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1 Tesla will boost your Model Y's acceleration for $2,000
2 Tesla Model Y now eligible for Acceleration Boost upgrade
3 Tesla Model Y Was The Smoothest Tesla Launch Yet
4 Tesla Model Y Vs VW ID.4: Tesla Fan Reaction & Detailed Comparison
5 Are Cheaper Tesla Model 3 And Model Y Vehicles Coming Soon?
6 Volkswagen ID.4 electric vs Tesla Model Y: first look
7 VW CEO tests Tesla Model Y, calls it a VW ‘reference’ car
8 How Does The VW ID.4 Stack Up To Tesla Model Y, Ford Mustang Mach-E?
9 Tesla Model Y owners find cheap Home Depot trim propping up cooling system
10 Some Tesla Model Y owners report odd-looking cooling mount inside cars
11 VW executive: Tesla Model Y is a reference vehicle for our competition
12 Tesla Model Y 10,000-Mile Review: Ownership Experience & Lessons Learned
13 Watch This Lifted Tesla Model Y Get Down And Dirty In Off-Road Adventure
14 2020 Tesla Model Y Crossover | Is This The Best Tesla To Buy Right Now?
15 Tesla Model Y prototype spotted in China — hinting at pre-production
16 Tesla Model Y Quality Update September 2020: Is It Finally Improving?
17 VW comes after Tesla with detailed ID.4 and Model Y comparison
18 Deep Dive: How Does The Tesla Model Y Stack Up To The Model 3?
19 “Radically” redesigned Tesla Model Y to be built in Berlin, Musk says
20 Tesla Model Y Owners Find Cooling System Cobbled Together With Home Depot-Grade Fake Wood
21 Tesla Model Y Performance Tackles World's Toughest EV Test Like A Champ
22 Tesla Sentry Mode Captures Woman Scratching Model Y With Knife
23 Tesla Model Y Cold & Snow Testing: How Will The Y Fare In The Winter?
24 How Much Does It Cost To Charge A Tesla
25 Tesla Model Y Built In Germany Will Use Large Front Casting
26 Tesla Model Y takes the ultimate off-road challenge…and wins
27 Internal VW Document Shows Detailed ID.4 And Tesla Model Y Comparison
28 Watch Tesla Model Y Duel Jeep Trackhawk In A Red Hot Drag Race
29 Did Tesla Fix Model Y Delivery Issues We Previously Shared?
30 Lynk & Co Zero Concept Previews Tesla Model Y Fighter
31 Tesla Model Y Owner Discovers Potentially Fatal Issue
32 Tesla Using Cheap Wood Molding On A Critical Model Y Part
33 Tesla Model Y With GoPro Captures Multi-Car Highway Crash
34 Tesla Model Y to use one-piece front casting in Germany: report
35 Tesla Model Y efficiency exceeds early-production Model 3, data shows
36 Volkswagen ID.4 vs Tesla Model Y Comparison Shows the Fight Is On
37 Tesla’s made-in-China Model Y launch imminent
38 Tesla Model Y Performance Plows Through Its Paces In One Lap
39 Watch Tesla Model Y Drag Race Jeep Trackhawk: World's Quickest SUV Battle
40 More Tesla Model Y Off-Road, Mud, And Carnage
41 Drag Race: Tesla Model Y vs. BMW X3 M vs. Mercedes-Benz AMG GLC 63
42 VW ID.4 Towing Capacity Leaves Tesla Model Y For Dead
43 VW goes electric with made-in-USA SUV
44 Tesla Tells Us How It Keeps Beating Nearly Everyone in the Range Game
45 The Secret Adjustment Factor Tesla Uses to Get Its Big EPA Range Numbers
46 Ford Thinks It Is “The Only American Automaker” Supporting California’s Climate Action Plan?
47 Tesla Sentry Mode is coming to Amazon’s Ring with new USB hub
48 Edmunds: Why electric vehicle ranges vary from EPA estimate
49 Tesla scraps plans for its bargain version of the Model Y
50 Ride-and-drive lets people experience electric cars
