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1 Why Removing Roosevelt's Statue Is Good for Hunters | Outside Online
2 Teddy Roosevelt Gets Canceled
3 The new legacy of Teddy Roosevelt
4 Removing the Teddy Roosevelt statue is just the beginning
5 Teddy Roosevelt statue to be removed from famed natural history museum in New York
6 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Roosevelt's dinner brings questions
7 Teddy Roosevelt Statue To Be Removed From Museum of Natural History
8 Theodore Roosevelt's Resolve
9 The Removal of a Theodore Roosevelt Statue Is a Good First Step in Rethinking America’s Monuments
10 At the Rally to Save a Teddy Roosevelt Statue
11 Texas Matters: When Teddy Roosevelt Came To San Antonio And Changed The World
12 Teddy Roosevelt statue to be removed from American Natural History Museum in NYC
13 Theodore Roosevelt Sailors Receive COVID-19 Antibody Testing > US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE
14 Art history fact check: Trump mixes up Teddy Roosevelt with an anonymous Remington cowboy
15 Navy: Former USS Theodore Roosevelt Commander Will Not Be Reinstated
16 Opinion/Letter: 'Presentism' restricts view of history
17 NATIONAL VIEW: Teddy Roosevelt gets canceled
18 Theodore Roosevelt Statue Being Moved in New York City
19 The Secret Jewish History Of Teddy Roosevelt
20 Timeline: Theodore Roosevelt COVID-19 Outbreak Investigation
21 Museum of Natural History Removing Teddy Roosevelt Statue
22 Teddy Roosevelt statue in New York City to be removed
23 Joe Wiegand On US History, Teddy Roosevelt's Take On Current Events
24 Theodore Roosevelt Super Hornet Crashes in Philippine Sea; Pilot, Weapon Systems Officer Safe
25 Family member of Theodore Roosevelt weighs in on statue removal
26 Ben Stiller suggests Theodore Roosevelt statue be replaced by Robin Williams'
27 NYC To Back Removal Of Theodore Roosevelt Statue Outside Natural History Museum
28 Theodore Roosevelt Ferguson "Teddy" | Obituaries |
29 Dueling Protests Held Over Teddy Roosevelt Statue
30 Your View
31 New study of USS Theodore Roosevelt sailors reveals how coronavirus affects young, healthy adults
32 The USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier is coming to Bremerton in 2021
33 Remarks by President Trump at South Dakota's 2020 Mount Rushmore Fireworks Celebration | Keystone, South Dakota
34 Lien: Trump's BLM pick poisons the well
35 Humanities scholar Clay Jenkinson (a.k.a. ‘Thomas Jefferson’ and ‘Teddy Roosevelt’) on removal of Roosevelt statue
36 WATCH: Long Island Resident Protests Removal Of Roosevelt Statue
37 Civilization 6's Teddy Roosevelt of America Breakdown | Game Rant
38 The bronze metal goes to the mob
39 Buchanan: Trump can win cultural revolution battle
40 Column: Mitch Trubisky draws inspiration from a Teddy Roosevelt speech in his fight to be the Chicago Bears starter — and comes across authentic and confident
41 Toppling of Statues Triggers Reckoning Over Nation’s History
42 The creator of Mount Rushmore’s forgotten ties to white supremacy
43 Letter: Hagan is a principled man | Opinion
44 Activist petitions against bringing rejected statues to Newton Falls
45 Proud to celebrate America
46 Letter to the editor: Left wing liberals | Opinion
47 Outbreak investigation aboard US aircraft carrier may contain clues about Covid-19 among the young and healthy
48 Brooks Brothers Files for Bankruptcy
49 Column: Independence Day words that matter | Opinions and Editorials
50 Looking back in Lemoore
51 A Hard Stupid to Fix
52 West Side Rag » Images and Video from a Unique Independence Day
53 CNN loved Obama trip to 'majestic' Mount Rushmore, hates Trump visit to 'racist' monument
54 Activist: Removing statues a distraction from real issues
55 Peter 'Fish' Case: Celebrating freedom while taking freedom from others
56 From water to 'everything,' here's a look at every US president's favorite drink
57 Drake High School protesters demand name change
58 7 Little-Known Legacies of Teddy Roosevelt
59 Presidential historian: Trump’s handling of pandemic ‘doesn’t make sense to me’
60 What Does It Mean to Tear Down a Statue?
61 Another Virus
62 Royal Alexander: Those who seek to erase America
63 Let’s Finish the American Revolution
64 Now Do Lincoln
65 Vermonting: A Bike Ride Around Isle La Motte Turns Up History, Religion and Very Old Rocks
66 Roundtable: Guiding principles on statues?
67 Dear America: Your Heroes are Not Necessarily My Heroes
68 Mike Jacobs: N.D.’s public intellectual offers four new books
69 The Price of White Evangelical Patriarchy
70 The Alienist Season 2: Release Date And Who Is In Cast?
71 Joe Biden won't lift a finger to stop radicals
72 Cheyenne Sioux River Tribe chairman joins fellow tribe in call to remove Mount Rushmore
73 I’m going to the polls, even if I have to crawl through glass | Letters
74 Teddy Roosevelt And The Golden Tickets: A President's 'Cold War' With Baseball
75 Is America Ready For A President Paltrow? “The Politician” Sure Seems To Think So
76 Black Lives Matter rewrites history
77 Dreams do come true: new owners of iconic property in southwest Nova Scotia treasure its stories
78 6 Things We Still Thank Teddy Roosevelt for Today
79 Colleges should follow the Ivy League, again, and shut down sports this year
80 “He Wasn't Invited”: How Trump's Racist Mt. Rushmore Celebration Violated Indigenous Sovereignty
81 Brooks encourages Americans to celebrate independence, foundational principles
82 “Teddy Roosevelt” salutes truckers
83 Sailor from USS Teddy Roosevelt found unconscious, transferred to intensive care
84 NYPD: Paint Thrown On Teddy Roosevelt Statue Outside Museum Of Natural History
85 Teddy Roosevelt on a Moose: Fake News, or Fake Fake News?
86 Here's the President's Daily Brief –
87 'Attempted Murder of Teddy Roosevelt': Good fun
88 The remarkable life of Teddy Roosevelt
89 How Theodore Roosevelt Fell in Love With the American West
90 Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Dream Running Mate’ Is Teddy Roosevelt
91 A Look Back
92 Column: Teddy Roosevelt, then and now | Opinions and Editorials
93 The View From Swamptown: Remembering Teddy Roosevelt and the USN Torpedo Boat Porter
94 The problem with the 'Hamilton' movie
95 Statement From SECNAV on Relief of CO Aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71)
96 Masked Man Throws Paint On UWS Teddy Roosevelt Statue, Cops Say
97 USS Theodore Roosevelt Back Underway 2 Months After COVID Outbreak
98 Finalists announced in Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library design competition
99 Sailor from Theodore Roosevelt has died of COVID-19 complications
100 Teddy Roosevelt's great-grandson weighs in on dismissal of Navy captain: 'Crozier is a hero' | TheHill