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1 Fans allowed back into English sports events from next week
2 Most Brits just won't wear face masks — here's why
3 Johnson’s ‘handbrake’ turn on restrictions evaporates No 10 ebullience
4 Independent SAGE member lambasts "problematic" face mask guidance
5 Covid-19: Was the decision to delay the UK's lockdown over fears of “behavioural fatigue” based on evidence?
6 Coronavirus Experts warn local lockdowns 'are the way forward'
7 England makes masks compulsory in shops after months without guidance
8 Covid-19: Is the UK government marginalising scientists?
9 Boris Johnson ordered to 'get real' about coronavirus as UK in 'highly dangerous' spot
10 Tracing not ready for schools to open, warns Burnham
11 Cabinet won't wear masks for first face-to-face meeting since March
12 Dr Hilary warns refusing to wear a mask is ‘selfish’ – amid fears of second coronavirus wave
13 English Sports Events To Allow Spectators From Next Week
14 Labour must hold the government to account for gambling with lives and jobs
15 Government still planning to reopen all English schools in September despite lockdown setbacks, says minister
16 'Covid vaccine shortages are very likely
17 When scientists speak freely, it's better for everyone
18 The muddled public message on coronavirus isn't just confusing. It's harmful
19 Inside Westminster’s coronavirus blame game
20 Wearing a facemask does not instil a 'false sense of security' against the coronavirus
21 Call for Welsh Government to make the wearing of masks mandatory in indoor public spaces
22 Behavioural strategies for reducing covid-19 transmission in the general population
23 'It's clear population want more done' – health psychologist Susan Michie on virus shutdowns
24 Coronavirus UK: SAGE experts question Test and Trace scheme
25 Behavioural science advisers express concern over Cummings crisis
26 Experts say PM ignored their advice when lowering coronavirus alert level
27 Boris Johnson was flouting coronavirus advice, scientists say
28 Commuters Not Wearing Face Masks Correctly, Expert Warns
29 Towards the new normal, and beyond... | BPS
30 Behavioural scientists form new front in battle against coronavirus
31 How the Covid-19 coronavirus could be 'stopped dead in its tracks'
32 Crushing coronavirus means 'breaking the habits of a lifetime.' Behavior scientists have some tips
33 How can we involve communities in managing the covid-19 pandemic?
34 Coronavirus: Cummings row 'undermines trust in government and more people will die'
35 Reducing two-metre rule effectively means ending social distancing, expert warns
36 The behavioural science behind the UK's social distancing policy
37 PM dropping 'stay home' slogan risks people socialising, Sage scientist warns
38 Young people likely to follow guidance if messages are from celebrities – expert
39 "We're worse off now than before lockdown" UK not ready to bring distance to one metre
40 For Boris Johnson’s Science Advisers, Pressure, Anxieties and ‘Pastoral Support’
41 Over-70s should not be forced to stay in isolation when coronavirus lockdown eased, Sage adviser says
42 Government's 'stay alert' slogan not clear enough, says expert
43 Covid-19: Important potential side effects of wearing face masks that we should bear in mind
44 Selectively lifting lockdown 'could lead to resentment'
45 Government's official scientific advisers hit out at new 'Stay Alert' message
46 Webinar: towards the new normal, and beyond | BPS
47 Susan Michie
48 How behavioural science is helping in the fight against COVID-19
49 Britons could be urged to wear masks in shops and on public transport, Government adviser suggests
50 Men wash their hands much less often than women
51 Experts reveal the one thing that could completely DESTROY social-distancing measures
52 Men Wash Their Hands Much Less Often Than Women. That Matters More Than Ever
53 How many kinds of BBC bias are there? Let me count the ways
54 DOMINIC LAWSON: Jaws and freedom loving Boris Johnson
55 Immunity passports aren't a good way out of the coronavirus crisis
56 SAGE scientist calls for South Korean-style Covid-19 hotels to stop Britons flouting self-isolation
57 'No surprise' Boris Johnson contracted coronavirus after keeping Parliament open, says Professor
58 News Daily: Concern over UK virus approach and global stocks tumble
59 Coronavirus: 'Anger and resentment' if only some people are let out of lockdown early
60 Is the head net the next weapon in the coronavirus fight?
61 Virus Spread Puts UK's Stiff Upper Lip Under Growing Strain
62 Don't touch the T-Zone—how to block a key pathway to infection with SARS-CoV-2
63 'Mixed messages' on coronavirus lockdown creating public distrust, adviser warns
64 U.K. Lifting Coronavirus Restrictions on Pubs, Museums And More
65 Is it time to say goodbye to the handshake?
66 Private schools’ land targeted for families without gardens
67 We must resist the tyranny of public health
68 Commuters are wearing masks incorrectly
69 Coronavirus: Boris Johnson's new advice on face masks 'goes against sensible scientific advice'
70 Containment in Asia is working – because its people learnt from Sars
71 Scientists, JK Rowling pan UK PM for defending aide who broke lockdown rules
72 Official coronavirus guidance is being 'undermined' by politicians who fail to understand 'big repercussions'
73 Hand Washing Becomes Fun With The #20secondchallenge And #washyourlyrics
74 What are 'immunity passports' and could they help us end the coronavirus lockdown? | TheHill
75 Coronavirus: Government is confusing people with ‘stay at home’ message while others allowed to return to workplaces, adviser warns
76 Britain Drops Its Herd Immunity Approach to Coronavirus and Follows Trump's Lead
77 Lockdown exit is not the priority for working people – it's safety
78 Lockdown easing in England threatens cautious approach of devolved nations | Free to read
79 Coronavirus Updates: How To Train Yourself Not To Touch Your Face
80 'Stay alert' slogan needs more explanation, admits minister
81 Should everyone be wearing face masks? It's complicated
82 Selectively lifting coronavirus lockdown 'could lead to resentment'
83 There are five people who could help us through the coronavirus crisis – Boris Johnson only has to ask
84 'Absolutely bonkers': Scientists reveal reaction to Boris Johnson's infamous 'shaking hands' speech at start of pandemic
85 Private Schools Could be Asked to Open Their Grounds as Emergency Public Parks
86 Support for wearing face masks in public outweighs opposition
87 Why some people won't socially distance, in their own words
88 Government to axe 'Stay at Home' messaging despite Boris Johnson insisting measures must continue
89 Labour's dark secret is safe with Keir Starmer
90 Coronavirus: Minister defends 'stay alert' advice amid backlash
91 The Londoner: Communist's £14k Labour donation
92 How Dominic Cummings could ruin the UK's coronavirus response
93 Study: Men Wash Their Hands Much Less Often Than Women
94 What social science can offer us in a time of Covid-19
95 This is how the UK will start to ease its coronavirus lockdown
96 Social science Covid-19 research hub launched
97 UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Tests Positive for Virus
98 Dorset death rates remain high following coronavirus spike
99 Should the public wear masks to slow the spread of SARS-CoV-2?
100 UK govt under fire as top adviser flouts lockdown rules