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1 Tesla won't cut Model 3 price, new smaller car will be to woo more buyers
2 Tesla Model 3 with 100,000 miles shows extreme low cost and minimal battery degradation
3 Wawa Announces Tesla Model 3 Lease Sweepstakes for Virginia Residents
4 Video: Tesla Model 3 plows dummy pedestrian in automatic brake test
5 Elon Musk promises $25,000 Tesla and says Model S 'Plaid' is coming soon
6 Neta Eureka 03 Concept Answers The Call Of The Tesla Model 3
7 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Takes on Racetrack, Brakes Happy It's Just One Lap
8 2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance Takes Down 1969 Coronet at the Track
9 Tesla Tells Us How It Keeps Beating Nearly Everyone in the Range Game
10 Tesla Model 3 Holds Up Surprisingly Well After 100,000 Miles
11 Tesla Model 3 Bucks Trend of Electric Vehicles Depreciating Rapidly
12 Holland police detectives getting Tesla Model 3
13 The MINI Cooper Electric beats the Tesla Model 3 only a single area
14 Tesla Model 3 In-Depth 10,000-Mile Cost-Of-Ownership Analysis
15 Motor Mouth: Tesla's real business model needs a reality check
16 Watch a Tesla Model 3 F ail an Automatic Braking Test and Vaporize a Robot Pedestrian
17 Tesla to export Model 3 made-in-China cars, something Elon Musk said they wouldn’t do
18 Watch Hoonigan Go Deep On Crazy Pikes Peak Tesla Model 3
19 Here's How You Could Win a 2020 Tesla Model 3 For Free
20 Neta Eureka 03 Concept Is A Sharp Electric Sports Sedan That Will Spawn A Tesla Model 3 Rival
21 Watch Tesla Model 3 Tackle Death Valley & Moab: High Heat & Tough Terrain
22 Tesla launches $2,000 ‘Acceleration Boost’ upgrade on Model Y
23 Tesla Model 3 Self-Proclaimed Salesman: Awesome Uber Rider Reactions
24 Tesla Tire Costs 10× Battery Cost, & My Plan To Deflate Tire Costs 90%
25 Watch A Tesla Model 3 Run Down A Pedestrian Dummy
26 Review: Polestar 2, a Tesla Model 3 rival with Volvo roots
27 TMZ's Giving Away a New Tesla, Enter to Win Now!
28 How Much Does It Cost To Charge A Tesla
29 Tesla Wants an EV Smaller Than the Model 3
30 Tesla Model 3 is revealed as the UK’s most popular electric car
31 Tesla Model 3 emits 65% less lifetime emissions than Mercedes-Benz C-Class, study shows
32 Nessa Barret reveals first look at her brand new Tesla Model 3
33 Tesla shares recharged by Chinese demand for Model 3
34 Tesla Model 3 Emits ~65% Less CO2 Than Mercedes C-Class With Diesel Engine
35 Tesla Model 3 isn't China's top selling EV -- it's a GM vehicle
36 Video Really Puts The Tesla Model 3 Vs Polestar 2 Debate Into Perspective
37 Tesla Model 3 named most reliable electric and executive car
38 Tesla Model 3 Crashed on Friday, Rebuilt on Saturday, Driven to Second in Pikes Peak on Sunday
39 Tesla Model 3 poised for power liftgate, center console upgrade, new ‘frunk,’ and more
40 Anti-Tesla Talking Point Crushed By UK Survey — Tesla Model 3 Is Reliability King
41 VW ID.4 Vs. Tesla Model Y Comparison: Electric Reckoning
42 This Clip Of A Tesla Model 3 Failing An Automatic Emergency Brake Test Is Hilarious
43 Tesla Model 3 breaks Guinness World Record as fastest charging electric vehicle
44 Elon Musk: How About A SpaceX-Edition Tesla Model 3?
45 New Tesla video shows Model 3 cars being made inside its China factory
46 Tesla and the Model 3 overtake ICE competitors in Hong Kong
