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1 ‘Superman’ Reboot In The Works At Warner Bros With Ta-Nehisi Coates Writing, J.J. Abrams Producing
2 Henry Cavill vs Tyler Hoechlin: Which Superman Is Better
3 The First Black Superman, Explained | CBR
4 Superman Is Making A Major Mistake With His Evil Future Son
5 DC Films’ Failures With Superman And Batman Threaten To Overshadow WB’s Success With Aquaman And Wonder Woman
6 DC's Black Superman Will Play A Key Role In Future Comics
7 Review: 'Superman & Lois,' On The CW
8 Zack Snyder Calls Henry Cavill "Our" Superman After Reboot Report
9 Superman's Future State Introduces a New Take on Brainiac 4 | CBR
10 Superman's House of El Recreates What Fans Loved About Game of Thrones
11 10 Most Heartbreaking Deaths In Superman Comics | ScreenRant
12 'JL' Actor Ray Fisher Re-Asserts Racism Claims Amid Black Superman Rumors
13 'Superman' reboot is in the works at Warner Bros.
14 New Superman film in development from Bad Robot
15 Ex-Superman & Lois Writer: "I Can't Say I Felt Heard"; Fisher/JL Case
16 Superman & Lois Features a Subtle Nod to Siegel & Shuster | CBR
17 Superman & Lois: Why Jordan Is The Only Superpowered Twin
18 J.J. Abrams Reportedly Wants Brainiac As Villain In Superman Reboot
19 Up, up and away: Every Superman TV show, ranked
20 Superman Once Was Believed to be Rod Serling, Host of The Twilight Zone
21 Black Panther Comic Writer Ta-Nehisi Coates to Reboot Superman for DC, and More Movie News
22 Conner Kent Just Became The Darkest Superman in The DC Multiverse
23 Future State: Superman's Final Sacrifice is His Most Heroic
24 Superman How Mongul, DC's OTHER Cosmic God, Broke the Man of Steel
25 Why the World Needs Superman Now More Than Ever
26 Superman: DC Generations Reveals How Justice League's Doctor Light Secretly Saved Kal-El
27 Christopher Reeve's Superman Gets a New Story in DC Comics' Superman '78
28 Batman '89 Can Finally Bring Nicolas Cage's Superman To Life
29 19 Pages Of Curt Swan Superman Original Artwork From $22 To $230
30 HBO Max Will Debut Superman: The Animated Series in Hi-Def | CBR
31 Superman's Black Suit Hype Reveals Justice League 2017's Wasted Opportunity
32 DC Reminds Fans the Internet’s Favorite Superman Meme is Comics Canon
33 SSKTJL: Why Superman As A Villain Makes More Sense For Video Games
34 Will Michael B Jordan Portray The Next Superman – Sources Say It’s Doubtful But Never Say Never
35 Is Supergirl Replacing Henry Cavill's Superman In The DCEU?
36 Supergirl is Destined To Be The Hero Superman Should Be
37 WB Reportedly Considering Introducing A Latino Superman In The DCEU
38 Batman Banishes Superman From Gotham To Save His Life
39 Henry Cavill Teases a Secret Project, Is It Finally a New Superman Movie?
40 SMALL PRINT: Possible Update On Michael B. Jordan's SUPERMAN Status; SCARECROW Movie Rumor, & More
41 Super Soldier: DC Comics picks Army musician as new Superman writer
42 Superman & Lois: 5 Things to Know Before You Watch
43 Watch Henry Cavill's Superman Fly in an All-Black Suit in First Look at Zack Snyder's Justice League
44 Superman vs. Juggernaut Ended With One Punch in Marvel vs DC
45 Superman Confirms One Hero is the Strongest in the Universe
46 Superman and Lois Explained: How the Heck Do Lois and Clark Have Teenage Sons?
47 Superman and Darkseid's Last Fight Is the End of the Future State DC Universe
48 10 Times Superman Couldn't Hold Himself Back | CBR
