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1 As Trump's fraud claims sputter, Sen. Ted Cruz now wants the Supreme Court to get involved
2 Ted Cruz digs in for congressional battle over ‘censorship’ on Twitter, Facebook
3 Ted Cruz suggests he won't give up holiday plans as Texas processes dead bodies
4 Ted Cruz calls fellow senator 'a complete ass' after argument over masks
5 Congress passes bill by Lloyd Doggett, Ted Cruz to create D.C. memorial to long-forgotten Texas Legation
6 Ted Cruz is ready to fight for Thanksgiving, even as Texas morgues struggle to make space
7 Why Ted Cruz Backing Trump Now Could Pay Dividends in 2024
8 Ted Cruz, affirming Trump's refusal to concede, angles to be Trumpiest post-Trump contender
9 Ted Cruz haunted by ridiculous coronavirus prediction
10 Former CIA chief calls Ted Cruz 'unworthy' to serve Texas during Twitter fight over killing in Iran
11 Ted Cruz, Dan Crenshaw join calls for deeper probe of Trump’s election fraud claims
12 Texas Senator Ted Cruz's tweet sends controversial message ahead of Thanksgiving holiday
13 U.S. Senator Ted Cruz introduces bill to designate Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist group
14 Sen. Cruz says presidential race isn’t over, backs Trump claims of fraud
15 Sen. Cruz Continues to Back Trump's Claims of Election Fraud
16 Ted Cruz calls Sherrod Brown "a complete ass" for asking another senator to wear a mask on the Senate floor
17 Ted Cruz Calls Democratic Senator a "Complete Ass" for Wearing Mask on Senate Floor
18 Sen. Ted Cruz: AG Barr right, Democrats wrong on executions – here's why lawful sentences must proceed
19 Ted Cruz trends on Twitter for 'destroying' tech CEO during hearing
20 Texas Senator Ted Cruz Quarantines Himself After Shaking Hands With Coronavirus Victim March 9, 2020
21 Ted Cruz, other prominent Texas Republicans question Trump’s chances in court
22 AOC, Ted Cruz swipe at each other over lack of COVID-19 relief
23 Fact check: Ted Cruz wrong about Philadelphia ballot 'darkness'
24 Ted Cruz falsely claims Philadelphia is counting votes in 'shroud of darkness'
25 Ted Cruz backs Trump’s false claim that Philadelphia election observers are being denied access to count
26 Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz back Trump's baseless claims of rigged election
27 Mark Cuban accuses AOC, Ted Cruz of obstructing coronavirus relief efforts
28 Ted Cruz rips CNN's Chris Cuomo in Twitter spat on Trump's election challenge, coronavirus
29 Ted Cruz faces backlash after ‘Come and Take It’ meme shared day Texas hit daily COVID-19 case high
30 Ted Cruz Gets Instant Fact Check After Bogus Claim About CNN's COVID-19 Coverage
31 Sen. Cruz reintroduces act to designate Muslim Brotherhood terrorists
32 Cruz, contradicting legal experts, says Trump still has ‘a path to victory’
33 State Attorney General Josh Shapiro fires back at Ted Cruz after his shot at Pa.'s vote counting
34 Trump's 'Total Fraud' Election Tweets Follow Template He Used in 2016 and 2012 Against Cruz, Obama
35 Herman: Cruz awaiting results of presidential election
36 Ted Cruz urges Supreme Court to hear emergency appeal on Pennsylvania election results
37 Yes, Donald Trump claimed fraud after the 2016 Iowa caucuses
38 Texas Sens. Cornyn, Cruz: Joe Biden should receive presidential intel briefings
39 Dave Bautista to Ted Cruz: Propaganda Spewing Divisive Piece of @#$%
40 Cruz insists Trump 'still has a path to victory,' vote count lawsuits could 'easily' reach Supreme Court
41 Supposedly 'pro-life' Ted Cruz wants the US to execute a lot more people
42 US Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Braun, Colleagues Send Letter to ATF, DOJ Requesting Clarification on AR-Styled Pistols for American Gun-Owners