47 Electric showdown: Tesla Model 3 vs Polestar 2
48 What's the Polestar 2? Meet the Tesla Model 3's first true competitor
49 This tech entrepreneur is building a Tesla off-roading resort near Yosemite
50 Tesla Model Y Acceleration Boost now available for the same price
51 Tesla Model 3 police cruiser gives look at electric patrolling in ride-along video
52 Tesla Model Y efficiency exceeds early-production Model 3, data shows
53 The Age of Electric Cars Is Dawning Ahead of Schedule
54 How far can you drive an electric car at 70mph before it stops?
55 Win your dream car: a 2020 Tesla Model 3
56 Volvo’s Polestar 2 Outsold Tesla’s Model 3 In Sweden And Norway In August
57 Star Vlogger Kim Java Loves Her Family-Friendly Tesla Model X
58 Tesla Battery Day recap: Model S Plaid and a $25,000 EV lead the big news
59 Electrified Garage Comes to Ocala
60 Tesla Model 3: 10 Things NOT In The Owner's Manual To Look Out For
61 Tesla Semi orders pile up at Walmart
62 Watch Tesla Model S Raven Take On Tons Of Challengers In 1/4-Mile Races
63 Tesla’s plan for $25,000 car doesn’t worry its biggest Chinese rivals
64 Tesla taxi hits the road in Vancouver
65 Total Plug-In Vehicle Sales In United States Reach 1.6 Million Units
66 GM Makes A $4,000 EV That Will Blow Your Mind — It Outsells The Tesla Model 3
67 South Korea: EV Makers Will Have Hard Time Matching Tesla's $25,000 Car
68 Austria: Record Plug-In Electric Car Sales In August 2020
69 Rumor and Speculation Around Larger Tesla SUV...
70 VW ID.4 will have 2,200lb towing capacity, 2,700 for AWD model
71 Tesla Model 3: The Complete Guide
72 Which is better? The Tesla Model S and Model 3 compared
73 Tesla Model S Plaid may be required to use a parachute when racing in drag strips
74 Tesla Model 3 hatchback may land as cheaper EV
75 Tesla cuts car prices by up to $5,000
76 One Year With a Tesla Model 3 Performance: An Owner's Perspective
77 Tesla updates Model 3 interior to match Model Y features
78 Tesla is bringing chrome delete to Model 3
79 The Polestar 2 bests the Tesla Model 3 in drivability and enjoyment
80 Tesla announces Model 3 Performance range increase in China
81 Tesla Model 3 retains almost 90% of its value over 3 years, study shows
82 Tesla Model 3 updates, design, features, and options, ranked
83 Tesla Model 3 looks like rugged electric off-road machine with new kit
84 The $35k Tesla Model 3 still exists—off-menu
85 Tesla reportedly adding USB-C ports and wireless phone charging to US-made Model 3 vehicles
86 Tesla is cutting prices in China so the Model 3 qualifies for subsidies
87 How Well Does an Tesla Model 3 Work For a Long Trip?
88 Our 2019 Tesla Model 3 Has Changed a Lot in Just Six Months
89 Tesla launches discontinued Model 3 Long Range RWD as made-in-China car
90 Mainstream EV Adoption: 5 Speedbumps to Overcome
91 What Its Like to Drive a Tesla Model 3
92 Tesla nears debut of new 400-mile China-made Model 3
93 Tesla scraps plans for its bargain version of the Model Y
94 Tesla Model S vs. Tesla Model 3
95 Tesla hits it big in Korea, Model 3 sales jump
96 You Can Now View Tesla Model 3's Past Dashcam Footage on Its Screen
97 Tesla Model S vs. Tesla Model 3 Comparison
98 Tesla Model 3 makes Consumer Reports ‘Top Picks’ list for 2020
99 Tesla Model 3 Loses Its Roof Courtesy of Newport Convertible Engineering
100 Watch Jamie Foxx go zero to 60 while test-driving a Tesla: 'Holler at me, Elon'