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Result Content Idea Research
1 No 'Stealth Tax Hike' in 2021, but Individual and Business Tax Increases Loom
2 Rumors on social media suggest taxes are going up next year—here's what you need to know
3 A Preliminary Look at 2019 Tax Data for Individuals
4 Treasury Pick Yellen Likes Carbon Taxes And More Pandemic Relief, But Not The TCJA
5 2020 Year-End Estate Planning Advisory
6 Non-Grantor Trust Admin Expenses Still Deductible After TCJA
7 Nonqualified Plan Need Amended by December 31, 2020?
8 4 Ways Trump's Tax Bill Left Behind the Latino Community
9 US Taxation in 2020: Tax Policy & the Presidential Election
10 US elections cast doubt on the future of US tax reform
11 Certain Expenses Of A Trust Are Still Deductible
12 Pass-Through Entity Owners in the Tri-State Area and Beyond plus News from NYC
13 Final rules coordinate Sec. 245A and Sec. 951A
14 Prospects for Federal Tax Policy After the 2020 Election
15 Symposium: Enough is enough: The coverage provision is still constitutional and the court should reject this latest pretext for attacking the ACA
16 Tax Planning for a Biden Presidency | Jackson Walker
17 Treasury Department and IRS Issue Final Regulations Regarding Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges of Real Property
18 The truth about Trump's tax cuts by the numbers, not by Biden: Andy Puzder
19 Like-kind exchange rules define real property, incidental personal property
20 IRS Provides Certainty Regarding Deductibility of Connecticut Pass-Through Entity Tax Payments
21 Year End Tax Planning for Business | |
22 What does Joe Biden's win mean for your year-end tax planning? Here are two strategies to consider
23 FedEx Sues Over $89 Million TCJA Transition Tax Dispute
24 Options for International Tax Policy After the TCJA
25 Two years after the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act — who are the winners and the losers?
26 Final Regs Coordinate Anti-Abuse Rules For Offshore Income
27 Did the 2017 tax cut—the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act—pay for itself?
28 The TCJA 2 Years Later: Corporations, Not Workers, Are the Big Winners
29 Thought Leaders Corporate Tax 2020
30 State implications of Sec. 163(j) under TCJA and CARES Act
31 A Carbon Tax to Make the TCJA's Individual Provisions Permanent
32 Five areas of focus as companies work to implement the TCJA
33 I’m Not a Millionaire, But I Just Gave $250,000 to Morehouse College: Here’s How (and Why)
34 The triumph of the Trump tax cuts | TheHill
35 Study questions effectiveness of TCJA at stemming foreign R&D shifting
36 6 Ways the Trump Administration Is Rigging an Already Unfair Tax Code
37 Estate Planning Amid Potential Tax Increases
38 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: Considerable Progress Made Implementing Business Provisions, but IRS Faces Administrative and Compliance Challenges
39 Year-End Tax Guide Offers Planning Strategies
40 Treasury Regulations for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Surpass 1000 Pages Two Years After Passage
41 Valuation considerations relating to NOL limits under CARES Act and TCJA
42 A fixable mistake: The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
43 TCJA Simplified Tax Filing Process for Millions of Households
44 The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: Explained
45 The SALT tax deduction is a handout to the rich. It should be eliminated not expanded
46 For the best outcome, weigh provisions in both CARES Act and TCJA
47 EJF Capital and Holland Partner Group Joint Venture to Acquire and Operate Two Buildings in Downtown Vancouver, WA
48 CARES Act
49 Latest Data Shows That the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Didn't Dampen Charitable Giving
50 IRS Issues Proposed Regulations Under The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act (TCJA) That Provide Guidance to Taxpayers and Governments With Respect to Fines, Penalties and Certain Other Amounts
51 The Trump and Biden Tax Plans Compared
52 Reform school: Has the second season of the TCJA been easier?
53 An unexpected inventory deduction in the TCJA?
54 The TCJA Debate Simplified
55 IRS Guidance on TCJA and Business Interest Expense
56 Final regs. outline trust and estate expenses still deductible under TCJA
57 Did the Tax Cuts Boost US Manufacturing?
58 Tackling tax compliance challenges from US tax reform
59 IRS Carves Back TCJA Inventory Relief
60 RELEASE: Foreign Investors Were Big Winners From Trump's Tax Law
61 Pension contributions and tax-based incentives: evidence from the TCJA
62 The Complicated Tax Web The TCJA Weaves
63 Elective capitalization as a TCJA planning tool
64 TCJA / Transition Tax Audit Campaigns and the Amplification of State Income Tax Complexity
65 Straight from the Source: Proposed Regulations Seek to Implement TCJA Changes to Source of Income Rules, Altering Treatment for Natural Resource Industries
66 Fat Lady Hasn't Sung, and That's a Good Thing
67 The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Is Working
68 IRS Shows How the TCJA Life Policy Sale Tax Rules Might Really Work
69 One Year Later, the TCJA Fails to Live Up to Its Proponents' Promises
70 Biden’s Tax Proposals: Considering the Impact on Corporate Taxpayers
71 Export tax incentives after the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
72 Tips for untangling CARES Act tax quandaries
73 Debunking 3 Myths About the Mortgage Interest Deduction
74 The Impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act's Repatriation Tax on Financial Statements
75 Why The Wealthy Are Pleased With The Election Results
76 Per-diem method clarified in light of TCJA changes
77 Senate Democrats investigate corporate loopholes in TCJA regulations
78 The Legacy of President Trump – New Delhi Times
79 Trump's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act shows poor results after two years
80 IRS Has Launched Tax Reform Audit Campaign
81 Biden Tax Plan: Six Ways It Might Affect You
82 If he wins? How Biden’s tax plan would change our tax bill.
83 TCJA made a significant impact
84 Foreign Investors Were Big Winners From Trump's Tax Law
85 Another Silly Attack on the TCJA – InsideSources
86 IRS releases final rules on business meals and entertainment
87 Repealing the SALT Cap Should Not Be a Top Priority in Reforming 2017 Tax Law
88 Trump's Rumored 'Tax Cuts 2.0' Proposals Aren't Focused on the Middle Class
89 Tax Deductions for Financial Advisor Fees Without IRC 212
90 Final Regulations Address TCJA Disallowance for Meal and Entertainment Expenses
91 Finishing the TCJA
92 Trump's Budget Highlights Need to Extend Business Tax Provisions
93 Small business accounting regulations and tax shelter implications
94 Making the TCJA Individual Income Tax Provisions Permanent
95 Simplified accounting rules issued for small businesses
96 The ‘Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’ and the 2018 midterms: Examining the potential electoral impact
97 Updated: CARES Act Suspends TCJA Tax Loss Limitations; Business Owners Can Claim NOL Carryback Tax Refunds
98 The Impact Of The 2020 US Elections On International Tax
99 To Bring Pharma Onshore, Biden Takes Aim At TCJA
100 Analysis of 2020 Income Tax Proposals