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1 Afghan, Taliban Teams Agree on Terms for Conducting Peace Talks
2 Trump's Afghan Troop Withdrawal Is a Gift to the Taliban
3 The Taliban is on the offensive. Keeping the militants at bay: U.S. airstrikes, even as bases close and troops leave.
4 IS attack hits Afghan capital as Pompeo joins peace talks
5 Donald Trump risks handing Afghanistan to the Taliban
6 Young Afghans fear Taliban will crush their freedoms
7 Where the Pomegranate Harvest Is Life, the Taliban Brought Ruin
8 Rockets Strike Kabul as Mike Pompeo Plans to Meet with Taliban
9 Afghan aid: Why the peace talks condition suits the Taliban
10 On Afghan Highways, Even the Police Fear the Taliban’s Toll Collectors
11 Deadly Taliban Attack Probably Used Drone, a Worrisome Shift
12 Afghans Caught in the Crossfire While U.S. Prepares to Clear Out
13 Afghan pilot who saved Americans hiding from Taliban after US denies plea for refuge
14 Taliban Expect Biden to Stick to Afghan Peace Deal Without 'Significant Change'
15 U.S. Troops Are Still Leaving, but Afghans Hope Biden Will Help
16 US Pullout in Afghanistan Will Empower the Taliban, HR McMaster Says
17 Afghan Government Says Taliban Maintaining Ties With Al-Qaida
18 Taliban rigging drones to drop bombs, says Afghan spy chief
19 Soccer Dreams Are Strong For Afghanistan's Women Despite Taliban Opposition : Goats and Soda
20 Afghanistan violence jumps 50 percent amid peace talks: Watchdog
21 Analysts Say Biden Should Freeze US Troop Level in Afghanistan Until Taliban Agrees to End War
22 Secretary Pompeo's Meeting with the Taliban READOUT
23 Taliban, Afghan govt agree on code of conduct for negotiations
24 Taliban attacks 50 Afghan districts after peace deal
25 How Taliban hurt the famous 'Kandahari anar' trade with India
26 Blasts kill Afghans as Taliban talks held
27 Afghanistan: 1,100 Taliban insurgents killed in 25 days
28 'Don't force us to invite Lashkar-e-Taiba, Taliban to deal with Sanghis': Graffiti in Mangaluru
29 Six killed, Taliban camp destroyed in airstrike in North Afghanistan
30 46 Taliban, Including a Militant Commander Killed in 'MoD Operations'
