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Result Content Idea Research
1 Why the Tatmadaw won't crack in Myanmar
2 An End to Peace Efforts: Recent fighting in Doo Tha Htoo District between the KNLA and the Tatmadaw following the 2021 Myanmar military coup (March and April 2021)
3 Gender-Based Violence in Myanmar and the Military Coup
4 Beyond the Coup in Myanmar: The Other De-Platforming We Should Have Been Talking About
5 Conflict Between Tatmadaw and Northern Alliance Persists in Kutkai Township
6 ‘Now We Are United’: Myanmar’s Ethnic Divisions Soften After Coup
7 Beyond the Coup in Myanmar: A Northern View
8 Major who defected from Tatmadaw begins training recruits to fight coup regime
9 Myanmar: Tatmadaw deploys Chinese made drones to guide its lethal clampdown
10 Fighting Continues Between KIA, Tatmadaw in Northern Myanmar
11 ASEAN And Soutshetless Tatmadaw – OpEd – Eurasia Review
12 ASEAN Summit Fails to Confront Myanmar's Tatmadaw
13 Tatmadaw Open Fire On Protesting Medical Workers
14 Explainer: Karen rebels step up attacks as Myanmar army struggles to rule
15 Japan's response to the coup in Myanmar
16 Tatmadaw Invited to ASEAN Summit in Controversial Decision
17 Myanmar Junta’s Leadership Has No Idea What Forces Have Been Unleashed
18 ASEAN diplomacy buys time for the Tatmadaw
19 Asean is failing its 'ultimate test' in Myanmar
20 Three Months After Coup, Myanmar Returns to the ‘Bad Old Days’
21 People of Myanmar, including Rohingya, unite against common enemy
22 Japan must use its special relationship with Myanmar to facilitate peace
23 Tatmadaw Airstrikes Targets Civilians in Karen State
24 Myanmar Military Suffers Heavy Casualties in Attacks by Ethnic Armed Group in Kachin State
25 Is Burma’s Army in Trouble? Yes, Says a Top Former UN Adviser on the Country
26 Myanmar military outmaneuvers ASEAN neighbors
27 From Peaceful Protest to Civil Conflict in Myanmar – PRIO Blogs
28 Kachin Insurgents Shoot Down Myanmar Military Helicopter
29 Act now to avert bloodbath
30 RCSS Clashes With Tatmadaw in Southern Shan State, Displaced Shan in Kachin State Struggling
31 Beyond the Coup in Myanmar: Echoes of the Past, Crises of the Moment, Visions of the Future
32 Australia's Government Is Refusing to Support Myanmar's Anti-Coup Movement
33 Myanmar Military Suffers Heavy Casualties in Fierce Fighting With Ethnic Armed Groups
34 Myanmar's Civil War Has Already Begun – The Diplomat
35 Military coup clouds control over jade, gems in Myanmar
36 Myanmar ethnic divisions soften after coup
37 Tatmadaw Attacks RCSS Base Along Thai-Burma Border
38 After Myanmar's Military Coup, Arakan Army Accelerates Implementation of the 'Way of Rakhita'
39 Local uprisings emerge to challenge Myanmar's army, SE Asia News & Top Stories
40 Myanmar coup: The shadowy business empire funding the Tatmadaw
41 Can Myanmar's New 'People's Defense Force' Succeed?
42 Glaring glimpse into Myanmar military's self-delusion
43 ONE championships’ Poe Thaw injured in bomb blast in Myanmar
44 When to admit a coup has failed
45 Myanmar Poet Dies in Military Detention, Family Says
46 Myanmar Regime Troops Ordered to ‘Annihilate’ Protesters, Internal Memos Show
47 Christians express solidarity with Myanmar Muslims as Tatmadaw kill man outside mosque
49 For Myanmar, Why Not Send an Asean/UN Civilian Monitoring Mission?
50 Who's calling whom a terrorist in Myanmar?
51 Myanmar: From Diplomacy to Force
52 Victims of Myanmar’s Army Speak
53 Lonely ‘Tatmadaw Day’ for Myanmar’s Unloved Armed Forces
