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1 Musk: Tesla Semi ramp-up depends on battery cell supply—and infrastructure partners
2 Tesla is working with mysterious third-parties to deploy Megacharger network for electric semi trucks
3 Tesla (TSLA) secures massive order of Tesla Semi electric trucks from Walmart
4 Walmart Canada triples Tesla Semi order | FleetOwner
5 On 'Battery Day,' Tesla announces potential of new long-range battery for Semi
6 Walmart Announces It Is Tripling Tesla Semi Order.
7 The Daily Dash: Warehouse technologies, Nikola update and the Tesla Semi
8 The Tesla Semi Is the Perfect Luxury RV: The Semi-Home Concept
9 Elon Musk confirms Tesla ‘high volume’ battery cell production won’t start until 2022, will affect Cybertruck, Semi, and Roadster
10 Tesla Stays In The Black For A Fifth Quarter, Buoyed By Emissions Credit Sales
11 Walmart Canada Triples Its Number Of Tesla Semi Orders
12 Nikola's Trevor Milton bought semi design from someone else: report
13 130 Tesla Semi EV Trucks Will Be Hauling Walmart Stuff Around Canada
14 Tesla says embattled electric truck maker Nikola itself stole truck design
15 Tesla Has Another Profitable Quarter And It's Starting To Feel Like It's Turned The Corner
16 Tesla (TSLA) takes first step to produce 4680 battery cell in Texas
17 The Best Selling Point for the Electric Hummer? It Will Definitely Exist.
18 Here To Serve Provides Nickel Mining Update
19 Tesla’s Future Is Not What We Thought
20 Tesla’s secret weapon: Renewable energy credits
21 Tesla battery researcher shows new test results pointing to batteries lasting over 2 million miles
22 Walmart Canada ramps up its order of Tesla Semi trucks
23 Tesla delays Semi production and deliveries until 2021
24 Joe Hill Wants to Write and Direct a Remake of Stephen King's 'Maximum Overdrive'
25 How Tesla Could Reinvent PR
26 2022 Audi RS E-Tron GT, 2021 Acura RDX PMC, 2021 Ford Bronco: Car News Headlines