51 First 100 Xpeng G3 Electric SUVs On Their Way To Norway
52 Tesla Model S Plaid may be required to use a parachute when racing in drag strips
53 Volkswagen And Tesla 'Need Each Other,' VW Says
54 Is Tesla’s Model Y Crossover the World’s Best Car?
55 Tested: 2020 Tesla Model Y Long Range Crosses Over Into the Mainstream
56 VIDEO: Everything You Need to Know About the Tesla Model Y
57 First drive review: 2020 Tesla Model Y sets the benchmark for electric crossovers
58 Tesla Model Y deliveries begin in the US
59 Tesla surprisingly lists Model Y Long Range RWD for $48,000
60 The 2020 Tesla Model Y Proves How Far Behind The Rest Of The Auto Industry Still Is
61 Tesla Drops Standard-Range Model Y, Cuts Price on Long-Range AWD Version
62 Tesla Purchases More Land Adjacent To Giga Austin Site
63 Tesla Model Y Preview
64 Tesla Model Y Now Comes in a Toddler Size from Radio Flyer
65 Tesla Model Y Road Trip Review: a no-compromise electric SUV
66 First drive review: 2020 Tesla Model Y rethinks the automobile in smart ways
67 Payne: Tesla Model Y charges luxury SUV market with roomy SUV version of its Model 3
68 Tesla picks Texas, will redesign Model Y for European production
69 Tesla Model Y ‘surprises’ in highway speed test against rest of Tesla lineup
70 Tesla Model Y lands in Europe thanks to Volvo looking to reverse engineer it
71 11 electric SUVs coming for the Tesla Model Y
72 Tesla cuts Model Y price, cancels lower-cost standard version
73 My Remote Road Trip in the Tesla Model Y | Outside Online
74 Tesla drastically accelerates Model Y delivery timeline — What is happening?
75 Tesla Model Y with 7-seat coming ‘probably early Q4,’ says Elon Musk
76 First Drive: 2020 Tesla Model Y Performance |
77 Volkswagen Takes On Tesla’s Model Y With A New Electric SUV
78 2020 Tesla Model Y Long Range First Drive Review: Bring the Family
79 11% Plugin Vehicle Share in Europe!
80 Tesla Builds Its One Millionth EV, and It's a Model Y
81 Ford seemingly denies Tesla’s existence as it supports CA’s zero-emissions initiative
82 Tesla changes Model Y’s taillight design
83 Tesla launches Model Y leases, starting at $499 per month
84 Early Tesla Model Y shows significant build quality issues
85 Here’s Why The New Tesla Model Y Is The Best Car Of 2020!
86 Elon Musk reveals Tesla will change the Model Y design: Here's why.
87 Musk Reads: Cheaper Tesla Model Y coming
88 The Tesla Model Y and Casting Cars: The Return of the Alien Dreadnought
89 Tesla makes tiny change to Model Y that will save owners some headaches
90 Tesla Model Y Off-Roading Video Gets Hate on Twitter
91 Tesla Model 3 vs. Model Y? Which One Should You Buy?
92 Tesla releases impressive images of Model Y ‘revolutionary’ underbody with more to come
93 This Tesla Model Y Was A Disaster, But The Transformation Is Epic
94 Tesla officially starts Model Y deliveries
95 Tesla Model Y Available In US Faster Than S, 3, Or X — What’s Going On?
96 Tesla launches made-in-China Model Y configurator, starts taking orders
97 Podcast: Tesla car wrap service, Model Y Long Range RWD, Cadillac Lyriq, and more
98 The Tesla Model Y now comes in toddler size, and it'll cost you $100
99 Tesla Model Y Review: What's The Verdict After Two Months Of Ownership?
100 Tesla Model Y teardown reveals beautiful mega casting manufacturing breakthrough