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1 Casualties From Banned Cluster Bombs Nearly Doubled in 2019, Mostly in Syria
2 Escalating violence in strategic Syrian city belies Assad’s claim that he’s in control
3 Syrian media: Israel attacks southern Damascus
4 From Syria To America: A Teen Seeks A 'Safe Place' In The Universe
5 Suspect in Swiss knife attack had tried to travel to Syria
6 Syrians Face Growing Hunger as Winter Approaches
7 Hopatcong woman charged with sending money, advising Syrian terrorist group
8 Kurdish and Turkey-backed fighters clash in Syria, 18 killed
9 UN: Implement Human Rights Principles for Assistance in Syria
10 The SDF Seeks a Path Toward Durable Stability in North East Syria
11 Syria Seeks Return of Refugees, but They Fear Leader’s Wrath
12 Iran Strengthens Military Presence in Eastern Syria
13 Report condemns UK over British women and children held in Syria
14 Russian UN envoy accuses West of financing terrorist ‘rebranding’ in Syria
15 Israel strikes widely in Syria, sending signal of aggressive post-Trump posture
16 Biden secretary of state pick Blinken admitted Obama administration 'failed' in Syria
17 Joe Biden's Dilemma on Syria
18 Syria’s president says US pressure obstructing return of refugees
19 Syria names Faisal Mekdad new FM after Walid al-Moallem dies
20 Why refugees won’t return to Syria
21 These Rare Seeds Escaped Syria's War and Are Now Helping to Feed the World
22 Syrian Refugees Navigate Turkey's Shifting Health Care Terrain
23 Russia Wants to Trade Syrian Refugees for Money
24 Israel strikes 'Iranian military sites' in Syria after bombs found in Golan
25 Outgoing Syria Envoy Admits Hiding US Troop Numbers; Praises Trump's Mideast Record
26 Wheat and fuel shortages overwhelm Syria
27 Dozens of Prisoners Released in Syria
28 Russian strike on Syria’s Idlib fighters a ‘message’ to Turkey
29 Syria's longtime Foreign Minister al-Moallem dies at age 79
30 Factbox: Iranian influence and presence in Syria
31 UN Syria envoy places hope in new talks, works towards lasting ceasefire
32 Erdogan warns of military action in Syria, decries Russian strike
33 Syria's Assad says billions locked in troubled Lebanese banks behind economic crisis
34 Syria: No justification for chemical weapon use 'under any circumstances' – UN disarmament chief
35 Surviving torture in a Syrian prison made me who I am today
36 Syrian Activists Fear COVID-19 Outbreak in Syria's Underground Prisons
37 Children among seven killed in Syria rebel enclave shelling
38 Al Qaeda Feels Losses in Syria and Afghanistan but Stays Resilient
39 Are attacks on Syrian opposition signal from Moscow to Ankara?
40 How Syria's disinformation wars destroyed the co-founder of the White Helmets
41 Syria's Idlib faces childhood hunger 'emergency'
42 In Pictures: Displaced Syrians fear spread of COVID-19
43 How Syria's Afrin became hell for Kurds
44 'The Book Collectors' Review: A True Story Of A Secret Wartime Library
45 Biden will keep up the pressure on Syria's Assad, adviser says
46 Virus threat 'a new terror' in Syria's scarred Idlib region
47 As their country crumbles, Syrians wrestle with the "terrifying" prospect of life as refugees
48 Report on Armed Conflict in Syria and US Response
49 Syria’s Economy Collapses Even as Civil War Winds to a Close
50 At The U.N., Russia Forces Reduced Access For Aid To Syrians
51 Help Children in Syria and Refugees Around the World
52 Syria Is Overwhelmed By Coronavirus As Govt Conceals Outbreak, Health Worker Says
53 Turkey Declares Major Offensive Against Syrian Government
54 What has Russia gained from five years of fighting in Syria?
55 At Syrian Aid Summit, a Struggle to Raise Enough to End ‘Downward Spiral’
56 As the US rolls out new sanctions on Assad, Syria braces for economic devastation
57 U.S. Repatriates Last of Islamic State Suspects Believed Captured in Syria
58 US troops in Syria and allies exchanged fire with pro-Syrian regime forces
59 Syrians 'face unprecedented hunger amid impending COVID crisis'
60 COVID-19 has drastically hit civilians and civil society in Syria
61 The Caesar Act and a pathway out of conflict in Syria
62 Putin Has Won What He Wants in Syria: Russian Influence for Decades to Come
63 Russia vows to help Syria "break through" crippling U.S. sanctions
64 U.S. Sending More Troops to Syria to Counter the Russians
65 Catastrophe upon catastrophe in Syria | WORLD News Group
66 Assad Is Cracking in Syria, Because of the Trump Administration's State Department
67 In war-torn Syria, the coronavirus pandemic has brought its people to the brink of starvation
68 Dutch pursuit of torture case against Syria prompts terror accusation from Damascus
69 9 things to know about the tragedy happening in Syria
70 The civil war is threatening an ancient way of life in Syria
71 Syria’s Assad is confronting the toughest challenges of the 9-year war
72 Syria war: US deploys reinforcements to Syria after Russia clashes
73 Top White House Official Went to Syria for Hostage Talks
74 Syria/Russia: Strategy Targeted Civilian Infrastructure
75 Syria conflict: 'Flagrant' war crimes committed in Idlib battle, UN says
76 U.S. Troops Injured in Syria After Collision With Russian Vehicles
77 Syria at War: Eight Years On
78 Special report: A collapsing economy and a family feud pile pressure on Syria's Assad
79 Syria introduces limits on subsidised bread as economic crisis bites
80 The US Should Get Ready for Syria's Return from War
81 Will US troops actually leave Syria in exchange for hostages?
82 Security Council: Poverty deepens, along with need, across Syria
83 Syria: As coronavirus threat intensifies, ceasefire more urgent than ever
84 What’s happening in Syria is genocide
85 Protests Over Syria's Economy Threaten Assad's Hold On Power
86 US imposes sanctions on son of Syria's president Bashar al-Assad
87 Germany Takes Rare Step in Putting Syrian Officers on Trial in Torture Case
88 Syria: Restart Efforts to Find Victims Kidnapped by ISIS
89 Coronavirus ‘disaster in the making’ in war-torn Syria
90 Israel Says It Hit Bombers on Syrian Boundary
91 U.S. Commandos Use Secretive Missiles to Kill Qaeda Leaders in Syria
92 Syrian Children Freeze to Death. Bombs Rain Down. And ‘Nobody Cares.’
93 How Trump Can End the War in Syria
94 'After war we now have this': Syrians grapple with poverty and coronavirus
95 Syria Relief Declare COVID-19 Emergency In Syria
96 Trump’s Syria Sanctions ‘Cannot Solve the Problem,’ Critics Say
97 Who Are Syria’s National Defense Forces?
98 Rebels from Syria recruited to fight in conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia, source says
99 UN experts decry continued abuse as Syria’s war grinds on
100 Syria Sanctions Designations