27 Tesla
28 Musk says yes: Tesla Semi reportedly being pushed toward mass-production
29 HYLN: Hyliion Goes Public, Racing With Tesla, Nikola to Build Electric Trucks
30 Report: LG Chem to triple cylindrical-cell production for EVs, plans "new form factor" cells
31 A Growing Reliance on Nickel Around the Globe Pushes Price to 11-Month High
32 With Tesla Semi and eCascadia coming, US electric truck sales are going to increase to over 54,000 by 2025
33 Elon Tweets About New Tesla Vehicle, Then Deletes Tweet
34 Tesla says you'll start seeing its futuristic Semi on the road this year
35 Mining giant cites Tesla’s battery efforts as a sign of nickel’s potential in the clean energy sector
36 Tesla Semi spotted being used to deliver cars in end-of-quarter push
37 Tesla Semi electric truck spotted coming back from winter testing ahead of production
38 Tesla Delays First Deliveries of Electric Semi to 2021
39 Forget Tesla's Battery Day, These EV Stories Are More Important
40 2 EV Stocks To Satiate The Tesla Battery Hype
41 Tesla Semi Animation, Growing Anticipation, & Other Heavy-Duty EVs
42 Waiting on the Tesla Semi
43 Tesla to give update on new Roadster and electric semi truck later this year
44 How Tesla's Cybertruck stacks up against the Hummer EV
45 Tesla Semi Pilot Line “Coming Together” — Employee Leak
46 New Tesla Semi Spotted in San Jose Testing with a Trailer
47 Production Of Tesla Semi Set To Kick Off In Second Half Of 2020
48 Tesla's Electric Semi Spotted Delivering Cars During End-Of-Quarter Rush
49 Tesla Delays Semi Electric Truck Delivery Back until Next Year
50 Tesla Semi: new update on test program, improvements, and timeline for electric truck
51 Tesla Semi is leading the charge toward the phase-out of diesel trucks
52 Tesla Semi's Latest Makeshift Megacharger Suggests Major Battery Upgrade
53 Auto Expert Says Tesla Semi Is “Pointless,” Seems To Miss The Point
54 Tesla Semi design lawsuit moves forward, Nikola Motors keeps looking weaker
55 Semi-Autonomous Vehicle Market Size, Sales, Share, Analysis, Industry Demand and Forecasts Report From 2020-2026
56 Tesla Semi prototype spotted in Canada, likely for winter testing
57 Bill Gates says Tesla Semi and electric airplanes will ‘probably never’ work, and he is wrong
58 Tesla Semi electric truck production to start ‘with limited volumes’ in 2020
59 Where Is The Tesla Semi Truck That We Were Promised?
60 Tesla picks Austin for its next US factory to build Cybertruck, Semi truck, Model Y
61 Tesla’s Semi Truck Could Bring In $2 Billion In Revenues By 2025
62 Clean Trucks Like The Tesla Semi Are More Important Than Ever
63 Tesla Semi electric truck delayed until 2021
64 Nikola's Hydrogen Truck Vs. Tesla's Electric Semi
65 What's Going On With The Tesla Semi Truck?
66 Tesla Semi’s spacious cabin highlighted in side-by-side picture with diesel trucks
67 Evaluating The True Efficiency Of The Tesla Semi Truck | HotCars
68 Tesla Semi put to work as California aims for zero truck emissions
69 The Tesla Semi Is Still Stalled
70 Tesla is trying to change law that would make its electric semi truck popular in Europe
71 Tesla Semi Will Have 6 Advantages When Entering The Market
72 Here's Everything We Know About the Tesla Semi
73 Tesla (and other electric semi competitors) just got good news
74 Tesla Can Produce The Semi in a Tent and Batteries in Nevada
75 Bill Gates says Tesla's battery powered semis 'will probably never be a practical solution'
76 Tesla Semi to shock the trucking market as research firm predicts 54k electric trucks by 2025
77 Mercedes unveils 2 new electric semi-trucks to take on Nikola, Tesla
78 Grants to Help Deploy 70 All-Electric Volvo Trucks
79 Tesla Semi prototype spotted on a trailer – joining Cybertruck in LA
80 Questions Remain, But This May Now Be The Time For The Tesla Semi
81 Tesla semi delayed once again
82 This is the Tesla Semi truck
83 Tesla Semi surge, Nikola Badger production plans, Pacifica Hybrid recall: Today's Car News
84 Tesla Semi to enter first production in second half of 2020
85 Update: Tesla Semi’s ad hoc ‘Megacharger’ setup spotted in the open at Supercharger
86 Tesla Semi spotted delivering Model 3 fleet in Q2 push
87 Tesla Semi to Shock Trucking Market as Research Firm Predicts 54K Electric Trucks by 2025
88 The military develops plan to use EVs similar to Tesla Semi for remote missions
89 Tesla Semi customer reveals production timeline and expected first delivery timeframe
90 Tesla Touches $400 Billion After Latest Boost From Street
91 6 keys to Tesla's future: Elon Musk's electric car maker beats existential threats
92 Patent office gives Nikola a small victory in $2B lawsuit over Tesla Semi
93 This expert says Tesla Semi is economically and ecologically pointless
94 Capitalism Will Ruin the Earth By 2050, Scientists Say
95 Tesla Semi Prototypes Spotted After Winter Testing In Alaska
96 Weekend Roundup: IBM, Amazon and Facial Recognition; Tesla Semi
97 See Tesla Cybertruck, Roadster, Semi In Unique Side-By-Side Walkaround Video
98 Tesla Semi gets 'real world validation'
99 Tesla Semi Prototype Spotted Hauling 75,000-Pound Load Through Northern California
100 Tesla Semi May Change The Trucking Industry as We Know It