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1 Noise likely binary explosion | News, Sports, Jobs
2 5 gender reveal disasters: wildfires, fatal explosion, plane crash
3 That wasn't a bomb; it was just a gender reveal party
4 Video of a botched gender reveal party sparking a wildfire was released in 2018
5 Two face firearms charges in driveway skeet-shooting incident
6 IFPL Lowered To Level 2, Campground Fires Allowed Again On Friday
7 Firefighters warn of dry conditions after recent brush fire
8 Brockway Twp. considering explosive target ordinance in response to Tannerite concerns
9 Firefighter dies in blaze sparked by gender-reveal celebration
10 Mystery booms heard around New Orleans area, other states and countries
11 Four arrested for causing fire with tannerite explosion in Seneca County
12 Sheriff cracking down on late-night Tannerite explosions disturbing La. neighborhood
13 Corridor firearms expert reacts to explosive gender reveal safety concerns
14 Explosive noise heard in east Georgia overnight explained
15 Loud boom heard in parts of North Texas believed to be Tannerite used for gender reveal
16 California wildfire started by pyrotechnic device at gender-reveal party
17 State Looks To Limit Sale, Use Of Tannerite
18 'There is no such object or commercial explosive called Tannerite': Oregon firm skeptical
19 No need for concern after explosion in Forest, fire officials say
20 Learn how to use Tannerite safely
21 Tannerite explosion reported in Richland County
22 What is Tannerite and why is it so popular in SE Texas?
23 Maker of Tannerite explosive rejects link to New York bombing
24 General Assembly notebook: I-81 legislation delayed; Tannerite bill a dud
25 What Is Tannerite, the Supposed NYC Bombing Material?
26 Mysterious "boom" in New Gloucester was a person shooting targets
27 Police: Explosion likely caused by Tannerite
28 New Hampton Man Faces Charges Over Misuse of 'Exploding Targets'
29 Las Vegas shooter had 50 pounds of Tannerite in car: Why that's concerning
30 Rigged explosive found in Marlboro Township
31 In Our Opinion: When fire starters lack common sense
32 Explosive blast in Seneca County causes fire of corn field
33 Tannerite possible cause for loud boom says Sheriff's Office
34 Watch a man shoot a box of explosives to announce his baby boy — and start an $8 million wildfire
35 Tannerite was the cause of two fires in Montana in the last year
36 Reports of plane crash were legal explosive targets, officials say
37 Two men could face felony charges after detonating explosive used for target practice
38 Forest Officials to ban all campfires on federally managed public lands beginning Friday Industrial Fire Precaution Level increases to IV—full shutdown
39 The bomb-making ingredients found inside the Vegas suspect's car and home
40 This totally legal product was used to make the NYC bomb
41 What was that loud sound in Windsor County Sunday afternoon?
42 Company That Sells Exploding Targets That Sparked Brush Fire to Pay County
43 Brockway Twp. to host meeting to address concerns over exploding target-shooting
44 Brockway Township residents raise concerns over target-shooting explosives like Tannerite
45 Mitchell Man Arrested After Report Of Unsafe Shooting – WBIW
46 FBI Warned in March That 'Exploding Targets' Could Fuel Homemade Bombs
47 No known injures after fire erupts at Tannerite, Oregon-based maker of shooting targets
48 Floyd County man sorry for loud Wednesday night 'boom' that shook homes on both sides of river
49 Angelina County Sheriff’s Office investigating explosion that damaged Caver Rd.
50 Blasts from Tannerite explosive target practice scare Virginia town residents
51 Bachelor party shakes Bennington
52 Explosive target at gender reveal party turns into 10-acre wildfire
53 Want To Spice Up Shooting Practice? Try Out Exploding Targets
54 Unrestricted high explosives, available at a sporting goods store near you
55 Loud booms heard outside Benton apparently said to be Tannerite explosions
56 Mystery of what caused booming explosion heard 10 miles away in Mid-South on NYE solved
57 Reader's Watchdog: Boom goes the Tannerite
58 FBI warns ‘Exploding Targets’ sold in Pa. stores could be used by extremists for IEDs
59 Exploding targets ignite wildfire debate
60 A look at the explosives used in the New York bombing
61 Riverside County to get $150,000 from settlement over exploding targets and 1,200-acre brush fire
62 Sheriff advises shooters: Use less of loud Tannerite
63 Trailer explosion a 'planned detonation,' says RCMP
64 Laurel Farms shooting ban eyed
65 BLOG: Weather played role in 'loud blast' in Gaston Co. neighborhood
66 Loud Explosion Caused by Local Teens Igniting Tannerite
67 Video: Georgia man loses leg shooting at lawnmower packed with explosive Tannerite
68 Angelina County Sheriff Confirms Tannerite Cause for Huge Boom
69 How to Make Exploding Shooting Targets
70 Crews mop up fire named after likely cause, exploding targets
71 Bombs for sale: Targets containing dangerous explosive being sold legally
72 Explosion Saturday is latest from Tannerite
73 Alarming rate of wildfires caused by exploding targets in Utah
74 Explosive Question: Local residents complain about exploding targets, but laws are murky
75 Utah Co. Sheriff’s Office warns exploding targets can start wildfires
76 Tannerite Is Cited for Explosion Noise in Washington Sunday
77 Is Tannerite the explanation for loud booms around the Midlands?
78 Fire at Tannerite in Pleasant Hill remains under investigation
79 Law Enforcement Concerned About “Exploding Target” Compounds
80 Explosion rocks region, linked to 'tannerite'
81 Shooting at exploding targets shakes homes, official says
82 Henry County case raises questions about state law
83 NBC Cleared on Libel Claims Over Story on Exploding Targets
84 Mysterious boom has Bald Hill residents curious
85 Exploding targets silently became a serious crime
86 Wilton residents meet outdoors to approve ordinances, municipal budget
87 Attorney General weighs in on use of Tannerite explosive
88 9 Investigates lack of regulation on legal target explosives in Central Florida
89 Loud explosions reported Saturday in Berrien County
90 Tannerite now Boulder Lake Fire and behaving quietly, almost snuffed out
91 Explosions continue, this time during meeting
92 Woman Dies at Gender-Reveal Party Gone Wrong
93 What was that BOOM?
94 Man faces charges after huge Lancaster County explosion
95 Exploding Targets: shooting aid or a 'bomb kit for dummies?'
96 Tensions explode over fireworks | News |
97 RCMP confirm Tannerite was used in Strathcona County explosions; motive unclear
98 Booms in eastern Coweta reported to be Tannerite
99 Did you hear that boom? It may have been Tannerite
100 You Have the Right to Remain Stupid