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1 The View from Iowa
2 The Trailer: Harris is the pick, plus what to watch in Tuesday's primaries
3 Rep. Ilhan Omar Faces Primary Challenge In Minnesota
4 A look back on the billions spent in the Democratic presidential primary race
5 New GOP headache as candidate condemned for racist videos wins Republican primary
6 Trump Raises $165 Million With Party in July, Outpacing Biden
7 Derecho Tracked 700+ Miles Across the Midwest
8 Rep. Peterson will face Michelle Fischbach in November race for Congressional District 7
9 Joe Biden wins Democratic presidential primary in Connecticut
10 The tragedy of the Iowa Caucus
11 What to know about the Iowa caucuses
12 Conservative Kris Kobach Loses Kansas GOP Senate Primary
13 How the Iowa Caucuses Became an Epic Fiasco for Democrats
14 Iowa caucuses considered a 'crucible' of 2020 primary: Here's how they work
15 ‘A Systemwide Disaster’: How the Iowa Caucuses Melted Down
16 Iowa Caucus Results Riddled With Errors and Inconsistencies
17 How do the Iowa caucuses work?
18 How the Iowa caucuses fell apart and tarnished the vote
19 Iowa Caucus 2020: A guide to understanding the results
20 Why the race for the presidency begins with the Iowa caucus
21 Iowa Caucus Results 2020
22 Final Iowa Democratic caucus results show Buttigieg, Sanders on top
23 Near Tie Between Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders in Iowa
24 State legislators buck-back against gun group's tactics
25 Here's what happens next after chaos strikes the Iowa caucuses
26 Iowa Caucus 2020 | How they work | Why we still do them
27 Iowa Caucus Meltdown Proved Transparency Is Essential, Election-Watchers Say
28 Iowa in Disarray: This Week in the 2020 Race
29 Iowa is changing its caucus rules. Here's what's changed in 2020
30 Iowa Primary Election Results
31 Volatile Democratic race comes to Iowa for final debate before caucuses
32 Iowa caucuses: Who’s leading the polls ahead of the first Democratic primary contest
33 Iowa Primary Caucus Results 2020 | Live Election Map
34 The 2020 Iowa Caucuses Won’t Decide Who Will Be President—But They Will Decide Who Won’t
35 Why Is Iowa the First State to Vote?
36 What are the Iowa caucuses: An illustrated guide
37 After Caucus Mishaps, Iowa's Role In The Primary Process Is In The Spotlight
38 Live: Iowa State Primary Election Results 2020
39 After the Iowa Caucus Meltdown, New Hampshire Says It’s Ready
40 The Final Results of the Last Iowa Caucus Ever Are In
41 The Iowa Caucuses rarely pick the President. Here's why they still matter in 2020
42 One of These People Could Beat Trump, Right?
43 Latest Updates: Iowa Caucus
44 Biden’s Iowa Problem: Our Poll Suggests His Voters Aren’t the Caucusing Type
45 Why Almost Nobody Will Defend the Iowa Caucuses
46 NBC News review of Iowa caucus vote finds potential errors, inconsistencies
47 What Is the Iowa Caucus and Why Is It so Important?
48 Iowa Caucuses 101: Who Votes, Past Results and Why They Matter
49 The Iowans Who Reject Their State’s Special Privilege
50 How The Iowa Caucuses Work
51 Why These Might Be The Most Competitive Iowa Caucuses Ever
52 What Iowa caucus voters reveal about the Democratic Party
53 Iowa's guide to the 2020 primary ballot
54 The first 2020 primary election is Monday, but does winning Iowa really matter?
55 The Company That Botched the Iowa Caucus Was Formed Only Months Ago
56 Losing Iowa doesn’t always spell disaster — just ask Bill Clinton or Donald Trump
57 How the Iowa Caucuses differ from traditional primary polling
58 'No earthly idea': Who will win the Iowa caucuses? 5 keys to victory.
59 What happened in Iowa and what's next after caucus mess
60 Caucuses vs. Primaries: Why New Hampshire Won’t Be Like Iowa
61 Why the news about the Iowa caucuses is a BIG deal
62 Why do journalists make the Iowa caucuses so important? – Poynter
63 Letting Iowa always go first in the presidential primary is un-American
64 Iowa Democrats will recount more than 20 caucus precincts
65 The Iowa Caucuses: a Political Mess, but a Teaching Opportunity?
66 Explaining the Iowa Caucuses
67 It’s time to fix Democrats’ Iowa and New Hampshire problem
68 Despite Election Security Fears, Iowa Caucuses Will Use New Smartphone App
69 Sanders Seizes Lead in Volatile Iowa Race, Times Poll Finds
70 Iowa Matters Less Than Ever in 2020
71 Iowa Caucuses 2020: How Process Works, What Date and What's New
72 The Iowa Caucus Tech Meltdown Is a Warning
73 Condos: How Vermont's presidential primary differs from the Iowa caucuses
74 Iowa Caucus: Who Different Groups Supported
75 Iowa Should Never Go First Again
76 With New Hampshire days away, other primary states project confidence after Iowa debacle
77 Here are the rules of the road for the Iowa caucuses
78 New Iowa caucus rules could spark clashing claims of victory
79 The Secrecy Around The Iowa Caucus App, And What It Means For Election Security
80 Inside The Field Offices Of The Iowa Caucuses
81 How a Big Sunday in Iowa Unfolded as the Caucuses Approach
82 2020 Primer: How the Iowa caucuses work
83 Where Are All The Iowa Polls This Year?
84 'Wake-up call': Iowa caucus disinformation serves as warning about 2020 election
85 Iowa Republican Caucus Results 2020
86 Voters say the Iowa caucus numbers don't add up and Twitter is freaking out
87 2020 Iowa Primary Election Results
88 Iowa caucuses: The extremely small number of votes it takes to win
89 Are the Iowa Caucuses a fair way to start primary season?
90 Philadelphia is 1,000 miles away from Iowa, but it’s hosting an official 2020 caucus
91 Election 2020: What Are The Iowa Caucuses?
92 Today may mark the end of the Iowa-New Hampshire monopoly
93 The Cybersecurity 202: Iowa caucus debacle shakes public confidence in 2020 security
94 NH wins the Iowa caucus
95 The Iowa Caucuses Have Long Turned Out the ‘Same Old White Crew.’ 2020 Could Be Different.
96 Caucus Day in Iowa
97 Iowa Democrats are getting ready to caucus ... in the Caucasus
98 (130) There have been "multiple" reports of trouble with a caucus-counting mobile app
99 First Iowa Caucus Results Released; Buttigieg in Front
100 What’s next? Chaotic Iowa Caucus finally wraps up as attention turns to New Hampshire