43 Ted Cruz torches Alyssa Milano after she tries to blame Republicans for standoff on coronavirus relief
44 GOP cowards: Neil Steinberg explores why some people shirk their duty
45 House votes to decriminalize marijuana at federal level
46 Cruz in heated exchange with Twitter's Dorsey: 'Who the hell elected you?' | TheHill
47 Ted Cruz says the GOP is the party of the working class. He's wrong.
48 Trump To Rally In Georgia While Hinting At A 2024 Run
49 Ted Cruz fires back at pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood for telling Republicans to boycott Georgia Senate runoff election
50 Dave Bautista Rips Ted Cruz for Politicizing Thanksgiving
51 US Senate considers blacklisting Muslim Brotherhood – Middle East Monitor
52 Letter: Trump’s ‘fraud’ claims just par for course
53 Politicians Criticize Austin Mayor Adler Over Mexico Trip
54 Ted Cruz Urges Supreme Court To Overturn The Election Results In Pennsylvania
55 Letters: Lights shouldn’t outshine helping others
56 Brotherhood: Senator's calls to designate us as terror group shift focus from Egypt's abuse of oppositionists
57 Can Republicans dig out of the hole Trump dug? He hopes not
58 Texas Republicans Demand DOJ to Back Trump's Vote Probe
59 Editorial: Downplaying COVID even as cases surge
60 Sens. Kennedy, Cassidy propose bill to require two Gulf lease sales a year
61 Sound Off for Wednesday, Dec. 2
62 Christie’s early moves post-Trump are worth watching | Opinion
63 Republicans need to find a way out of this mess
64 Ted Cruz says he doesn't want to join the Supreme Court
65 Austin ISD teacher who battled COVID-19 for months speaks about mayor's Mexico vacation
66 Ted Cruz warns the election 'could be a bloodbath of Watergate proportions' for GOP
67 Ted Cruz Didn’t Get an RNC Invite. He Still Has Plenty to Say
68 Conservative radicalizers are well-coiffed, well-paid — and increasingly dangerous
69 How Dozens of Trump's Political Appointees Will Stay in Government After Biden Takes Over
70 Ted Cruz blocks U.S. Senate resolution honoring Ruth Bader Ginsburg
71 Ted Cruz flexes national stature, campaigns for U.S. Senate colleagues in campaign’s final days
72 Ted Cruz Criticized for Pregnancy Tweet
73 Somehow It's Already 2024 In Georgia : The NPR Politics Podcast
74 Sen. Ted Cruz, contradicting 2016 remarks, cites possible contested presidential election in urgent push to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg's seat
75 Sen. Cruz Calls on Senate Judiciary to Subpoena Twitter CEO
76 Ted Cruz is on Donald Trump's list of potential Supreme Court picks
77 US Congress slow to issue directives as Covid spreads at a high rate among lawmakers
78 A Conversation with Sen. Ted Cruz
79 Suddenly Republicans want norms, ethics and "civility": Are they actually psychopaths?
80 Thirty-Eight US Senators Urge US Supreme Court to Protect Right of Religious Schools in Kentucky to Meet In-Person
81 Sen. Ted Cruz on Supreme Court nomination fight: It’s not hypocrisy, it’s politics
82 Pitts: Time to go cold turkey from Donald Trump
83 Exclusive: Ted Cruz explains how Supreme Court vacancy led him to endorse Trump in 2016
84 Sen. Ted Cruz Says Judge Amy Coney Barrett ‘Will Make A Strong Justice’
85 Ted Cruz's Hearing on Anarchist Violence Was a Farce
86 The GOP Has Become the Mouthpiece for Whatever Fox News ‘Propagandists’ Want: Ex-Ted Cruz Aide
87 Ted Cruz goes up against Donald Trump in endorsement battles — and loses
88 Donald Trump, Ted Cruz back opposing candidates in TX-23 runoff
89 One-on-one with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz: COVID, China sanctions, TikTok security concerns and the RECLAIM Act
90 Ted Cruz Was Seen on a Flight Without a Mask. His Office Says He Followed Airline Policy.
91 Ted Cruz Calls for Investigation into Netflix's “Cuties"
92 Senator Ted Cruz Is a Diehard Houstonian
93 Texas Sen. Ted Cruz Tests Negative For COVID-19 After Interacting With Senator Who Tested Positive
94 House passes bill featured in 'Tiger King' series that would ban big cat ownership
95 Sen. Ted Cruz: 'Significant Resistance' From Republicans Against Their Own Party's Coronavirus Stimulus Package
96 Transcript: Senator Ted Cruz on "Face the Nation," July 26, 2020
97 Ted Cruz says U.S. Senate should confirm a new Supreme Court justice
98 Ted Cruz on coronavirus: He “briefly” interacted with a positive case
99 Ted Cruz accidentally shows Democrats the way forward
100 Ted Cruz says Senate should confirm Justice Ginsburg’s replacement before election