54 Prominent Protest Leader Escapes Arrest by Myanmar Junta
55 Myanmar Troops Sustain Heavy Casualties as Kachin Keep Control of Strategic Base
56 Myanmar’s military has a history of using deceptive tactics against protesters. Now it has social media, too.
57 The Tatmadaw's Role in Myanmar's New Politics
58 Why Did the Tatmadaw's 'War Fighters' Seize Power?
59 TNLA, MNDAA Claim to Have Killed Dozens of Myanmar Junta Troops in Shan State
60 Myanmar’s Failed Mutinies in History
61 Myanmar military allays coup fears, says it will protect constitution
62 Myanmar’s Army Is Back in Charge. It Never Truly Left.
63 MMA fighter Phoe Thaw seriously injured in Myanmar bomb blast, detained by military
64 World News: What the Tatmadaw Takeover Means for Myanmar and Asia
65 Follow the money: Myanmar coup puts pressure on army businesses
66 Mu Traw District Situation Update: The Tatmadaw repeatedly fired large numbers of mortars into civilian areas and burned forests in Lu Thaw Township, January 2020 to April 2020
67 The Tatmadaw has turned into a terrorist organization
68 Myanmar’s military distrusts the country’s ruling party. That’s why it staged a coup and detained leaders and activists.
69 The Tatmadaw Could Be Using Thailand As A Model
70 All Corruption Is Political: Learning From Failure in Afghanistan and Myanmar
71 Myanmar's Ethnic Armed Organizations Could Restart Fight Against Military
72 Myanmar Coup: With Aung San Suu Kyi Detained, Military Takes Over Government
73 Rather than setback, Myanmar coup leaves India on firmer geopolitical footing with Tatmadaw
74 Myanmar military tries ‘divide and rule’ in bid to cement power
75 The Coup in Myanmar: Where do we go from here?
76 CTFMR expresses grave concern over circumstances of two children killed in fighting between the Tatmadaw and Arakan Army in Buthidaung, Rakhine State
77 Myanmar: Winter Is Coming For The Tatmadaw – Analysis
78 Tatmadaw looks to ceasefire pact with AA after politicians' release
79 Prayut denies helping Tatmadaw
80 Mandalay citizens protest against Tatmadaw rule
81 Tatmadaw Coup Leaves Myanmar's Peace Process on a Precipice
82 What's happening in Myanmar? Military coup and protests explained visually
83 Tatmadaw reprimands diplomatic community on “unwarranted assumptions”
84 Tatmadaw names new govt officials
85 Sales of Tatmadaw linked products decline
86 Ethical minefields: the dirty business of doing deals with Myanmar's military
87 Mu Traw District Situation Update: 2020 general election, livelihood difficulties, Tatmadaw activities, education and COVID-19 situation (August to October 2020)
88 Mu Traw District Situation Update: Tatmadaw artillery shelling caused the displacement of local villagers in Lu Thaw Township, January to November 2019
89 From Jordanian Planes to German Software, Myanmar's 'Genocidal' Military Stocks Up
90 Tatmadaw using nationalism as excuse to meddle in politics, analysts
91 Tatmadaw abolishes NLD's peace mechanism
92 Myanmar calls for boycott of Tatmadaw linked products and services
93 Tatmadaw 'imposes harsher punishments' for desertion as more military medics abandon their posts
94 Tatmadaw Allegedly Torch Home in Karen State
95 Myanmar’s Arakan Army, Allies Set to Resume Fight Against Tatmadaw Over Civilian Killings
96 ASEAN states must act to help Myanmar. This is where they should start
97 Indian and Japanese Influence Is Vital for Quad to End Myanmar Crisis
98 Senior Tatmadaw negotiator meets AA vice chair
99 Tatmadaw, Arakan Army discuss ceasefire
100 Myanmar coup: What will the military do now?