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1 6 charged in 'birth tourism' scheme that cost U.S. taxpayers millions
2 Louisiana’s latest special session cost taxpayers $1.1M
3 Oil and Gas Companies Keep Taking From Taxpayers. And Taking.
4 IRS Issues Warnings to All Taxpayers and Tax Professionals as Holidays, 2021 Tax Season Approach
5 National Tax Security Awareness Week opens with warnings to all taxpayers and tax professionals as holidays, 2021 tax season approach
6 Reader's View: Line 3 opposition costing taxpayers plenty
7 Kern County Taxpayers Association holding annual meeting next week with focus on real estate market outlook
8 McConnell’s Covid relief proposal would boost charitable giving tax break
9 Landgraf files bill to empower taxpayers
10 Appraisal District urges taxpayers to make payments outside of office
11 Giving Tuesday: Taxpayers can get up to $300 deduction for making a charitable donation
12 Milford Mayor Ben Blake Announces Bond Refunding Saves Taxpayers 2.8 MM
13 Lawsuit targets online travel companies on behalf of Nevada taxpayers
14 What Janet Yellen as Treasury Secretary will mean for American taxpayers: Grover Norquist
15 Verifyle and Reinvestment Partners Taxpayer Assistance Center – North Carolina VITA Coalition Partner to Protect Taxpayers and Tax Preparers from Hackers
