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1 2 women report suspect grabbing at them on University of Minnesota campus
2 Deputies held Black teens at gunpoint in Santa Clarita, lawyer says
3 City officials say Decatur Housing Authority never notified them about discrimination concerns or HUD settlement
4 INSIGHT: Environmental Groups Should Embrace Pipelines, Not Cancel Them
5 Mets' bats doom them in loss to Nationals
6 Cheryl Strayed and 9 Other Writers on the Trips That Shaped Them
7 ICE is testing migrant kids for COVID-19, then expelling them
8 Maine family says man intentionally coughed on them for not wearing masks
9 900+ Medical Workers Died Fighting Covid-19, Many Of Them Minorities
10 Should a Study on Pesticides Affect Our Use of Them?
11 Police: Couple Punches 17-Year-Old Sesame Place Employee Who Asked Them To Wear Masks
12 Florida woman finds 10 unidentified eggs in her back yard, films them hatching
13 Colorado Springs police officer suspended for 40 hours over 'Kill Them All' social media comment during protest on I-25
14 Houston mom uses Nextdoor to fix old computers, then donates them to families for virtual schooling
15 Understanding today’s uprisings requires understanding what came before them
16 St. Helenans say socially distanced walks help them stay healthy and sane
17 New York Rangers rumors have them looking for a center, and will they trade the #1 pick?
18 Man Tells Women To Lift Their Shirts, Tries To Wrestle Them To The Ground
19 Elderly couple airlifted to safety after cow attacks and injures them
20 Ask Amy: I know he has old photos of me, but he won’t hand them over
21 'The left made Israel more moral, but their mistakes made them irrelevant'
22 'We Are Here to Help Them' | Harvard Medical School
23 Seizures of guns spike at U.S. airports, 80% of them loaded
24 Extragalactic planets? Gravitational waves could help us find them.
25 The best Minecraft shaders, and how to install them
26 Gun sales are rising in Michigan; whos buying them might surprise you
27 Are we done wearing high heels? Here's why I am even after the coronavirus era ends
28 New York Rangers win NHL draft lottery, giving them a chance at Alexis Lafreniere
29 Shoplifting duo fled with goods, but officer recognized one of them: Bainbridge Township Police Blotter
30 Grand Forks woman makes masks, pins them to a tree near her home to help others in COVID fight
31 'Super savers' make these sacrifices to help them reach their goals
32 Scientists rename human genes to stop Microsoft Excel from misreading them as dates
33 Perseids meteor shower peaks tonight; Here’s what you need to know to see them
34 BTS’s ‘Dynamite’ Sales Strategy Will Give Them A Hot 100 Boost—And Help Them Steer Clear Of Billboard’s New Chart Rule Change
35 How I Got My Kids Into Theater: Online Shows That Put Them to Work (and Play)
36 LA Clippers’ Lou Williams “feels sorry” for opponents about to face them
37 GroupM Shops Profile Modern Teens, Finds Nothing The Matter With Them Today 08/11/2020
38 Fox Nation’s Tomi Lahren Has A Problem With Men Of All Political Persuasions, Airs Them Out On Video
39 4 in Virginia let dogs attack goats, struck them with bats, machete in ‘gruesome scene,’ cops say
