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Result Content Idea Research
1 4th century Syriac Orthodox Church building in Turkey to be sold
2 Syriac patriarch: 'Our martyrs are the torches of faith'
3 Volunteers want Christians to return to Mosul, where Daesh once ruled
4 Syria Constitution Talks Not Reaching Goal, Observers Say
5 Iraqi Muslims Are Rebuilding ISIS-Damaged Churches For Christians To Return
6 Senior Turkish officials meet minority representatives
7 Sarnia church holding fundraiser for persecuted Iraqi refugees
8 Turkish-backed groups increase attacks on SDF positions despite ceasefire agreements
9 Turkey's Justice Minister Gul and Presidential Envoy Kalin Meet with Representatives of Minorities
10 Levantine Foundation concludes 4th Conservation Training Programme in Cairo
11 Iraqi Muslims are rebuilding ISIS-damaged churches to bring back Christians
12 A blanket of shame covers the world's continued denial of the Armenian Genocide
13 Iraqi Christians 'living with hope' as stability slowly returns to Nineveh Plains
14 How Computers Learned to Speak Assyrian
15 Books, syllabuses, ijazah: A look into the educational system in Ottoman madrassas | Daily Sabah
16 Syriac Catholic Patriarch offers free tuition, rent assistance after Beirut blast
17 TURKEY The first (Syriac) church built under Turkish Republic will open in 2021
18 Syriac manuscripts recovered from suspected Islamic State fighter in Mosul
19 Pandemic, economy worsen situation for Syria's minority Christians
20 Christians, others warn Turkey is ‘weaponizing water’ in northeast Syria
21 Northeast Syrian airwaves home to radio tower of Babel
22 Preserving the history of Syriac Christianity in the Middle East
23 The Syriac Christian Renaissance
24 The Syriac Roots of The Names of Lebanese Cities
25 INDIA Kerala: (communist) government wants to reconcile Syriac Orthodox Church and Syriac Jacobite Church
26 Epitaph in Syriac script discovered in Diyarbakır, Turkey | Daily Sabah
27 Syriac Christian couple missing in southeast Turkey
28 Role of Syriac culture in religious history focus of exhibit
29 Reconstruction begins on Mosul's Al-Tahera Syriac-Catholic Church
30 Syriac monk in Turkey jailed on terror charges
31 St. Joseph’s Syriac Cathedral demolished for redevelopment
32 Cross Ripped Down From Greek Orthodox Church In Part Of Syria Controlled By U.S.-backed Militants (VIDEO)
33 Assyrian new year canceled in Syria amid fear of coronavirus outbreak
34 New Website on Assyrian Heritage in Turkey
35 I am Father Aho’s witness. I bear witness to the Syriac people.
36 Turkish minorities feel upbeat with Republic-era's first Syriac Church
37 Website of Syriac Intangible Heritage Now Online
38 Cathedral, church in San Diego area desecrated with graffiti
39 Cathedral, church in San Diego area desecrated with swastikas, other graffiti
40 'Syriac Orthodox church gives Istanbul new richness'
41 Your Guide To The Ancient Names Of Lebanon’s Towns & Cities
42 'Women Are Proclaiming the Word'
43 Turkey's Syriac Christians hail government initiatives
44 Assyrian Christians fear for their future in Turkey
45 Syriacs mark Easter in Turkey amid safety fears
46 Work begins on rebuilding Al-Tahera Syriac Catholic Church in the Old City of Mosul
47 As refugees increase, German Catholics work to include Eastern Catholics
48 Conversations in Syriac
49 Mass in East Syriac a throwback to days of yore
50 Greek Patriarchate, Syriac foundation in Turkey donate to solidarity campaign | Daily Sabah
51 Syriacs ask Turkey's govt to buy church for sale, open for tourism | Daily Sabah
52 10+ Words Lebanese People Use That Aren’t Even Words
53 INTERNATIONAL MOTHER LANGUAGE DAY: HDP: Bilingual Parliamentary Questions Returned Without Being Processed
54 Assyrian Christians fear for future in Turkey – report
55 Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter at home in Turkey | Daily Sabah
56 HDP MP: People Should be Informed About Coronavirus in Kurdish, Arabic, Syriac
57 Syriac Catholic Church reestablishes diocese in northern Iraq
58 Library to host digital archive of ancient Arabic and Syriac manuscripts | UCLA
59 Syrian Bishop calls for sanctions to end
60 World Council of Arameans: Turkey's operations in Syria help protect our people | Daily Sabah
61 Robert Gilbert Passes the Baton
62 Christians are slowly returning to Iraq, says Syriac Patriarch
63 Missing mother of Syriac priest found dead in southeast Turkey
64 Turkey to build its first modern Syriac Church
65 The Syrian regime wheels and deals minorities to remain in power
66 Kurdish PKK leader tells ‘Post’ of ‘peaceful struggle’ against Turkey
67 Learning the Language of Jesus Christ
68 UNPO: Assyria: Multilingual Radio Station in Autonomous Rojava
69 Aramaic, the language of Jesus, comes to New Jersey
70 Syriac Priest Aho Bileçen Released
71 HDP lawmaker accused of raping woman resigns from party | Daily Sabah
72 Syriac
73 Chaldean Couple Kidnapped by Those Leaning on the State, Says HDP MP Tuma Çelik
74 Descendants of Survivors: Syriac Christians Oppose a Turkish ‘Safe Zone’ in Syria
75 Automatic Transcription of Syriac Handwriting and More: Progress and Challenges
76 Middle Eastern Christians Flee Violence for Ancient Homeland
77 Mediterranean summit to highlight threats to Christian survival in Middle East
78 Lebanon's Catholic leaders seek help; here's where you can donate
79 Beth Mardutho Fellowships in the Syriac Digital Humanities and Syriac Language Courses 2020
80 Turkey’s Syriac community and the threat of ‘nationalization’
81 Nahyan bin Mubarak receives Supreme Head of the Universal Syriac Orthodox Church
82 New Syriac Catholic bishop hopes Christianity will thrive again in Iraq
83 Syriac Christians living near border fear Turkey military incursion
84 Meet Islam’s Da Vinci: Al-Biruni, father of geodesy, anthropology, and master of pharmacy
85 Advocates fear threats to religious freedom, health in northeast Syria
86 How Iran-backed fighters are making life hell for Iraq's Christians
87 Opinion: Christians a welcome scapegoat in Turkey
88 Christian Communities in Northeast Syria Are the Target of a Turkish Attack for the First Time in Over a Century
89 'Ancient' Syriac bible found in Cyprus
90 Cathedral in Iraq's largest Christian town to be rebuilt in 2020
91 Ethnic minorities bear the brunt of Sweden's coronavirus deaths
92 Syriac Christians call on US Army to stop possible Turkish invasion in northeast Syria
93 Syriac Catholic Church reestablishes diocese for Kurdistan region
94 The Assyrian Roots of the Names of Lebanese Cities
95 Knanaya panel rejects Patriarch’s decision
96 Lives Lost: A doctor dubbed Turkey's medical 'Robin Hood'
97 Why Did the Kurdish “Self-Management” Close the Syriac Private School in Eastern al-Hasakah?
98 Syriac Christians hail return of churches and monasteries | Daily Sabah
99 Northeast Syrian women to participate in meetings on tribal matters
100 Turkey releases Syriac priest arrested for sharing food with PKK