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1 Valentina Tereshkova: First woman to travel in space
2 ‘It’s always a surprise’
3 TU researchers, Bridenstine, talk technical about space, plus more collaboration
4 On This Day Valentina Tereshkova, the First Woman in Space, Was Born
5 First woman in space brought down to earth by anger over bid to prolong Putin rule
6 What was the first Pulitzer-winning podcast? The Weekend quiz
7 Valentina Tereshkova: A Legend in Our Time
8 Pioneer to pariah: Russia's first woman in space criticized over amendment to extend Putin's power
9 Putin wishes first woman in space Valentina Tereshkova happy birthday
10 Almost 90% of Astronauts Have Been Men. But The Future of Space May Be Female
11 Valentina Tereshkova: First Woman in Space
12 Putin backs former cosmonaut’s proposed amendment that would allow him to extend term as Russian president
13 Valentina Tereshkova: USSR was 'worried' about women in space
14 The Soviet Space Program Was Not Woke
15 Female astronauts who've made history as NASA plans for first woman to walk on moon
16 Valentina Tereshkova and the American Imagination
17 The first woman in space: 'People shouldn’t waste money on wars'
18 The First Group of Female Cosmonauts Were Trained to Conquer the Final Frontier
19 Valentina Tereshkova: The First Woman in Space
20 Valentina Tereshkova Made One Giant Leap For Womankind
21 The future of space may be female
22 Valentina Tereshkova's Journal Sheds New Light on Her Historic Spaceflight
23 The Flight Of The Seagull: Valentina Tereshkova, Cosmonaut
24 Our Spaceflight Heritage: Tereshkova's flight for equality
25 This Week In NASA History: Soviet Valentina Tereshkova Became The First Woman To Fly In
26 We can thank 'Orange is the New Black' for reminding us all of this pioneering female cosmonaut
27 How the Soviets Won the Space Race for Equality
28 The First Woman In Space Turns 80, And You Probably Never Heard Of Her
29 Motive behind Russian vote is anyone's guess
30 Can you answer these real 'Jeopardy!' clues about space?
31 56 Years Ago, Valentina Tereshkova Became the First Woman in Space
32 Fmr USSR Hero Proposes Reset To Putin Terms, Stirs Controversy
33 How space affects women and men differently
34 Happy Birthday to the First Woman in Space
35 Covid vaccine race: Unfazed claims on ‘un-phased’ trials?
36 Valentina Tereshkova, legendary Soviet cosmonaut and the first woman in space
37 This date in science: Who was the first woman in space? | Human World
38 Why It Shouldn't Be so Difficult for a Woman to Fly Gaganyaan First – But Is
39 Populism has revived the president-for-life | Comment
40 15 most iconic ‘Only in USSR!’ photos in history
41 Russian woman paved the way for Sally Ride, other women to fly in space
42 The Kremlin lies to kids
43 Tereshkova marks 50 years since historic flight
44 Putin backs proposal resetting Russian presidential term limits
45 Putin Is Perfecting His Authoritarian Model
46 The first woman in space was a Russian cosmonaut
47 Different battle, same fight: meet women in crises working toward equality
48 First woman in space Valentina Tereshkova may meet with Queen Elizabeth II
49 Valentina Tereshkova, 76, first woman in space, seeks one-way ticket to Mars
50 When Sally Ride Took Her First Space Flight, Sexism Was the Norm
51 The First Woman in Space: The Story of Valentina Tereshkova
52 Things We Saw Today: On This Day Fifty-Five Years Ago, Valentina Tereshkova Became the First Woman in Space
53 The final frontier: The 40 most important events in the history of space exploration
54 Sally Ride, Valentina Tereshkova Proved Space Isn’t Just for Boys (Guest Blog)
55 The tale of the two female pilots who could have been the first women in space
56 Russia bids farewell to first man who walked in space
57 Valentina Tereshkova: The Greta Garbo of space
58 Missions of Vostok-5 and Vostok-6 spacecraft
59 Women in space: A gallery of firsts
60 Excerpts from the Sanders Files in a Russian Archive
61 The First Woman in Space, Russia's Valentina Tereshkova Turns 80
62 Who’s the girl from the iconic ‘Alenka’ chocolate bar?
63 History-making astronaut Dr. Soyeon Yi lands at Alki Elementary
64 Women Can Spacewalk. But Can They Cross the Gender Line?
65 Russia passes bill allowing Putin to run again for president in 2024
66 Retired NASA astronauts discuss the future of spaceflight
67 Putin Could Stay President Until 2036 Under New Proposal
68 NASA Astronaut Christina Koch Just Officially Shattered a New Spaceflight Record
69 space TV
70 Vostok cosmonaut Valery Bykovsky, who flew three missions, dies at 84
71 On this Day: Soviet Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova becomes the first woman in space
72 Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova Reveals Former USSR Wasn’t That Keen On Sending Women Into Space
73 How Kalpana Chawla, Sunita Williams and Other Women Across The World Fared In Space
74 Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova: The World’s First And Only Woman To Ever Complete A Solo Space Mission
75 You Thought Sally Ride Was the First Woman in Space? Meet Valentina Tereshkova
76 The First Woman in Space | WMRA and WEMC
77 The path to lifelong presidency | Daily Sabah
78 First Woman Astronaut Turning 70
79 8 Amazing Facts About Valentina Tereshkova, World's First Woman in Space
80 Today in History -- June 16
81 March 6, 1937: Birth of a Soviet Hero, First Woman Into Space
82 Two NASA women make history in all-female space walk — but gender equity a ways off
83 Valentina Tereshkova Became The First Woman In Space, At Only 25!
84 Putin's Power Trip: How the President Has Cemented Russian Autocracy and Granted Himself Lifelong Legal Immunity
85 Russian spacecraft and artefacts land in London
86 Today in History | Today In History
87 British media launches Russian senate speaker INTO SPACE in latest battle with ‘difficult’ foreign names
88 How I learned to love the real Neil Armstrong and embrace the space race
89 Before Yuri Gagarin
90 Space-Bound Olympic Torch Heads to Launch Site as Cosmonaut Carries Flame
91 The rocket woman with her heart set on Mars
92 Women in space: In the beginning...
93 New Delhi's Russian centre marks Valentina Tereshkova's birthday
94 Valery Bykovsky, cosmonaut who held the record for the longest solo space flight – obituary
95 The Astronaut Bride
96 From Sputnik to Spacewalking: 7 Soviet Space Firsts
97 Soviet authorities 'worried' about female cosmonauts
98 New Female Astronauts Show Evolution of Women in Space
99 First woman in space opens personal exhibition at London's Science Museum
100 First flight