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1 Biden Officials Propose Afghan, Taliban Summit to Form Interim Government
2 Taliban keep close ties with Al Qaeda despite promise to U.S.
3 Afghans 'Disappointed' One Year into US-Taliban Deal
4 The Taliban Close In on Afghanistan, Pushing the Country to the Brink
5 Afghan troops face as deadline to withdraw U.S. troops looms
6 Many Taliban return to Afghanistan front-line duty, as Biden admin reviews U.S.-Taliban deal
7 Afghan Taliban Ask Fighters Not to Harbor ‘Foreign’ Militants as US Reviews Peace Deal
8 Women in Afghanistan worry peace accord with Taliban extremists could cost them hard-won rights
9 What Will It Take for Pakistan to Pressure the Taliban Into a Cease-Fire?
10 Deal meant to end war in Afghanistan seen to embolden Taliban
11 Violence against Afghan civilians surged after Taliban-U.S. talks, U.N. report says
12 India helpless as pro-Pak Taliban set to resume power in Kabul
13 The Interview
14 Afghanistan Turns Into Sinkhole for US Tax Dollars
15 30 Taliban extremists killed after massive explosion during bomb-making class
16 Iran Cultivates Taliban Ties to Gain Leverage, Experts Say
17 NATO Chief Says Afghanistan Troop Pullout Depends on Taliban
18 Amir Taheri
19 Taliban just seeking prisoner release, foreign troop exit: ex-U.S. security adviser
20 Taliban tweet threatens Malala; Twitter removes account
21 Taliban aid crackdown spreads fear over treatment of women
22 Taliban Urges US Public to Demand Early Pullout From Afghanistan
23 Afghanistan: Taliban suspect behind killing of three female media workers arrested
24 Taliban chief Haibatullah Akhundzada killed in Pakistan ‘months ago’: Reports
25 What Happened When The Taliban Visited Turkmenistan?
26 U.S. Troop Withdrawal From Afghanistan: What Are Biden's Options?
27 Gravitas: The Taliban tried to kill her, now she is negotiating peace with them
28 30 Taliban killed 'making bombs' inside northern Afghan mosque — officials
29 Afghan forces free 30 prisoners from Taliban captivity
30 24 Taliban killed in Kandahar clashes: MoD
31 Los Angeles mom 'targeted' by teachers' union compares them to Taliban: 'This is very familiar to me'
32 ‘Next time, there will be no mistake’: Taliban militant threatens Malala Yousafzai on Twitter