31 Afghan Army Says Airstrike Killed 13 Taliban Members
32 Pak Army deceiving world, plans to use TTP as a pawn domestically, globally
33 How the Taliban Outlasted a Superpower in Afghanistan: Tenacity and Carnage
34 Taliban’s posturing is absurd
35 Taliban Call Cease-Fire In Afghanistan For Muslim Holiday
36 Taliban Violated Afghan Deal With Shelling of American Bases, U.S. Officials Say
37 The pomegranate harvest is life here. The Taliban shattered it
38 The Taliban on Trump: "We hope he will win the election" and withdraw U.S. troops
39 Taliban and Afghan government meet for 'historic' talks, raising hopes for peace
40 What do the Taliban want out of the long-awaited "Intra-Afghan" talks?
41 Taliban Executes Female Prison Guard, and U.N. Raises Concern Over Afghan Violence
42 Within the Taliban, clashing views of post-war Afghanistan
43 The U.N. exposes the limits of the Trump peace plan with the Taliban
44 Taliban Ramp Up Attacks Even as Coronavirus Spreads in Afghanistan
45 Afghan Deaths Pile Up in Uncertainty Over U.S. Deal With Taliban
46 Tens Of Thousands Flee Latest Taliban Offensive, And Afghan Civilian Casualties Rise
47 4 Takeaways From the U.S. Deal With the Taliban
48 Taliban Ramp Up Attacks on Afghans After Trump Says ‘No Violence’
49 Taliban shows it can launch attacks anywhere across Afghanistan, even as peace talks continue
50 This Afghan General Fought the Taliban for Years. Now He Has Joined Them.
51 Taliban conflict: Afghan fears rise as US ends its longest war
52 Afghans accuse Taliban of killing 333 people in a week as U.S. pulls out thousands of troops
53 Taliban in Kabul to discuss prisoner releases under US peace deal
54 Al-Qaeda still 'heavily embedded' within Taliban in Afghanistan, UN official warns
55 US envoy forges ahead with troubled Taliban peace deal for Afghanistan
56 Pentagon report says Russia working with the Taliban and others to expedite US withdrawal from Afghanistan
57 In Afghan Attacks, Facts Are Murky. But It’s Clear Deaths Are Piling Up.
58 Taliban to 'reset' commitments under agreement with Washington to bring down violence: U.S. special envoy
59 Pompeo touts Iran policy in Gulf ahead of Biden presidency
60 Taliban make big changes ahead of expected talks with Kabul
61 Perspective | The U.S. is secretly helping the Taliban fight ISIS in Afghanistan
62 COVID-19 pandemic could worsen terrorism impact: Global Terrorism Index report
63 Amid Afghanistan Negotiations, the Taliban Are Striking Gold
64 U.S. has persuasive intel Taliban do not intend to abide by terms of peace deal, officials say
65 Taliban, US Spar Over Al-Qaida Presence in Afghanistan
66 Afghanistan's future: the core issues at stake as Taliban sits down to negotiate ending 19-year war
67 Shadow politicians, clerics and Soviet-era fighters: The Taliban’s team negotiating peace
68 Taliban close Samangan clinics over unpaid staff salaries
69 Pentagon says Taliban attacks increased following signing of agreement with US
70 Afghanistan to Investigate Video Showing Forces Mutilating Taliban Corpses
71 Taliban Kill 24 Afghan Troops, With Inside Help
72 At least 15 Taliban militants killed in Afghan Army's Airstrikes in Kandahar
73 Afghan President orders resumption of offensive operations against the Taliban in blow to Trump's deal
74 Afghanistan government halts prisoner release, delaying talks with Taliban
75 Feeling Abandoned by Kabul, Many Rural Afghans Flock to Join the Taliban
76 Taliban Kills at Least 23 Afghan Soldiers in Latest Attacks
77 Freed Taliban Fighters Return to Jihad in Large Numbers, Breaking Peace Deal, Report Finds
78 Taliban has kept close ties with al Qaeda despite promises to Trump admin, U.N. report says
79 Afghan Vice President, Staunch Opponent of Taliban, Survives Blast
80 Afghan Airstrike Targeting Taliban Kills 12 Children as Peace Talks Stall
81 U.S.-Taliban partial truce begins ahead of broader deal
82 Mullah Omar's Son Takes Tenuous Control of Taliban as Coronavirus Sweeps Through Leadership
83 Violence Plagues Afghanistan as Peace Talks With Taliban Struggle to Take Off
84 Afghanistan: The detention centre for teenage Taliban members
85 Afghan conflict: US and Taliban sign deal to end 18-year war
86 Peace Talks Between Afghanistan, Taliban Expected To Begin Soon
87 Top US general in Afghanistan says he's holding back to give Taliban peace deal a chance
88 Afghanistan to Release Last Taliban Prisoners, Removing Final Hurdle to Talks
89 Afghans Worry Withdrawal Of Foreign Forces May Compromise Peace Talks With Taliban
90 Taliban Attack Afghanistan Amid Growing Coronavirus Threat
91 As US troops leave parts of Afghanistan, Taliban expands influence
92 Clemency for the Taliban will not lead to peace in Afghanistan
93 Taliban Attacks on Afghan Forces Cause Dozens of Casualties
94 Clinic Bombed as Afghan Forces Fend Off Taliban Attack on Kunduz
95 114 Taliban killed amid surging war, stalled talks
96 Afghanistan's peace process is stalled. Can the Taliban be trusted to hold up their end of the deal?
97 Report: Taliban Slowly Pushing Afghan Government to the Brink
98 What We, the Taliban, Want
99 Critics of US-Taliban Deal Say Militants Can't Be Trusted
100 The Taliban Say They Have No Foreign Fighters. Is That True?