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1 Texas Senator Ted Cruz met with former President Donald Trump
2 Ted Cruz was roasted for appearing to nod off as Biden spoke. He blamed the president: ‘Boring, but radical.’
3 Ted Cruz likens Jason Bourne to real CIA, gets mocked
4 Ted Cruz's threat to 'woke CEOs' was 'the most openly corrupt thing any Senator has said,' ethics expert says
5 Former federal ethics chief blasts Ted Cruz's message to 'woke' corporations as 'openly corrupt'
6 Fact-checking Sen. Ted Cruz's claim that GOP didn't 'rig' SCOTUS confirmations
7 Fact Check: Ted Cruz Says Republicans Didn't 'Rig The Game' When It Came To Recent Supreme Court Confirmations
8 NYT's Stephens says Ted Cruz more 'unctuous' than Eddie Haskell | TheHill
9 Sen. Ted Cruz illegally promoted his book with campaign funds, watchdog alleges in ethics complaints
10 Ted Cruz caught sleeping during Biden’s address
11 Sen. Ted Cruz to join Glenn Youngkin's campaign events in Hampton Roads Thursday
12 Ted Cruz maintains ties to right-wing group despite its extremist messaging
13 Ted Cruz Says the Quiet Part Out Loud
14 Ted Cruz says he’s ‘done’ with wearing a mask at the U.S. Capitol
15 Former Ethics Chief Slams Cruz's Warning To 'Woke' CEOs As 'Most Openly Corrupt' Ever
16 Photos from article: Ted Cruz's college roommate recalls his creepy habits
17 Cruz joins Paul in ditching mask despite CDC recommendations
18 Ted Cruz falls asleep during presidential address, and Julián Castro can't resist jabbing him for it
19 Ted Cruz changes course and votes to support bill to address hate crimes against Asian Americans
20 Ted Cruz among a small number of Republicans opposing bill to address hate crimes against Asian Americans
21 Ted Cruz Wants to Cancel John Boehner
22 Former Ethics Head Blasts "Openly Corrupt" Ted Cruz for "Selling Access"
23 Ted Cruz among group of Republicans opposing bill to address hate crimes against Asian Americans
24 Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio slam Corporate America for 'woke' leanings
25 Nobody in Congress tweets more than this Texas senator — and it's not Ted Cruz
26 Ted Cruz won’t break ties with an extreme nativist group? Shocker.
27 On the Supreme Court, Ted Cruz pretends to forget his own record
28 Ted Cruz says Biden's comments about the Derek Chauvin verdict are 'grounds for a mistrial'
29 Ted Cruz Responds to John Boehner's Scathing Memories of Him as a 'Jackass'
30 Sen. Ted Cruz: Biden's State of the Union update – here's the truth you won't hear from the president
31 Ted Cruz: Texas is fighting back against big businesses that threaten oil, gas jobs
32 Ted Cruz targets MLB after league protests Georgia voter restrictions
33 Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Youngkin lands Ted Cruz endorsement
34 Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz Threatens to Punish CEOs Who Oppose Voter Suppression Bills
