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1 Facebook removes fake Russian accounts ahead of the US presidential election
2 Microsoft announces strategy to become "water positive" by 2030
3 How to be a good open source community citizen
4 Why SaaS vendors like Snowflake love open source
5 Which industries were "pandemic-proof" in 2020?
6 Recognize reality and be human: 4 things managers can do to stop burnout before it starts
7 Amazon's Alexa and Echo event: The 4 most important highlights
8 How cyberattacks are targeting video gamers and companies
9 Synack: Federal agencies and banks have made the most cybersecurity improvements
10 Cybersecurity Perception Study shows increasing admiration for those in the profession
11 SpyCloud and CyberDefenses join forces on election security effort
12 Tech jobs: These are the skills most in demand as companies change their priorities
13 Web browser developers are failing their most important task
14 Ransomeware reality check: All IT departments need a security plan, starting with a strong data backup policy
15 IT leaders adjusting to expanded role and importance since coronavirus pandemic
16 How the TikTok deal still poses pitfalls
17 How to combat cyber threats amid the shift to remote working
18 COVID-19 widens the digital innovation gap
19 3 ways high-stakes learning differs from low stakes
20 Top 5 things to know about platform engineering
21 Dice celebrating 30 years as a tech career site
22 What classic software developers need to know about quantum computing
23 Raspberry Pi: Five handy home office projects to try
24 75% of AppSec practitioners see a growing cultural divide between AppSec and developers
25 Microsoft Teams: This new feature could help bring an end to another big business headache
26 Amazon's new Eero 6 Mesh routers: What you need to know
27 How to create and manage up to 50 rooms in Zoom
28 GitHub to replace master with main starting in October: What developers need to do now
29 The best hidden features in iOS 14
30 How businesses plan to spend their IT dollars in 2021
31 Open source: Why governments need to go further
32 Android 11: A cheat sheet
33 Enter for your chance to win a Google Pixel 4A*
34 Microsoft Teams incorporating HireVue Interviews into platform
35 Linux PC boost: 27 new Lenovo ThinkStation and ThinkPad devices come preloaded with Ubuntu LTS
36 Apple's Sept. 15 event: What to expect and how to watch
37 A GraphQL solution to back-end operational woes
38 Apple iPad Air: Cheat sheet
39 Zoom: New video chat features aim to make meetings more accessible to everyone
40 Salesforce announces Meetings, Einstein Video Call Coaching and more tools aimed at improving virtual sales
41 What SMBs and startups can learn from securing a presidential campaign
42 Business lessons I learned from playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons
43 How to create and manage breakout rooms in Microsoft Teams
44 Portland becomes first city to ban companies from using facial recognition software in public
45 Companies are offering a slew of incentives to lure employees back to the office
46 Glassdoor: The top 8 tech CEOs during COVID-19
47 COVID-19's "reboot" of the US tech workforce
48 IBM offering certifications and expertise on hybrid cloud environments this week
49 Linux servers and workstations are hackers' next target, security researchers warn
50 Ericsson powers multi-campus network with 5G Distributed Innovation Network
51 Microsoft Teams: All the new features that you need to know about
52 Scaling AI in your organization should be deliberate, not rushed
53 How SMBs are overcoming key challenges in cybersecurity
54 The Android 11 update is buggy and missing features
55 MIT scientists unveil cybersecurity aggregation platform to gauge effective measures
56 C++ is now the fastest-growing programming language
57 Top 5 programming languages for data scientists to learn
58 How will quantum computing impact your industry?
59 33% of companies expose unsafe network services to the internet
60 Microsoft's new feature uses AI to make video chat less weird
61 Ransomware attacks continue to dominate the threat landscape
62 Study: 90% of industrial enterprises to utilize edge computing by 2022
63 IBM and Cambridge Quantum Computing announce random number generator service
64 IBM unveils 5 in 5 research areas around climate and environmental challenges
65 How Talent Path is helping people jumpstart their tech careers
66 How to display seconds in the system clock in Windows 10
67 New collaboration to create "forever battery" for IoT
68 Microsoft just made securing Windows 10 PCs a whole lot easier for IT admins
69 Cyberattacks against schools are on the rise
70 Python programming in the final frontier: Microsoft and NASA release student learning portal
71 Why your work email could soon be a thing of the past
72 Motorola Razr 5G: Cheat sheet
73 Google adds a COVID-19 layer to Maps app to show health status at county and state levels
74 Cloud data warehouse guide and checklist
75 86% of US states increased internet speeds during COVID-19 lockdown
76 Want an IT job? Look outside the tech industry
77 Advance your Linux skills with these 3 command line primers
78 Phishing attack baits victims by promising access to quarantined emails
79 Developers need holistic computer science learning that includes creative and critical thinking
80 Farewell Flash Player: Microsoft tells businesses to get ready for the end of support
81 Your work laptop may not be as secure as it should be
82 "Ambient intelligence" could transform hospitals and enhance patient care
83 How ransomware attacks are growing in severity
84 Amazon Prime Day 2020 starts Oct. 13: How to get the best deals
85 IBM RXN: AI combined with robotics to speed molecular studies and chemical research
86 How to preview images in Windows 10 File Explorer
87 How to find the best remote tech job listings
88 How to use Chrome OS Tab Groups
89 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2: A cheat sheet
90 iOS 14 App Library: How to use it on your iPhone
91 Patch this critical software flaw now, says Homeland Security in emergency warning
92 How to manage app permissions in Android 11
93 IBM launches autonomous ship with a trans-Atlantic crossing scheduled in 2021
94 5 robotic process automation tools to eliminate tedium in your organization
95 Intel announces 11th Gen Tiger Lake CPUs, says Xe graphics and platform approach will trump AMD core counts
96 Apple releases iOS 14 without this privacy feature: What iPhone users and developers need to know
97 Microsoft Ignite 2020: Work Trend Index details remote worker burnout, stress, and productivity
98 Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra hands-on review: Impressive device with minimal updates and premium price
99 Tech jobs: Outlook for hiring is still uncertain
100 COVID at work: How the virus is even changing how we gain entry to the office