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1 The barley pan-genome reveals the hidden legacy of mutation breeding
2 Safety and efficacy of prednisone versus placebo in short-term prevention of episodic cluster headache: a multicentre, double-blind, randomised controlled trial
3 Decoding myofibroblast origins in human kidney fibrosis
4 Recycling of multilayer plastic packaging materials by solvent-targeted recovery and precipitation
5 Temporal trends of early mortality and its risk factors in HIV-infected adults initiating antiretroviral therapy in Uganda
6 Associations between high temperatures in pregnancy and risk of preterm birth, low birth weight, and stillbirths: systematic review and meta-analysis
7 Risk factors during first 1,000 days of life for carotid intima-media thickness in infants, children, and adolescents: A systematic review with meta-analyses
8 Faecal microbiota transplantation for recurrent Clostridioides difficile infection: An updated systematic review and meta-analysis
9 Age-specific mortality and immunity patterns of SARS-CoV-2
10 Targeted knockdown of Kv1.3 channels in T lymphocytes corrects the disease manifestations associated with systemic lupus erythematosus
11 Focal random selection closes the gender gap in competitiveness
12 Ethnicity and clinical outcomes in COVID-19: A systematic review and meta-analysis
13 Discharges and Environmental Monitoring Annual Report 2019
14 Baby Supplementary Food Market Executive Summary And Analysis By Top Players 2020-2026| Wyeth, Nestle, MeadJohnson
15 SARS-CoV-2 Transmission among Marine Recruits during Quarantine
16 Backup Software Solutions Market Size 2020 Growing Rapidly with Modern Trends, Development Strategy, Business Prospect, Market Share and Growth Rate, Revenue, and Forecast to 2025, Says Industry Research Biz
17 Transportation Cleaning Services Market Witness Highest Growth In Near Future | Premiserv, Dussmann Group, Atalian
18 Recycling and Waste Management Services Market Analysis 2020 By Development Status, Opportunities, Economic Growth Factors, Future Plans | Bulk Handling Systems (BHS), Cardboard Balers, Recycling Equipment Inc. (REI), Biffa, Greenzone Facilities Management, Comply Direc
19 Expanded encyclopaedias of DNA elements in the human and mouse genomes
20 Baby Cereal-based Complementary Food Market Analysis, Revenue, Price, Market Share, Growth Rate, Forecast 2026| Mead Johnson, Nestle, Danone
21 Estimating the effects of non-pharmaceutical interventions on COVID-19 in Europe
22 Potential for large-scale CO2 removal via enhanced rock weathering with croplands
23 Six reference-quality genomes reveal evolution of bat adaptations
24 The effect of large-scale anti-contagion policies on the COVID-19 pandemic
25 Convergent antibody responses to SARS-CoV-2 in convalescent individuals
26 Sex differences in immune responses that underlie COVID-19 disease outcomes
27 Biosynthesis of medicinal tropane alkaloids in yeast
28 A new coronavirus associated with human respiratory disease in China
29 Discovery of SARS-CoV-2 antiviral drugs through large-scale compound repurposing
30 Children with Covid-19 in Pediatric Emergency Departments in Italy
31 Real Estate Software for Builders & Real Estate Agents Market 2025 Top Companies – Tally Solutions, Realty Redefined, Brokermint, Daemon Information Systems & more
32 SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibody structures inform therapeutic strategies
33 Nutanix Reports First Quarter Fiscal 2021 Financial Results | 2020-11-23 | Press Releases
34 ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine prevents SARS-CoV-2 pneumonia in rhesus macaques
35 Rapid reconstruction of SARS-CoV-2 using a synthetic genomics platform
36 Asian Shares Mixed As US Covid Death Toll Surpasses 250,000
37 Suppression of a SARS-CoV-2 outbreak in the Italian municipality of Vo'
38 Employee Benefits Market in The US 2020
39 A SARS-CoV-2 protein interaction map reveals targets for drug repurposing
40 Safety and immunogenicity of Vi-DT conjugate vaccine among 6-23-month-old children: Phase II, randomized, dose-scheduling, observer-blind Study
41 Cells of the adult human heart
42 Clinical Characteristics of Covid-19 in New York City | NEJM
43 Online Education Market 2020 Share, Size, Regional Growth, Upcoming Trends, COVID 19 Impact Analysis, High-income Segments Breakdown and Technology Updates till 2026 Research Report | MarketDigits Updates
44 SARS-CoV-2-specific T cell immunity in cases of COVID-19 and SARS, and uninfected controls
45 Human neutralizing antibodies elicited by SARS-CoV-2 infection
46 Safety and immunogenicity of an rAd26 and rAd5 vector-based heterologous prime-boost COVID-19 vaccine in two formulations: two open, non-randomised phase 1/2 studies from Russia
47 An mRNA Vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 — Preliminary Report | NEJM
48 Longitudinal analyses reveal immunological misfiring in severe COVID-19
49 Sarilumab use in severe SARS-CoV-2 pneumonia
50 Supplementary Materials
51 Index and biological spectrum of human DNase I hypersensitive sites
52 Substantial undocumented infection facilitates the rapid dissemination of novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)
53 The coding capacity of SARS-CoV-2