35 Fact check: Statement on migrants at the southern border falsely attributed to Ted Cruz
36 Ted Cruz raises $5.3 million in a quarter after attempt to block electoral votes
37 Let's watch this unsettling and mesmerizing video of 'Ted Cruz' drumming
38 Ted Cruz threatens to burn John Boehner’s book over criticisms
39 Sen. Ted Cruz takes his feud with former speaker John Boehner to Twitter
40 Ted Cruz: 'Boring but radical' Biden 'handed party over' to Bernie, Warren and AOC
41 Ted Cruz and Electricity Came Back to Texas, but That Doesn't Mean We Can Move On Yet
42 Dan Rather on Trolling Ted Cruz, Tucker Carlson, and the State of the News Media
43 Ted Cruz mocks VP Kamala Harris, saying her 'GPS got confused'
44 Ted Cruz blasts PolitiFact as 'lying liars' for Supreme Court fact-check
45 WATCH: Kristen Welker Reads Ted Cruz Tweet on Trump Facebook Ban and Asks Psaki 'Does He Have a Point?'
46 Ted Cruz busted for falling asleep during Biden’s joint address
47 A Biden-Cheney fistbump, a sleepy Ted Cruz and John Roberts clapping: Moments you might have missed during Biden's address to Congress
48 Ted Cruz rips 'grossly irresponsible' LeBron James after NBA star tweets 'you're next' at Columbus cop
49 Cruz, Hawley dwarf potential 2024 rivals in fundraising
50 Aidy Bryant details origins of her killer Ted Cruz impersonation
51 'I accept!': Ted Cruz pokes fun at Biden's tax rate gaffe
52 LeBron James comes back at Ted Cruz after Cruz attacks 'More Than A Vote'
53 Candidates make last minute pitch as Virginia GOP convention looms
54 Sen. Ted Cruz and others introduce bipartisan legislation to combat military sexual assault
55 Ted Cruz Is Desperately Trying to Dunk on LeBron James
56 Joy Reid Pays Amusing Tribute to GOP’s ‘Spineless’ Love Affair With Trump (Video)
57 'An all-hands moment': GOP rallies behind voting limits
58 Senate Republicans at war over earmarks
59 What Some Call 'Polarization' Is in Fact a Very Deliberate Strategy
60 Ron DeSantis, Ted Cruz Lead 2024 Republican Polling if Donald Trump Doesn't Run
61 Biden's ambitious push to expand government was 'deliberately boring,' Ted Cruz complains
62 How Ted Cruz's attempt to overturn election ended in violence at the Capitol
63 MSNBC host hilariously ridicules Republicans Ted Cruz and Kevin McCarthy for debasing themselves for Trump cult
64 Julián and Joaquin Castro call on Ted Cruz to resign after he objected to Joe Biden's victory just before pro-Trump rioters breached Congress
65 'Obviously a mistake': Cruz returns from Cancun after uproar
66 Ted Cruz says he'll object to certification of Electoral College votes that will make Joe Biden's victory official
67 Is Ted Cruz Getting A Divorce? Peek Into The Republican Party Member’s Personal Life
68 Democratic colleagues file ethics complaint against U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz after Capitol riot
69 Analysis: As Ted Cruz argues for the president, Donald Trump's supporters are the real prize
70 Republican-backed group calls on Sen. Ted Cruz to resign with billboards
71 Internet roasts Ted Cruz for claiming he 'warned Texans early' of snowstorm
72 Ted Cruz warns the election 'could be a bloodbath of Watergate proportions' for GOP
73 Republican senator Ted Cruz mocked for documentary-style trip to US-Mexico border
74 Ted Cruz would like you to just forget the last 4 years
75 Ted Cruz encounters his first burned bridge of 2021
76 Ted Cruz, Texas Republicans face backlash after mob storms Capitol
77 Ted Cruz: Ex-staffers 'disgusted' by Texas senator's recent behavior
78 Ted Cruz rejected most Biden nominees while John Cornyn voted for most
79 Ted Cruz digs in for congressional battle over ‘censorship’ on Twitter, Facebook
80 Ted Cruz speaks in Florida about Donald Trump, Cancún
81 Ted Cruz and Donald Trump have been close allies over 2020 election
82 "You're welcome to step away": Senator Ted Cruz refuses to put on mask after reporter asks during press conference
83 Ted Cruz calls Democratic senator an 'ass' following Senate floor mask dispute
84 What the hell is going on with Ted Cruz's hair?
85 From dreams of the presidency to 'Flyin' Ted': How Ted Cruz became the most ridiculed senator in US politics
86 Ted Cruz Faces Heat From Texas Voters After Cancún Getaway
87 Seth Rogen tells Texas Sen. Ted Cruz to 'get f**ked' in Twitter feud
88 Ted Cruz, John Cornyn vote in favor of failed attempt to dismiss Trump impeachment case
89 Protesters leave coffins on Sen. Ted Cruz's lawn, demand resignation after Capitol riot
90 Column: Ted Cruz shows why the GOP isn’t going back to Reaganism
91 Ted Cruz releases holds on Biden nominees as administration looks to get tough on Russia pipeline
92 Commentary: What has Sen. Ted Cruz really done for Texans?
93 Now you can take out your frustrations on Ted Cruz
94 Ted Cruz’s electoral vote speech will live in infamy
95 Ted Cruz, affirming Trump's refusal to concede, angles to be Trumpiest post-Trump contender
96 Sen. Ted Cruz's approval rating takes a big hit after Cancún trip
97 The Worst Ted Cruz Moments in History
98 Ted Cruz blocks a U.S. Senate resolution to honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg, citing a “partisan” amendment
99 Opinion | Never Forget What Ted Cruz Did
100 How Goldman Sachs Is Still Indirectly Supporting Ted Cruz Despite Stopping Political Donations