16 Jim Maxwell: Attorney General Ashley Moody should stand up for taxpayers
17 As Illinois prepares to borrow another $2 billion, repayment leaves taxpayers 'at risk'
18 Waiving BEAT Deductions – The Smart Election For Multinational Taxpayers?
19 Claims large and small put taxpayers on hook for $4.4M since 2015
20 Criminal case finished, the next victims of the Kealoha scandal could be taxpayers
21 Taxpayers obliged to cover $78K in legal expenses over professor's records fight
22 I-T refunds worth ₹1.40 lakh cr issued to 59.68 lakh taxpayers in 8 months
23 OPINION: Private school scholarships are win for students and taxpayers
24 County asks taxpayers to pay online
25 Police Chiefs 2 Firings Have Cost Taxpayers $178,015 So Far
26 Letter: Voices of ‘true taxpayers’ diluted in Carmel • Current Publishing
27 Wake up Clarion County taxpayers | Letters to the Editor
28 Auditor Galloway says funds transfers, budgeting process in Jackson County left taxpayers in the dark
29 The 2020 Taxpayers End-of-Year Checklist
30 Too many people are living off taxpayers | Letters to the Editor
31 Georgia taxpayers paying for recount of presidential ballots
32 NCCo taxpayers get their $3 million back from controversial Delaware Board of Trade loan
33 A 'free ride'? King Co. taxpayers to pay back some crime victims in new program
34 Should Local Taxpayers Help Their Neighbors’ COVID-Crushed Businesses?
35 Many taxpayers could face surprise bill over remote work misconceptions, study finds
36 IRS Reminds Taxpayers of Special $300 Charity Deduction without Itemizing
37 Why are taxpayers footing Klamath River dam removal cost?
38 IRS guidance permits choice of bonus depreciation rules
39 UK’s nuclear sites costing taxpayers ‘astronomical sums’, say MPs
40 John Stossel: Taxpayers lose while colleges win
41 Chicago taxpayers on the hook for extra $2 billion under Lightfoot plan
42 Rantz: Seattle experiment says no jailtime for crime, but has taxpayers split bill
43 Incentives for foreign taxpayers include 50% income tax discount | Kathimerini
44 Opinion: Taxpayers Could Take a Hit if SDG&E's Franchise Expires in January
45 Buc-ee's road project aims to relieve traffic headache at no cost to taxpayers
46 City of Chicago borrowing to cost taxpayers an extra $2 billion
47 How Does a Second Recount Impact Georgia Taxpayers?
48 OPINION | No good for taxpayers – Biden administration likely to tout more taxpayer-funded broadband
49 IRS Confirms Taxpayers Cannot Deduct Expenses Paid With PPP Loans If Forgiveness Is Reasonably Expected
50 Florida TaxWatch Awards State Agencies For Innovations That Save Taxpayers Money
51 IRS Threatening Levy Action Against Taxpayers With Mail in Limbo
52 Pennsylvania budget process should aid the cause of taxpayers and transparency [column]
53 Pension reform key to protecting Illinois services, taxpayers after 'fair tax' rejection
54 How Elite Colleges Rip Off Taxpayers –
55 DeVos’ security detail cost taxpayers $24M over 4 years
56 IRS announces help with tax debt
57 Many Taxpayers Unaware of State Tax Liabilities Related to Working Remotely
58 Op-Ed: No good for taxpayers – Biden administration likely to tout more taxpayer-funded broadband
59 VERIFY: Who is paying for President Trump's election lawsuits?
60 Copenhaver: Reworking bonds could save $2.6 million for Berkeley County taxpayers
61 Cincinnati taxpayers sound off following Sittenfeld's corruption charges
62 How socioeconomic inequality hits taxpayer’s wallet decades later
63 Fulton officials say 2nd recount will cost county taxpayers $150,000
64 Covid: PPE price rises cost taxpayers £10bn, report says
65 San Diego County Taxpayers Association reacts to tax measure results in 2020 election
66 Missouri reports its taxpayers aged 51 to 65 make up a high number of tax debt cases
67 Go-between paid £21m in taxpayer funds for NHS PPE
68 How should governments communicate with taxpayers during the COVID-19 pandemic?
69 Explainer: The $4 trillion U.S. government relies on individual taxpayers
70 Misusing taxpayers’ money for campaigns
71 Retirement Savings Gaps May Increase Burden on Pennsylvania Taxpayers
72 Federal records show the price tag of Trump’s border wall is ballooning
73 These are the taxpayers who benefit most from Trump's call for a payroll tax holiday
74 Police Settlements: How The Cost Of Misconduct Impacts Cities And Taxpayers
75 Exclusive: U.S. taxpayers' virus relief went to firms that avoided U.S. taxes
76 How Police Misconduct Affects Cities And Taxpayers Financially
77 This map shows where American taxpayers are most likely to be audited — and it’s certainly not Washington, D.C.
78 Amazon’s Massive Chicago-Area Expansion Was Fueled By $741 Million From Taxpayers
79 Repeatedly Flooded Properties Will Continue to Cost Taxpayers Billions of Dollars
80 Foxconn's Next Challenge: Fulfill Promises Made To Racine County Taxpayers
81 IRS offers reprieve for taxpayer checks caught in backlog of unopened mail
82 The Queen's real estate portfolio is being slammed by the pandemic. Taxpayers will bail her out
83 US Department of Education Issues Rule to Protect American Taxpayers from Waste, Fraud, and Abuse, Ensure COVID-19 Relief Funds Get to Eligible Students
84 Social Programs Can Sometimes Turn a Profit for Taxpayers
85 Taxpayer Compliance: More Income Reporting Needed for Taxpayers Working through Online Platforms
86 Exclusive: U.S. taxpayers' virus relief went to firms that avoided U.S. tax
87 Taxpayers Race to File Refund Claims if Obamacare Is Struck Down
88 Reader's View: Duluth district picks taxpayers' pockets
89 IRS may revise 1040 to coax taxpayers into reporting crypto transactions
90 Taxpayer Money Helped to Make Remdesivir
91 New York’s wealthy taxpayers may not return, Cuomo fears
92 Summary of the Latest Federal Income Tax Data, 2020 Update
93 Liz Weston: Some taxpayers face a desperate wait for refunds
94 A major victory for California taxpayers
95 IRS Releases New Per Diem Rates For Taxpayers Who Travel For Business
96 Michigan man running for vice president with the U.S. Taxpayers Party
97 Dead taxpayers got relief checks. Can survivors keep them?
98 Billions in bailouts may never be fully disclosed to taxpayers
99 Exposing the truth to save taxpayers' money
100 A Preliminary Look at 2019 Tax Data for Individuals