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1 Kurdish Officials Fear Looming US Sanctions on Syria Could Hinder IS Fight
2 Explosion targets US-backed SDF in Syria's Deir al-Zour
3 Syria Kurdish-led force launches new anti-Daesh campaign
4 Father and son 'left in limbo' by failed terror case
5 The Most Notable Human Rights Violations in Syria in the First Half of 2020
6 'Urgent need' to repatriate, rehabilitate ISIL children in Syria
7 Assad Is Cracking in Syria, Because of the Trump Administration's State Department
8 Canada: Bring Home ISIS Suspects and Relatives from Syria
9 Who are the Syrian Democratic Forces?
10 A brief history of the Syrian Democratic Forces, the Kurdish-led alliance that helped the U.S. defeat the Islamic State
11 Talks on Decentralized Syria Needed to Integrate Kurdish Forces in Syrian Military
12 Who’s Flying Those MiG-29s In Libya And Why Does It Matter?
13 Can Putin's Syria peace plea reconcile Tehran and Ankara?
14 The end of an era: 60,000 strong US-trained SDF partner force crumbles in a week under heavy Turkish assault
15 The Syrian Democratic Forces Chief Just Called Me. Here's What He Said.
16 Iran ramps up its 'maximum pressure' campaign on US, Israel, Saudi Arabia
17 US Military Officers Who Fought With Kurdish SDF Fighters in Syria Are Devastated, Ashamed
18 Russia expected to again block crucial aid to 4 million civilians in northeast Syria
19 US worked with YPG/PKK terrorists in Syria: CIA veteran
20 US-backed forces capture ISIS fighters in Syria and Iraq
21 “A Good Kurd is a Dead Kurd” – According to Erdogan – Beyond the Matrix [audio]
22 “Syrian Democratic Forces” Face A Decisive Battle: Who Are They?
23 Record Number of Countries on US Child Soldier Blacklist
24 Russia Seeks to Build Local Force in Northeast Syria
25 US troops leave Syria and cross into Iraq where some will stay
26 Syrian Democratic Forces Breach US and European Sanctions and Support the Syrian Regime with Oil and Gas
27 Coalition sends aerial surveillance to help quell ISIS prison break in Syria
28 Brussels IV Conference on 'Supporting the future of Syria and the region': co-chairs' declaration
29 ISIS in Syria: A Deadly New Focus
30 How the Syrian Democratic Forces Were Suddenly Transformed into "Kurdish Forces"
31 Syrian Kurds ready for dialogue with Turkey, says SDF chief
32 ISIS has lost its final stronghold in Syria, the Syrian Democratic Forces says
33 Trump would do anything for Putin. No wonder he’s ignoring the Russian bounties.
34 US-backed Syrian Kurds to remove fortifications from Turkish border as part of 'safe zone' deal
35 Syria welcomes withdrawal of Kurdish forces from border region near Turkey
36 The Daily Brief 2020-07-02
37 Amid US uncertainty in Syria, Kurdish YPG eyes bolstering ties with Russia
38 True aims of the Syrian Democratic Forces
39 Turkey v Syria's Kurds: The short, medium and long story
40 Kurdish Commander Calls on Trump to Prevent 'Ethnic Cleansing'
41 What is the future of the Syrian Democratic Forces?
42 ‘The Only Person Capable of Preventing This Disaster Is President Trump’
43 Russia Offers to Help As Syria Kurd Leader Names Conditions for Officially Joining Government Forces
44 The billionaire who rose from humble roots in Syria to conquer the business world in France
45 AP News in Brief at 6:04 a.m. EDT
46 Syria: Kurdish forces pull out of besieged town
47 U.S. Forces Reset in Syria, ISIS Struggles to Re-form
48 U.S. Will Withdraw From Syria When Local Forces Can Keep ISIS in Check
49 ISIS Prisoners Threaten U.S. Mission in Northeastern Syria
50 Syrian government forces set to enter Kobani and Manbij in SDF deal
51 Mystery attacks in north-east Syria reflect challenge to SDF control
52 A 'Mass Breakout' of ISIS from Syrian Prisons Remains a Risk, Pentagon Watchdog Says
53 Iran to compensate downed passenger plane victims' families: Sweden
54 Turkey Claims That Syria's Kurds Are Terrorists. Should Anyone Believe Them?
55 Is This the End of Rojava?
56 Coalition strike kills senior ISIS leader wanted by the US
57 US: Turkey Will Soon Move Forward With Operation in Northern Syria
58 'They abandoned us': Commanding general of US-allied Kurdish forces rails against US plans to pull back from Syria
59 Anatomy of YPG/PKK terror group becoming SDF overnight
60 Syrian government labels SDF ‘separatist terrorist militias’ ahead of Ankara talks
61 Turkey Syria offensive: Dozens killed as assault continues
62 Attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange: A Fuel-to-fire in Southeast Asia
63 US Forces Reportedly Building New Base in Northeast Syria
64 Syrian Democratic Forces vow to defeat ISIL in Syria in a week
65 Syria’s Kurdish parties do not see eye to eye
66 Syrian Democratic Forces Liberate Raqqa > US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE
67 SDF's Commander Abdi meets with US General to discuss anti-ISIS operations
68 America’s Abandonment of Syria
69 Has Turkey's Incursion into Syria Opened the Door for an Islamic State Comeback?
70 Mazlum Kobani Called the U.S. ‘Comrades in Arms’ Against ISIS. Now the U.S. Is Eyeing the Exit.
71 The Fighting Continues in Northern Syria
72 US special operations secrets could fall into hands of Russians and Syrians in pullout
73 Deir ez-Zor residents protest rule by Syrian Kurdish group
74 Syria’s defense ministry calls on SDF to join government forces
75 In Syria, U.S. steps up Islamic State operation, but for how long, no one knows
76 Syrian Kurds say spy stole Baghdadi’s underpants for DNA test
77 'It Didn't Have to Be This Way': Just-Retired CENTCOM General
78 ‘Filled with hatred and a lust for blood’: Turkey’s proxy army in northern Syria accused of abusing civilians
79 Joint Syria raid killed ISIS oil official who financed sleeper cells
80 The Kurds Are Officially Ready to Partner With Assad and Putin
81 Syria war: 'One killed' as US troops clash with government loyalists near Qamishli
82 US troops and allied Kurdish force patrol Syria-Turkey border
83 US-led Coalition airdrops military equipment to Kurdish forces in Syria
84 Strange similarities in the declining fortunes of Syria's Bashar Al Assad and Iraq's Saddam Hussein
85 The Inconvenient Truth About ISIS
86 SDF woos Syrian Kurdish rivals in wake of Turkish assault
87 Mogelson Discusses Syria and US Foreign Policy
88 Syria conflict: The 'war crimes' caught in brutal phone footage
89 Iran says coronavirus deaths top 11000
90 A bipartisan report calls for the US to halt its withdrawal from Syria
91 American troops at Syria base say they'll keep pressure on ISIS
92 Algeria says France to return remains of 24 resistance fighters
93 Coalition provides $1.2 million in coronavirus equipment to anti-ISIS forces in northeast Syria
94 SDF commander says Kurds ready for dialogue if Ankara is sincere
95 Syria’s Kurdish Forces Hold Back the Tides
96 Iran threatens retaliation after what it calls possible cyberattack on nuclear site
97 Exclusive: U.S.-backed Syrian forces halt counter-Islamic State operations -sources
98 Turkey launches ground offensive in northern Syria
99 New US plans for Syria threaten Turkey’s interests | Daily Sabah
100 Kurdish Leader: Turkish Offensive Will Help Re-Emergence of IS in Syria