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1 Biden: Strikes in Syria sent warning to Iran to 'be careful'
2 Biden called off strike against second target in Syria to avoid killing civilians, say officials
3 Aerials show huge blaze after oil facility strike in Syria
4 U.S. airstrike in Syria on Iranian-backed militia killed one fighter, wounded two, Pentagon says
5 Churches come together to help feed displaced people in Syria
6 Ten grim lessons from a decade of war in Syria
7 Insights on Northwest Syria
8 Opinion: France must repatriate 'Islamic State' sympathizers stranded in Syria
9 Fate still unclear of 'tens of thousands' of civilian detainees in Syria
10 10 years on, no peace after war in Syria
11 Criminal Inquiries Loom Over al-Assad’s Use of Chemical Arms in Syria
12 Pope Francis meets father of drowned Syrian boy
13 Some Democrats Question Biden Authority On Syria Strikes
14 Crisis in Syria: The deadliest place for humanitarians
15 World must not ignore plight of Syria
16 New IRC report: A decade of attacks on health care in Syria
17 'International Women's Day has no meaning in Syria'
18 Syria: 18 people killed in mine blasts
19 Too High a Price to Pay: The Cost of Conflict for Syria's children
20 'Limited' progress in closing Syria chemical weapons file, UN Disarmament Chief tells Security Council
21 Turkish Forces in Syria Protect 5 Million People
22 QFFD, QRCS build medical capacity in northern Syria [EN/AR]
23 Displaced Syrians face losing homes to new government fines
24 Having Won Syria’s War, al-Assad Is Mired in Economic Woes
25 Syria war: 'This is the price we had to pay for freedom'
26 Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis in Syria: A Five Part Approach through 'Operation Breathe'
27 U.S. Strike On Syria Targets Iranian-Backed Militia Groups
28 ACAPS Short note: Syria: Humanitarian needs in Afrin (03 March 2021)
29 Israel and Syria Complete a Prisoner Swap, Mediated by Russia
30 A Decade of Destruction: Attacks on health care in Syria
31 Food insecurity in Syria reaches record levels: WFP
32 German court issues guilty verdict in first Syria torture trial
33 Syria: Complex Emergency Revised Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) (MDRSY003)
34 'Red Line' Examines Syria's Use Of Chemical Weapons, And The World's Discovery Of It
35 Israel Secretly Agrees to Fund Vaccines for Syria as Part of Prisoner Swap
36 'Put Syrians first…finally', UN rights investigators urge after deadly decade of conflict
37 Turkey 'neutralizes' 9 YPG/PKK terrorists in N.Syria
38 Book excerpt: Working for Syria’s chemical weapons program and spilling its secrets to the CIA
39 Syria crisis: 10 years on, humanitarian situation is worse than ever
40 Without 'constructive international diplomacy' Syria's peace process will not move forward
41 Twelve million Syrians now in the grip of hunger, worn down by conflict and soaring food prices
42 UNICEF Whole of Syria Humanitarian Situation Report
43 Biden approves air strike against Iranian-backed militia target in Syria: officials
44 An activist shines light on Syria's decade of civil war
45 Syria: UN experts urge 57 States to repatriate women and children from squalid camps
46 Syrian 'Military Evaders' Face Unlawful Seizure of Property, Assets
47 Vulnerability of Syrian refugees in Lebanon to COVID-19: quantitative insights
48 Killings surge in Syria camp housing Islamic State families
49 MSF denounces unsafe environment in Al-Hol camp Syria | MSF
50 The evidence of Syrian President Bashar Assad and his regime's legacy of war crimes
51 IS Winning Battle in Syria's Displaced-Persons Camps
52 Mayday: How the White Helmets and James Le Mesurier got pulled into a deadly battle for truth
53 The Uighur and Syrian refugees making a home together in Turkey
54 EU adopts €130 million support package for Syrian refugees and local communities in Jordan and Lebanon
55 Syrian pianist reunited with family in Turkey
56 Syrian Arab Republic: COVID-19 Humanitarian Update No. 24 As of 3 March 2021
57 Russian air assault kills 21 Islamic State jihadists in Syria: Monitor
58 Trump wanted to 'take out' Syria's President Assad, former adviser claims
59 Former Syrian refugee in Halifax completing journey from hardship to harmony
60 Fresh calls to bring Australian children in Syria home as Belgium repatriates its child citizens from refugee camps
61 Human rights in the occupied Syrian Golan
62 The United States needs a new Syria policy
63 Top Conflicts to Watch in 2021: What's Next for Syria
64 Why Are Russians Paying for Bombing Schools in Syria?
65 US Strategy in Syria Has Failed
66 Children among dead following bomb attacks in northern Syria
67 Reframing US Syria policy: The road to Damascus runs through Moscow
68 Syria: Which way forward under Biden?
69 The Atlantic Council | Factbox: Iranian influence and presence in Syria
70 Help Children in Syria and Refugees Around the World
71 The SDF Seeks a Path Toward Durable Stability in North East Syria
72 Israel launches major air strikes on Iran-linked targets in Syria
73 Deadly car bomb attacks 'tragic reminder' of price civilians pay in Syria
74 US rolls out new Syria sanctions that hit Syrian first lady and her family
75 At Syrian Aid Summit, a Struggle to Raise Enough to End ‘Downward Spiral’
76 Syria: dozens killed in Isis bus attack
77 Syria: Millions displaced, impoverished and traumatized, Security Council hears
78 Decade of conflict triggering 'slow tsunami' across Syria, Security Council hears
79 Syria, Burdened by War's Destruction, Now Faces Covid
80 Syria's Bread Lines Can Mean A 6-Hour Wait For A Couple Of Packets Of Pitas : Goats and Soda
81 Assad's Syria Is Starting to Starve Like Saddam's Iraq (Foreignpolicy)
82 Syria’s Economy Collapses Even as Civil War Winds to a Close
83 As their country crumbles, Syrians wrestle with the "terrifying" prospect of life as refugees
84 Syria: New initiatives support students, vulnerable families
85 Reasons to fear the coming winter season in Syria
86 Pompeo and Bahraini Minister Visit Israel After Strikes on Iranian Forces in Syria
87 Syria says it responded to ‘Israeli aggression’
88 Syria at War: Eight Years On
89 Iran Is in Syria to Stay
90 Israeli Strikes on Syria Kill 6, Monitor Says
91 Enclave governance: How to circumvent the Assad regime and safeguard Syria’s future
92 2021 budget reveals the depth of Syria's economic woes
93 Extreme conditions in Syria: How MSF provides remote support when necessary
94 As the US rolls out new sanctions on Assad, Syria braces for economic devastation
95 Syria: 'Identified gaps, inconsistencies' raise questions over elimination of chemical weapons
96 Dozens of Prisoners Released in Syria
97 Pentagon sending troops to Syria after clashes between U.S., Russian military
98 UNICEF Whole of Syria Humanitarian Situation Report
99 Syria: 'Nowhere is safe for us': Unlawful attacks and mass displacement in north-west Syria
100 Syria Relief Declare COVID-19 Emergency In Syria