54 Respiratory disease in rhesus macaques inoculated with SARS-CoV-2
55 Effect of non-pharmaceutical interventions to contain COVID-19 in China
56 Potently neutralizing and protective human antibodies against SARS-CoV-2
57 Cerebral Micro-Structural Changes in COVID-19 Patients – An MRI-based 3-month Follow-up Study
58 Immunogenicity and safety of a recombinant adenovirus type-5-vectored COVID-19 vaccine in healthy adults aged 18 years or older: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, phase 2 trial
59 Evaluation of PEEP and prone positioning in early COVID-19 ARDS
60 Neuropathological Features of Covid-19 | NEJM
61 Infection of dogs with SARS-CoV-2
62 Effects of food supplementation on cognitive function, cerebral blood flow, and nutritional status in young children at risk of undernutrition: randomized controlled trial
63 Timing of radiotherapy after radical prostatectomy (RADICALS-RT): a randomised, controlled phase 3 trial
64 Clinical course and risk factors for mortality of adult inpatients with COVID-19 in Wuhan, China: a retrospective cohort study
65 Clinical characteristics of children and young people admitted to hospital with covid-19 in United Kingdom: prospective multicentre observational cohort study
66 Reconstruction of the full transmission dynamics of COVID-19 in Wuhan
67 Remdesivir for 5 or 10 Days in Patients with Severe Covid-19 | NEJM
68 The fungal collaboration gradient dominates the root economics space in plants
69 Absolute risk of tuberculosis among untreated populations with a positive tuberculin skin test or interferon-gamma release assay result: systematic review and meta-analysis
70 Photoenzymatic enantioselective intermolecular radical hydroalkylation
71 Linguistic markers predict onset of Alzheimer's disease
72 A “Global Safety Net” to reverse biodiversity loss and stabilize Earth's climate
73 Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in Australian educational settings: a prospective cohort study
74 Safety and Immunogenicity of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA-1273 Vaccine in Older Adults
75 Deep immune profiling of COVID-19 patients reveals distinct immunotypes with therapeutic implications
76 The spectrum of biochemical alterations associated with organ dysfunction and inflammatory status and their association with disease outcomes in severe COVID-19: A longitudinal cohort and time-series design study
77 Farhan Akhtar, Shibani Dandekar enjoy underwater diving in 'swimming pool'
78 The impact of ethnicity on clinical outcomes in COVID-19: A systematic review
79 Coexistent faecal incontinence and constipation: A cross-sectional study of 4027 adults undergoing specialist assessment
80 Virological assessment of hospitalized patients with COVID-2019
81 Heterogeneous trends in burden of heart disease mortality by subtypes in the United States, 1999-2018: observational analysis of vital statistics
82 Silage Wagons Market is Estimated to Show Impressive Growth Rate Between 2020 to 2027: Artex, Bonino, Buckton,
83 The repertoire of mutational signatures in human cancer
84 Hypofractionated breast radiotherapy for 1 week versus 3 weeks (FAST-Forward): 5-year efficacy and late normal tissue effects results from a multicentre, non-inferiority, randomised, phase 3 trial
85 Clinical impact of molecular point-of-care testing for suspected COVID-19 in hospital (COV-19POC): a prospective, interventional, non-randomised, controlled study
86 Global, regional, and national estimates of the population at increased risk of severe COVID-19 due to underlying health conditions in 2020: a modelling study
87 Hydroxychloroquine with or without Azithromycin in Mild-to-Moderate Covid-19
88 Personal use of permanent hair dyes and cancer risk and mortality in US women: prospective cohort study
89 Risk of COVID-19 among front-line health-care workers and the general community: a prospective cohort study
90 Neuronal metabolic rewiring promotes resilience to neurodegeneration caused by mitochondrial dysfunction
91 Psychological status and behavior changes of the public during the COVID-19 epidemic in China
92 Nowcasting and forecasting the potential domestic and international spread of the 2019-nCoV outbreak originating in Wuhan, China: a modelling study
93 Global variation in the prevalence of bullying victimisation amongst adolescents: Role of peer and parental supports
94 Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in US Children and Adolescents
95 Mendelian randomization case-control PheWAS in UK Biobank shows evidence of causality for smoking intensity in 28 distinct clinical conditions
96 Clinical benefit of remdesivir in rhesus macaques infected with SARS-CoV-2
97 The potential health impact of restricting less-healthy food and beverage advertising on UK television between 05.30 and 21.00 hours: A modelling study
98 Effect of mammographic screening from age 40 years on breast cancer mortality (UK Age trial): final results of a randomised, controlled trial
99 Early estimates of the indirect effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on maternal and child mortality in low-income and middle-income countries: a modelling study
100 Clinical characteristics of COVID-19 in 104 people with SARS-CoV-2 infection on the Diamond Princess cruise ship: a retrospective analysis