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1 Swedish Special Forces to take part in task force Takuba | Defense News September 2020 Global Security army industry | Defense Security global news industry army 2020 | Archive News year
2 European Army Plans Face Battlefield Reality in Africa
3 French military presence in Africa's Sahel a fiasco?
4 “Common Threats” US, French Military Leaders Meet to Discuss Africa
5 Can the Takuba Force Turn Around the Sahel Conflict?
6 Swedish Special Forces preparing to head to Mali
7 Only international action can restore security in the Sahel and Lake Chad Basin, says Niger President
8 French-led Special Operations Task Force Takuba now active in Africa
9 Sahel: France to further strengthen Barkhane, Takuba ‘fully operational by autumn’
10 Mali: France Calls for Quick Power Transfer in Mali to Counter Risk of Terrorism
11 US Special Envoy: Millions in Aid Aim to Help Fragile Sahel Region
12 France and allies establish new task force in Sahel
13 Sweden plans contribution to France-led Task Force Takuba in Mali
14 Takuba task force officially launched
15 First Franco-Estonian training sessions of Task Force Takuba start in Operation Barkhane | Defense News August 2020 Global Security army industry | Defense Security global news industry army 2020 | Archive News year
16 Sweden’s government proposes to send 150 troops and helicopters to Mali for Task Force Takuba
17 France expects new international task force Takuba to deploy in Mali ‘by 2020’
18 Estonia special forces to join France-led Takuba mission in Mali, defense ministry says
19 PREMIUM: Denmark to provide EH101s for Task Force Takuba
20 SAHEL : Rome poised to join counter-terrorism task force Takuba
21 Czech Republic plans to send 60 troops to France-led Barkhane mission in the Sahel
22 A 'bonkers' move at Takuba Lodge
23 France and its allies officially establish Takuba force in the Sahel
24 France's action in the Sahel
25 French Special Operations task force grows as Estonia commits commandos
26 European special forces assigned to Task Force Takuba in Mali, Sahel | March 2020 News Defense Global Security army industry | Defense Security global news industry army 2020 | Archive News year
27 G77 and Takuba Lodge
28 Sweden sends 150 commandos to augment French SOF task force
29 G5 Sahel summit needs to address terrorism and instability in West Africa
30 Hunt them down: France to lead international SOF task force in Africa
31 UNHCR Sahel Crisis Response External Operational Update 01-31 July 2020
32 US suspends military support to Mali after coup d'état
33 Mali's coup in context
34 Joint Statement following the G5 Sahel-France Foreign/Defence Ministers Meeting of 27 April 2020
35 Barkhane: France to deploy 220 experienced troops ‘accustomed to operating in the Sahel’
36 Norway will not send troops to Mali
37 The UK Joins an Unwinnable Fight in the Sahel
38 France to Lead Joint Effort in War on Terrorism in Sahel Region
39 International appeal for calm in Mali after protest deaths
40 Suspecting human rights abuses in the Sahel, US threatens support to partners
41 Terrorist assault on Malian military base leaves dozens of dead
42 EU special ops to deploy in Mali Wednesday: French minister
43 Shock and Awe: French SOF assault three terrorist camps
44 Insecurity in the Sahel: Europe’s next fight against jihadism
45 ISIS & Al-Qaeda fight it out in the Sahel as security forces hammer both
46 Joint Press Statement of the French Minister of State for European Affairs and the Estonian Minister for Foreign Affairs (Tallinn, 1 Jul. 2020)
47 Irish top Special Operations unit returns from Africa
48 Breaking: French Spec Ops kill the head of al-Qaeda in Mali & capture ISIS Leader
49 Estonia first nation invited by France to join Mali operations expansion
50 Challenges ahead as UN set to extend 'most dangerous' mission
51 Joint Niger-Barkhane operation ‘neutralizes’ 120 terrorists, defense ministry says
52 A French A400M airdropped 40 tonnes of supplies to troops in the Sahel
53 Defeating terrorism in the Sahel requires all facets of government
54 French defense minister's US visit comes with an ask: Keep troops in Africa
55 Estonian defmin meets with members of US, French air forces at Amari
56 French operations in Mali put 30 militants ‘out of action,’ as Barkhane builds Sahel Coalition coordination
57 Belgium weighing French military mission in Mali: minister
58 Barkhane operations kill more than 30 ‘terrorists’ in Mali
59 Disorder from Chaos: Why Europeans fail to promote stability in the Sahel
60 France's gains in Sahel mask need for lasting victory
61 Chad plans military deployment to Mali-Burkina Faso-Niger tri-border area
62 French Commando Seriously Wounded Battling ISIS in Mali
63 In a landmark move, two African militaries jointly raid terrorist base
64 Fear reigns in Africa's Sahel region amid US military drawdown plan
65 UK loans Estonia four Jackal vehicles to support counter-terror mission in Mali
66 France and Sahel partner forces conduct ‘unprecedented’ operation in Burkina Faso and Mali
67 Denmark parliament approves deployments to Barkhane and MINUSMA in the Sahel
68 Mali: French actions near Hombori ‘neutralize several terrorist fighters’
69 “Together with the G5 Sahel, the European Union delivers on its commitments” — speech by President Charles Michel to the summit in Nouakchott
70 Joint counterterrorism operation kills over 120 terrorists in the Sahel
71 France Should Give Mali Space to Negotiate with Jihadists
72 April 14, 2020 Africa File: The COVID-19 Pandemic Will Strengthen the Salafi-Jihadi Movement in Africa
73 German government expands war operations despite coronavirus pandemic
74 Sahel: Terror groups in Sahel exploit Covid-19 to step up attacks
75 At least 24 Mali soldiers, 17 ‘terrorists’ killed in Tabankort during joint operation with Niger
76 Opinion: Mali votes amid coronavirus fears, jihadist threats
77 France seeks international support for Sahel military coalition
78 France boosts Barkhane force to 5,100 troops to further focus on Mali-Burkina Faso-Niger tri-border area
79 Mali coup leaves ex-colonial power France in a bind
80 AFRICOM shifts strategy from degrading to containing West Africa insurgents, OIG report says
81 Interview given by M. Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, to the newspaper Le Monde (20 Apr. 20)
82 Estonia to send special operations unit to Mali
83 Estonia parliament approves Mali troop increase for Operation Barkhane
84 African Union plans to send 3,000 troops to the Sahel
85 Mali wakes up to military rule after President is forced out
86 EU to ‘increase presence and improve support’ for Sahel partners fighting terrorism
87 Gallery: French military chief decorates Estonian Mali veterans
88 To Face Extremism, Mali Builds Military with French Support
89 Islamic State and al-Qaeda terrorists fight it out in the Sahel
90 Terrorists Capitalize on COVID-19 to Erode State Authority, Attack National, International Forces in Sahel, Peacekeeping Chief Tells Security Council
91 G5 Sahel – Pau Summit – Statement by the Heads of State (13 Jan. 2020)
92 Speech by Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, at the Conference of Dutch Ambassadors (28 Jan. 2020)
94 Sahel: France boosts Barkhane operation
95 Three Irish soldiers injured in IED blast east of Gao in Mali
96 Mali soldiers killed by roadside bomb in Mopti near Burkina Faso
97 U.N. Chief Says Jihadist Groups in Sahel Exploiting Pandemic to Step Up Attacks
98 Chad Air Force Su-25 Accidentally Fires Missile, Kills 5
99 ‘There has been no coup d’état in Mali’ – Ismaël Wagué, CNSP spox
100 France’s military chief of staff rejects ISIS claim for deadly Mali helicopter crash