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1 Words from the 'Man in the Moon'
2 Space station commander Terry Virts celebrates 20 years of humans onboard the ISS
3 Coping with isolation, learning to adapt, and finding beauty in it with NASA astronaut Colonel Terry Virts
4 Astronaut Terry Virts explains how managing isolation in space has helped him through pandemic
5 Terry Virts | WIRED
6 Six and a Half Months in Orbit: Junk Food and Sublime Moments
7 Terry Virts & The Space Toilet: Exploring The Human Side Of Space Exploration
8 CBS News 8
9 Astronaut Terry Virts Shares Tips on Coping with Isolation
10 What's on TV Saturday and Sunday Talk 'The Call of the Wild'
11 Space Station 20th: Thanksgiving Celebrations in Space | NASA
12 Daily briefing: Pfizer COVID vaccine appears to be more than 90% effective
13 Author, astronaut Terry Virts to hold Zoom discussion
14 'How To Astronaut' – A Memoir To Inspire Future Space Travelers
15 RadioWest's 2020 Holiday Books Show | RadioWest
16 Retired NASA Astronaut Terry Virts, Aviators Set World Circumnavigation Speed Record to Honor Apollo 11
17 Astronaut Terry Virts Directing Movie About His Round-the-World Speed Record Attempt
18 Bookworm: Virts offers detailed book for future astronauts
19 Astronaut Terry Virts: How Apollo 11 inspired my space journey
20 Pasadena police investigate hit-and-run and nearby shooting
21 Frank Buckley Interviews: Colonel Terry Virts, Astronaut
22 Astronaut Terry Virts talks space photography, science fiction and growing up in Columbia
23 Astronaut Terry Virts photos, experiences in space are out of this world
24 How a NASA astronaut made basic tasks interesting in space
25 Astronaut and Maryland native Terry Virts retires from NASA
26 Former astronaut criticizes lunar gateway plans
27 Former NASA astronaut Terry Virts bringing out-of-this-world stories to Peace Center
28 Hitting the Books: The invisible threat that every ISS astronaut fears
29 Space Curious: The questions we ask (and forget to ask) astronauts
30 National Geographic LIVE! with Astronaut Terry Virts: A View from Above
31 NASA astronaut Terry Virts to describe the 'View from Above' at Mondavi
32 Astronaut Doug Hurley talks what's next for NASA
33 Police pursuit in Ventura ends with fatal shooting Toggle header content
34 New adult materials at the Athol Public Library
35 What Astronauts Can Teach Us About Isolation and Quarantine
36 Inside the ISS: Astronauts tell their amazing tales of living in space
37 The Reasons For A Space Force
38 Shuttle Veteran Leads First Human Space Mission Launched From US Since 2011
39 Exclusive: Astronaut Terry Virts Reveals Power of Space Photography
40 NASA Astronaut Doug Hurley Prepares To Return To Space
41 Astronaut Gets Sweet Message He Can See From Space
42 Talking international collaboration and haircuts on the space station
43 Thursday’s Houston Matters: Improving Law Enforcement Encounters With Those With Autism, And Stories From Daily Life In Space (Sept. 17, 2020)
44 Space Photography: Astronaut Releases 'A View From Above'
45 A space corps in the US military a 'no brainer,' says former astronaut
46 Conversations: Q&A with Former NASA Astronaut Terry Virts
47 NASA astronaut: Jeff Bezos is making the 'most important rocket engine of the 21st century' (not Elon Musk)
48 How to Astronaut: an insider’s guide to leaving planet Earth
49 Exclusive: 10 things I've learned from being stranded in space
50 Astronaut Terry Virts Talks Flat Earthers, Galactic Photography and Hollywood's Best Space Movie
51 Isolation 101: An astronaut recounts being stranded in space
52 One Astronaut's Stunning Vine Shows a Huge Lightning Storm From Space
53 Nasa astronaut Terry Virts reveals top tips for avoiding bust-ups with the people you live with
54 Some planets may have more suitable conditions for life than Earth: Study
55 Astronaut will visit St. Louis to talk space, aliens and his latest record-breaking flight
56 Astronaut creates deluxe edition of Apollo 11 moon landing plan
57 Marginalia: Terry Virts
58 NASA's Chris Cassidy Returns To Earth After Stay On International Space Station
59 Extra: Vision Films takes rights to “One More Orbit”; Pluto TV to launch in Brazil
60 Leonard Nimoy Honored By Astronaut Terry Virts From Space
61 Out of this world photography
62 READY TO LAUNCH | Astronaut Terry Virts talks about his adventures in outer space in Thousand Oaks
63 Courthouse Notes: Frederick County: Nov. 19-25
64 First 'intact' planet found circling a dead star — this Jupiter-sized anomaly is in orbit rather than being pu
65 Even astronauts get ornery: Coronavirus advice from those who have endured social distancing in the extreme
66 Astronauts View From Above landing at the Hult
67 Robot Helpers Are Coming to the Space Station
68 AI For Good Starts With Collaboration
69 Next in space: Future to include more space travel for Americans, astronauts wanted
70 NASA Test Pilots and Astronaut for Launch America Share Common Bond
71 What it's like in the Bermuda Triangle of space
72 Astronaut Terry Virts celebrates 50th anniversary of moon landing with Budweiser Discovery Reserve
73 This New Smart Telescope Lets You Take High-Def Photos of Space
74 The Science Books We're Reading in Fall 2020
75 'Surreal' Phone Call Helped Make This Test Pilot an Astronaut
76 Library Notes | Living
77 Astronaut Terry Virts pays tribute to Jackie Robinson from the International Space Station
78 'Vigorous' magnetic field oddity spotted over South Atlantic
79 National Geographic Live with Astronaut Terry Virts at The Peace Center
80 NASA astronaut Terry Virts returns from spacewalk with leak in helmet
81 Coronavirus Outbreak: NASA Astronaut tells how to stay calm during the lockdown
82 NASA astronaut turned space station into Santa's grotto for Christmas
83 What happens when one twin goes to space and the other stays on Earth? Study explores effects of space travel.
84 'Star Trek' Cameos Help Astronauts Live Out Sci-Fi Dreams
85 What happens when an emergency alarm goes off on the International Space Station?
86 I was an astronaut. We need a Space Force.
87 What Is It Like to Become an Astronaut?
88 Former Astronaut Backs Trump's Idea Of A 'Space Force'
89 Bookworm: ‘Anxious People’ a feel-good novel that runs away with you
90 Astronauts to Flat-Earther B.o.B: We've Seen the Curve
91 Around the world in 48 hours? Former astronaut to attempt global speed record
92 A former commander of the International Space Station just backed the idea of a US military space force
93 Leadership Lessons From Outer Space
94 Michigan site selected for vertical space launch, will create jobs
95 Tewksbury Public Library events
96 ESA image: Astronaut Terry Virts in freefall
97 Your Brain in Space
98 A sign from space: Live long and prosper, Leonard Nimoy
99 Former astronaut helps break flight record over poles
100 Flying Around the World for Apollo 11 in 'One More Orbit' Doc Trailer