40 We Only Find Them When They're Dead #1 Tops 75000 Copies At FOC
41 CPD bodycams: Without them, community trust erodes
42 Trump campaign tweets mugshots of alleged criminals, all of them Black, to claim Biden is pro-crime
43 Experts say US is not doing enough to contain Covid-19 as nation approaches 5 million cases
44 Vermont man facing charges after Troopers say he spit blood at them
45 Questions About NJ Schools This Fall? This Might Answer Them
46 ‘The Lost Pianos of Siberia,’ and the Lost Individuals Who Played Them
47 Meet the workers fighting back against bosses who spy on them while working from home
48 Told Rohit I’ve seen you on TV for 10-12 yrs, now have to bowl at you, don’t know how: Bangladesh pacer...
49 Why are some people with coronavirus asymptomatic — and what makes them so contagious?
50 It took a pandemic for them to learn the virtue of private loos
51 Distrust of the Minneapolis Police, and Also the Effort to Defund Them
52 39% of younger millennials say the Covid-19 recession has them moving back home
53 Officer avoids serious injury after suspect takes swipe at them with box-cutting knife
54 Notre Dame students say university forced them to choose between education, safety
55 Two Black moms took their kids to the Mall. Secret Service officers confronted them with guns, they said.
56 How Third-Party Sellers Can Make Amazon Work for Them
57 De Blasio splits with Cuomo on taxing the rich and luring them back to NYC
58 Cuomo defends keeping gyms closed, calls them "highly problematic"
59 Department of Labor tells unemployed New Yorkers to not contact them about President Trump's executive order for $400 more in benefits
60 Comments need more facts to back them up
61 Susan Rice dismisses Republican ‘harping’ on Benghazi amid pandemic: ‘Fine, let them’
62 Fraser Institute: Ontario hasn't solved its electricity problems, just shifted them from consumers to taxpayers
63 The Black children who had guns drawn on them in a stolen vehicle mix-up are traumatized, the mother says
64 Man fatally shot by police in South Jersey came at them with broken bottle, authorities say
65 Expert: Americans moving around too much and taking coronavirus with them
66 Army vet finds peace fostering pets, finding them homes
67 Know Someone Who Is Building The Next Instagram Or Spotify? Nominate Them — Or Yourself! — For The Next Forbes 30 Under 30
68 They were laid off and far from home. Now an explosion in Beirut has left them even more vulnerable
69 Bitmoji Classrooms: Why Teachers Are Buzzing About Them
70 Kaizer Chiefs' hunger to win PSL title gives them advantage against Bidvest Wits
71 Denver Among Top 10 U.S. Cities With Highest Income Needed To Pay Rent
72 Demanding Answers: Harlem Residents Say NYPD Officers’ Illegally Parked Cars Are Putting Them At Risk
73 Understanding Crisis Services: What They Are and When to Access Them
74 What a presidential candidate's VP pick says about them
75 Black lives depend on the US dietary guidelines. Don't dilute them
76 Foreign Workers Mistakenly Received $1,200 Stimulus Checks—And Can Spend Them In Their Own Countries
77 WE ONLY FIND THEM WHEN THEY'RE DEAD Gets a New Exciting Trailer
78 Flint, Michigan, will destroy guns seized by police rather than auctioning them
79 Can they play them? A who's who of potential round one opponents for Bruins
80 A new study finds that giving kids deworming treatment still benefits them 20 years later
81 After Rajasthan Truce, Ashok Gehlot's Message For Team Pilot
82 California may release nearly 18K prisoners; organizations scramble to find them housing
83 These Businesses Lasted Decades. The Virus Closed Them for Good.
84 Recall: Taquitos and chimichangas may have plastic in them
85 Governor Cuomo Issues Letter to New York's Congressional Delegation Calling on Them to Ensure $500 Billion in Unrestricted State Aid is Included in Any Senate Passed Relief Package
86 Modi's acolytes have reminded India's Muslims just what he thinks of them
87 Mark Madden: Penguins offered blueprint on how to beat them
88 Living with face masks: How to stow them, reuse disposables and more
89 True Crime Stories And The Obsession With Them Form 'Unspeakable Acts'
90 An artist painted 1,800 flowers and shipped them across the country to a hospital hit by covid-19
91 Galaxy Buds Live review: Don't buy them for noise canceling or you may be disappointed
92 Son’s embrace of health care workers inspires mom’s poster honoring them
93 Americans Can Travel To Ireland, But Locals May Not Want Them
94 Wigan hospitals get £1.4m to help them prepare for a torrid winter
95 Google is delaying the shutdown of Chrome apps, but you probably weren’t using them anyway
96 Bill Gates says delays in coronavirus test results make them a 'complete waste,' 'insane'
97 Trump says media would embrace border wall, hydroxychloroquine if he opposed them
98 Markets Brace for U.S. Election Volatility. Well, Some of Them
99 Frontline workers are forced to become COVID mask police. It's stressing them out
100 Timeouts improve kids' behavior if you do them the right way