49 Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’ Trailer: Superman Faces Off Against Darkseid (Video)
50 10 Ways DC Movies Keep Getting Superman Wrong | CBR
51 The Greatest Superman Ever Just Suffered His Most Humiliating Loss
52 Superman and Wonder Woman are DC's Worst Couple | Screen Rant
53 Superman is Stuck in An Endless Cycle of Death & Resurrection
54 Zack Snyder Explains the Significance of Superman's Black Suit
55 5 Superman Villains Who Deserve To Be In The Movies (& 5 Who Don't)
56 EXCLUSIVE: Superman: Worlds of War Reveals What Humanity Means to the Man of Steel
57 Batman Vs Superman still isn't a good film – but it definitely has its moments
58 The New Superman Learned A Vital Lesson From Kal-El That Supergirl Didn't
59 Henry Cavill Won’t Appear as Superman in ‘Shazam 2’
60 5 Marvel Characters Superman Should Cross Over With (& 5 He Shouldn't)
61 When the Superman Creative Teams Were Fired (And Then Un-Fired)
62 Batman And Superman Begin Their Final Mission Together
63 Superman & Lois: Where Is The Daily Planet Exterior?
64 Superman: 10 Things You Didn't Know About His Secret Origin | CBR
65 Superman Lives Trailer Imagines Nicolas Cage As the Man of Steel
66 Superman and Future State Wonder Woman Have a Genius Way to Stop teh Sun God Kuat
67 Superman & Lois First Episode Synopsis Revealed | Screen Rant
68 Superman & Lois Poster Art: Meet The Cushings
69 Was Batman Vs Superman (BvS) really that bad?
70 New this week: Billie Eilish, Billie Holiday and Superman
71 What’s on TV This Week: Superman, Woody Allen, Billie Eilish
72 Superman & Lois Synopsis Teases a Major Super Son Decision | CBR
73 BvS' Wonder Woman Theme is Inspired by Led Zeppelin, Junkie XL Confirms
74 Clark Kent Soars High in Superman and Lois Pilot Photos
75 The Evolution of Superman on TV: See the Man of Steel From 1952 to 2020
76 Superman: DC Reveals What ELSE Powers Up the Man of Steel | CBR
77 DC Confirms the New Superman isn’t a True Kryptonian
78 DC's New Superman Is Quite Different From His Father, Kal-El
79 DC Comics Reveals Superman's Secret Brother | Screen Rant
80 Superman: DC Quietly Gave the Man of Steel a New Ability | CBR
81 Superman Updates 'Faster Than a Speeding Bullet' For a New Age
82 Superman: 10 Comics That Could Inspire The Next Film | ScreenRant
83 Superman's Powers Are About To Change | Screen Rant
84 ‘Superman & Lois’ Trailer Reveals Clark Kent’s New Life As a Dad
85 ‘Superman II’ Set a Mold for Every Superhero Movie That Came After It
86 A Forgotten Superman Villain Returns After 80 Years | Screen Rant
87 The 8 best Superman comics of all time
88 ‘Superman & Lois’: First Full-Length Look At Tyler Hoechlin In Superman Suit With “Streamlined Muscle Structure”
89 Superman Proves His Powers Don't Make Him a Warrior | Screen Rant
90 Henry Cavill In Talks to Return as Superman in Upcoming DC Movie
91 DC Comics Debuts The New Superman | Screen Rant
92 DC: 10 Evil Alternate Versions Of Superman, Ranked From Lamest To Coolest
93 How Many Versions of Superman Have Been in DC Comics?
94 Future State Superman: Everything We Know So Far | CBR
95 DC reveals first look, what's next for Superman comics after Bendis' acclaimed run
96 How DC's New 52 Superman Died | Screen Rant
97 DC Reveals Why Superman Will Abandon Earth | Screen Rant
98 Flight & 9 Other Powers Superman Only Gained Later In Life | CBR
99 Superman Returns: The Actors Who Almost Played Clark Kent
100 Golden Superman: What Is the DC Hero's ULTIMATE Form