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1 Hampstead Heath swan who found love 'responding well' to treatment after shocking dog attack
2 Swan hurt in dog attack is reunited with family on Hampstead Heath
3 Hampstead Heath's lockdown love swan attacked by dog
4 Federation Named for Oyster Project Funding
5 RIA buyers see the consolidators consolidating
6 Heath swan attacked by dog on the mend
7 Hampstead Heath's ‘widow swan’ critically injured in suspected dog attack
8 Burrus, Dr. Swan
9 Feathered friends: Logan native shares life-long love of birds at home sanctuary
10 Ducks rescued from bottom of giant concrete sewage tank
11 A Republican vote is a vote for jobs
12 The Swan Sanctuary founder Dorothy Beeson dies after cancer and COPD illness, Shepperton charity confirms
13 Your 2-day Saanich staycation: Hike, pedal and paddle!
14 Swan treated for broken wing after dog attack in Chertsey
15 Heartbreak after baby swan 'mowed down' by driver in Ulverston
16 Baby Swan Kicked by Jogger Has Died; Police Searching for Assailant
17 Highgate 'widow' swan has cygnets after finding lockdown love
18 How Iron Maiden conquered The World
19 10 new examples of architectural landscapes & outdoor spaces
20 SF DEMS' 'political takeover' — HARVEY ROSENFIELD: democracy another 'casualty' of pandemic? — LA's 'PANDEMIC PARTIES' — WILLIE BROWN to KAMALA HARRIS: 'Say no to Joe'
21 Swan shot in horrific attack
22 A beautiful love story filled with sadness, joy, swans and big blue Ikea bags
23 A wing and a prayer: the remarkable story of Hampstead Heath's widowed swan
24 Cygnet dies after being kicked in head by a jogger in London park
25 Love on the pond leads to the pitter patter of webbed feet
26 UPDATE: Swan shot by catapult thugs dies of its injuries
27 Police hunt jogger who kicked cygnet out of his way in Richmond Park
28 Police Hunting For Jogger Who 'Deliberately' Kicked Baby Swan
29 Swan 'dies from a broken heart' after teenage yobs killed her unborn cygnets by smashing her eggs
30 Injured swan rescued from Cwmbran canal by firefighters
31 Swan 'dies from broken heart' after heartless yobs smashed her eggs with bricks
32 PETITION: Justice for Newborn Swan Kicked to Death by Jogger
33 Injured swan rescued from riverside
34 Swan Lake losing wharf, gaining nature
35 No swansong: lonely bird finds love . . . and seven cygnets
36 Family of Heath cygnets reduced to five after suspected dog attack
37 Ambleside's baby swans will soon be removed and sent to a sanctuary | News
38 Coronavirus: Killing of cygnet among number of lockdown animal cruelty cases
39 Wildlife sanctuary in appeal to public over ducklings
40 Disappointment lingers over killing of Swans, Peacocks at Aviary
41 Dog owners urged to use common sense following swan attack
42 Nature House at Saanich's Swan Lake reopens with new hours, safety protocols
43 Swan recovering well following Stratford dog attack
44 Man Pushed In Canal After Standing Up To Girl Who Kicked Mating Swans
45 You Can Find Swans At This Florida Lake & They Are Truly Enchanting
46 Plea to help feed city swans results in unexpected gift
47 Rules still apply regarding dogs, off-limits areas at Swan Lake, Christmas Hill
48 Wapping Wildlife Rangers rescue swan – without any help from SCO19
49 Rare black swan stolen from Yamhill County animal sanctuary
50 RSPCA helps rescue effort to save 40 diesel-soaked swans on Northampton marina
51 'Heart-warming' swan release video goes viral online
52 Feeding swans bread IS ok says Swan Sanctuary
53 The Coronavirus Could Be the Black Swan of 2020
54 Guildford Dragon NEWS
55 Swan Lake south wharf demolition begins in Saanich
56 Investigation into huge oil spill in Northampton still ongoing months after swans die
57 Sanctuary founder awarded for lifetime dedication to swans
58 Broken heart is mended as swan widow finds new love
59 Swan Lake south wharf demolition complete, area remains off-limits
60 Unlikely painters in Jonesborough show off "snout art" in a weekly auction
61 Swan Lake seeks candidates for board of directors willing to be 'paid in cookies'
62 Lincoln village sanctuary caring for sick animals for over three decades
63 Exotic black swan stolen from ‘island of misfit rescues’ animal sanctuary in Oregon
64 Police in Croydon rescue injured swan terrorised by 'people riding quad bikes'
65 Swans, goslings and 12 Canada Geese rescued after diesel spillage in city centre canal
66 Swan rescue: Volunteers for Wildlife saves Bayside Swan
67 Yorkshire Wildlife Rescue thanks support with Easter picture
68 Swan transformed since horrific neck injury at Ferrybridge
69 This ‘enchanted’ castle in Granite Bay is for sale – lakes, bridges, swans included
70 Young swan killed by 'runaway driver' in Lincoln
71 This 'very feisty' Fort Liard swan is not happy — here's why that's a good thing
72 Young swan killed on Lincoln bridge by driver who left the scene
73 Wildlife sanctuary owner on nursing 62,000 injured animals back to health
74 Engineers taught to tackle swans as birds land on railways | ITV News
75 Boy, 17, is charged with common assault and drug possession after man was pushed into a canal
76 Swan nearly drowned during attack at South Derbyshire lake
77 'Distressed' baby swan rescued after getting trapped in fishing wire at Surrey Quays
78 Surrey Quays: Rescued baby swan will make full recovery
79 Confusion over posters in parks telling people it's OK to give ducks bread
80 'Owl prowl’ hosted by 180-acre bird sanctuary near Kalamazoo
81 Owners told to keep dogs on a leash after Wimbledon swan attack
82 A swan SWAT team, a widower swan, comeback swans: Some St. Louis swan stories
83 Trails closed at Swan Lake following excess rain, visitors asked to use detours
84 Best staycation deals in phase two: Re-opened hotels get creative with room packages
85 Swan put down after possible Worcester dog attack
86 Dog owner urged to come forward after male half of Valentines Park swan couple attacked
87 Cornwall's aggressive swan gets new home at Rensselaer sanctuary
88 'Disgraceful' littering in Worcester | Worcester News
89 Norfolk firefighters find injured swan
90 Bird watchers, plant lovers find peace at sanctuary in Greater Victoria city core
91 Fake animal news abounds on social media as coronavirus upends life
92 Swan ‘reunited’ with cygnets after becoming trapped in rope
93 Coronavirus positive: good news round-up
94 Outdoors: Trumpeter swans have made historic comeback in Minnesota
95 Bird watchers, plant lovers, nature seekers find sanctuary at oasis in city core
96 Swan Island Oyster Reef Nearly Complete
97 Trump's Second Term Immigration Agenda
98 Samsung Celebrates 25 Years of Positively Impacting Local Communities
99 Five swans covered in diesel rescued from a lake by the RSPCA
100 Cygnets and swans crowd West Vancouver pond