33 Taliban collecting funds openly, Pak govt turning blind eye: Report
34 When the Taliban blew up the Buddha
35 8 Taliban killed, 4 injured in Kunduz raid – Pajhwok Afghan News
36 ANDSF operation in Balkh claims Taliban commander
37 Afghan Taliban leader shot dead in Peshawar
38 Pakistan Taliban commander killed in security forces operation in South Waziristan: Report
39 Police clueless about killers of ex-Taliban leader
40 MoFA: Russia Opposes Return of Taliban Regime
41 Malala Yousafzai: The pandemic is endangering long-term education for millions of girls
42 President Joe Taliban Biden
43 Pakistan military personnel punished over escape of Taliban figure: Spokesperson
44 Donald Trump’s unconditional retreat from Afghanistan leaves Joe Biden little choice
45 How did he escape?: Malala questions Imran Khan, Pak Army over Taliban terrorist threat
46 Pak should be on FATF ‘black list’ for role in Afghanistan: Canadian think tank
47 How life under Taliban rule in Afghanistan has changed — and how it hasn't
48 How the Taliban Outlasted a Superpower in Afghanistan: Tenacity and Carnage
49 'Our Houses Are Not Safe': Residents Fear Taliban In Afghanistan's Capital
50 Sticky bombs that are used by Taliban sets off alarm in Kashmir: Report
51 The Taliban are megarich – here's where they get the money they use to wage war in Afghanistan
52 Biden signals a tougher line with the Taliban
53 Afghan government to start talks with Taliban, raising hopes for peace after decades of war
54 Afghan Government And Taliban Reach Breakthrough To Proceed With Peace Talks
55 Tehran buddies up to the Taliban
56 US Blames Taliban for Plotting Afghan Assassinations
57 How the Taliban’s Rivalry With ISIS Is Shaping the Afghan Peace Talks
58 Afghan Taliban Hails Trump's Proposed Troop Exit Plan
59 Videos Show Taliban Leaders in Pakistan With Followers, Fighters
60 The U.N. exposes the limits of the Trump peace plan with the Taliban
61 Behind the Taliban’s ties to al-Qaeda: A shared ideology and decades of battlefield support
62 Afghan government, Taliban reach breakthrough deal as calls grow for a ceasefire
63 Why Did the Taliban Free an Imprisoned Afghan Police Officer?
64 Coronavirus-Stricken Taliban Face Factional Fighting That Could Upend Peace Talks
65 Tens Of Thousands Flee Latest Taliban Offensive, And Afghan Civilian Casualties Rise
66 Taliban denies targeting media after 50th journalist dies in Afghanistan
67 In Afghanistan, Follow the White High-Tops and You’ll Find the Taliban
68 Afghan peace talks to resume with Taliban
69 Fire From the Sky: The Afghan Taliban's Drones
70 Afghan government says negotiations with Taliban slated to start in 'week's time'
71 Mullah Omar's Son Takes Tenuous Control of Taliban as Coronavirus Sweeps Through Leadership
72 Afghan Deaths Pile Up in Uncertainty Over U.S. Deal With Taliban
73 Taliban Ramp Up Attacks Even as Coronavirus Spreads in Afghanistan
74 Afghan Government Says Taliban Maintaining Ties With Al-Qaida
75 US conducts strike on Taliban amid drawdown, negotiations
76 What do the Taliban want out of the long-awaited "Intra-Afghan" talks?
77 Afghan Taliban Chief Restricts Officials to One Marriage
78 Afghan Officials: Taliban Attacks, Violence Kills Dozens
79 Taliban Calls on Biden Administration to Honor Trump Afghan Commitments
80 Within the Taliban, clashing views of post-war Afghanistan
81 White House to review landmark US-Taliban deal for peace talks with Kabul
82 Deadly Taliban Attack Probably Used Drone, a Worrisome Shift
83 Taliban leverages coronavirus crisis to burnish its image as violence in Afghanistan surges
84 Taliban Violated Afghan Deal With Shelling of American Bases, U.S. Officials Say
85 Taliban Kills at Least 23 Afghan Soldiers in Latest Attacks
86 U.S. sees Taliban deal as exit from Afghanistan. Militants see it as victory over the superpower.
87 Taliban delegation visits Islamabad, plans for leadership meeting in Pakistan
88 US Confirms Airstrike on Afghan Taliban Amid Peace Talks
89 Taliban hails US troop drawdown from Afghanistan as 'good step'
90 Al-Qaeda still 'heavily embedded' within Taliban in Afghanistan, UN official warns
91 US tries to push forward Taliban deal amid bounty reports, Trump's moves to withdraw from Afghanistan
92 Afghan government to release 400 Taliban prisoners, says peace talks imminent
93 This Afghan General Fought the Taliban for Years. Now He Has Joined Them.
94 Taliban Attacks on Afghan Forces Cause Dozens of Casualties
95 Afghanistan's future: the core issues at stake as Taliban sits down to negotiate ending 19-year war
96 This Ex-Taliban Commander Is Now the Face of Afghan Security
97 Fleeing the Taliban in the night, a family’s faith in peace wavers
98 Did the Coronavirus Kill the Taliban's Supreme Leader?
99 Afghans accuse Taliban of killing 333 people in a week as U.S. pulls out thousands of troops
100 US Airstrike Kills 5 Taliban Fighters in Afghanistan