle within Iraq's Muslim Brotherhood over Sunni Endowments | Hammam Latif
97 Shia-Sunni rift on rise in Pakistan, but Imran Khan govt’s silence may be strategic
98 Iran's secular shift: new survey reveals huge changes in religious beliefs
99 Muslims and Islam Knowledge Quiz
100 Muslim holiday of Ashura brings into focus Shia-Sunni differences