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1 Tesla teardown expert breaks down the new 4680 Battery Pack
2 Tesla’s giant battery cell plant in Germany can be expanded to 250 GWh/year
3 Nissan Titan EV to join Tesla Cybertruck, Rivian R1T, and others in electric pickup revolution
4 Tesla China signs contract with LG Chem for Model Y production
5 A SpaceX rocket just aced its seventh launch and landing for the first time
6 Tesla Model S Long Range Plus now boasts 409 miles per charge: report
7 SpaceX’s most important Falcon 9 booster yet returns to port with a lean
8 SpaceX ‘go’ for 50,000-foot Starship launch debut after static fire, Elon Musk says
9 Starlink competitor Xfinity launches data caps, which SpaceX says it will not use
10 Tesla rival Xpeng to use LiDAR, deviating from lawsuit of former employee
11 Tesla’s 500K guidance effort gets boost as Giga Shanghai targets 5,700/week production in November
12 Tesla owner puts SpaceX Starlink to the test in the wild
13 Tesla (TSLA) stock jumps Tuesday as investors prepare for White House transition
14 Tesla Semi spotted among regular work trucks amid Fremont Factory’s Q4 blitz
15 Closer look at new Tesla Model 3 updates and features after first US, Canada deliveries
16 Lucid reveals the name for its Model S competitor: the Lucid Air Pure
17 A $5.4M Tesla (TSLA) winner is asking you what to do with his gains
18 Ford flips stance on Tesla’s battery production strategy that has ‘no advantage’
19 Tesla to start Giga Berlin hiring in January with 7,000 jobs: report
20 Tesla is changing the Cybertruck and will unveil it ‘in a month or so’
21 Rivian R1T, R1S Launch Edition now sold out
22 Tesla Model S and Model Y miss out on Consumer Reports ‘recommended’ rating
23 Elon Musk adds $82.2B to net worth in 2020 after TSLA stock surge
24 Tesla ramps hiring for Giga Berlin’s cell production ahead of Chinese battery manufacturers’ arrivals
25 Tesla Giga Shanghai’s Model 3 production run-rate already hitting 91% of ambitious 2021 targets
26 SpaceX Starship saved by ‘burst disk’ after Raptor static fire ends badly
27 Tesla’s largest public Supercharger with 56 V3 stalls goes online
28 Tesla FSD beta is learning tricks to navigate tight spaces
29 Tesla FSD beta’s Las Vegas inner-city test suggests that autonomy is closer than we think
30 Tesla Model 3 owner cleverly outsmarts worst thieves ever with mobile app features
31 Tesla Model S police cruiser aces pilot program with remarkably short downtime
32 Tesla gears up for refresh Model 3 delivery ramp
33 Tesla files recall for 9,136 2015-2016 Model X over adhesive issue: NHTSA
34 Tesla alerts Model Y reservation holders in Europe to expect delivery in early 2021
35 Elon Musk’s Tesla Tequila is now sold out
36 Tesla submits filings for battery cell production at Gigafactory Texas
37 Elon Musk shares details about Tesla’s mRNA microfactories for CureVac
38 Tesla (TSLA) to join S&P 500 December 21st
39 Ford Mustang Mach-E gets near-Tesla-level EPA-rated range
40 First in-depth look at Tesla’s ‘refreshed’ Model 3
41 SpaceX’s high-altitude Starship launch debut unlikely before Crew-1
42 Tesla’s entry-level wages for Giga Berlin are a ‘blast’ at their level: workers’ agency head
43 SpaceX operational astronaut launch debut back on track after “nail polish” delay
44 Tesla Model 3 takes on the Nurburgring, approaches Porsche Taycan-level lap time
45 Boring Co. partner LVCVA obtains Vegas Monorail, making way for Vegas Loop expansion
46 GM shows full support for Biden, doubling down on EV development and adoption
47 SpaceX Starship wraps up nosecone ‘cryo proof’ and first of several Raptor static fires
48 Tesla 2020.44 code hints at potential in-vehicle 5G connectivity
49 SpaceX’s plans for a reusable Dragon spacecraft fleet detailed by Gwynne Shotwell
50 Tesla Model Y officially registered with China Ministry as local production nears
51 SpaceX eyes multiple Starship lunar landings before first NASA Moon mission
52 Tesla launches its UK Energy Plan, hints at upcoming Virtual Power Plant project
53 UPDATED: Mercedes-Benz throws in the towel on self-driving efforts: ‘We can no longer win’
54 Tesla’s sole ownership of Giga Shanghai is a silver bullet amid China’s anti-combustion engine initiative
55 Porsche Taycan driver takes ‘launch control’ a bit too literally in saddest parking fail ever
56 Tesla to ‘hopefully’ restock Tequila in December following quick sell out
57 SpaceX Crew-1 launch set for Sunday, ULA successfully launches spy satellite
58 Tesla’s new Roadster goes mainstream in cool, new cameo in ‘The Simpsons’
59 Tesla adds Honda to its Fiat pooling deal for potential killer profits in the future
60 SpaceX Falcon 9 launch up next after ULA spy satellite mission hits snag
61 Tesla Model 3 debris launched into homes in high-speed crash, driver cited for DUI
62 The alarming truth behind Plug-in Hybrids exposed by European transport group
63 Tesla plans to roll out incredibly frequent FSD Beta updates
64 SpaceX Crew Dragon aces third autonomous space station docking
65 GM-Nikola partnership talks hit standstill as termination date looms
66 Tesla loves Veterans: Here’s how the company has honored military heroes
67 Tesla starts hiring ramp for Gigafactory Texas engineers, HR
68 Elon Musk’s Starlink user documents are filled with meme-worthy Easter Eggs
69 SpaceX’s first West Coast rocket launch in 17 months back on track
70 First look at Rivian’s R1T and R1S Design Studio
71 Tesla (TSLA) stock feels market pressure ahead of US election
72 Tesla Gigafactory Berlin now in ‘calm waters’ as new project head takes command
73 Tesla Giga Berlin filings reveal plans for over 600 EV charging stations onsite
74 SpaceX fires up Falcon 9 rocket after booster engine swap
75 India official ramps efforts to attract Tesla for potential facility in Karnataka
76 US state hosting Tesla’s Cybertruck factory targets EV owners with higher fees
77 SpaceX Starlink internet approved in Canada, beta invites imminent
78 Tesla smart HVAC systems gain potential market with Australia’s ~AU$800M energy initiative in Victoria
79 Elon Musk tests positive…and negative for COVID-19
80 SpaceX’s first operational NASA astronaut mission (almost) ready for launch
81 Tesla employee foregoes $1M payment, works with FBI to thwart cybersecurity attack
82 Tesla owners share first glimpse of Full Self-Driving Beta in action, release notes, Autopilot settings
83 The ‘Elon Musk Method’ explains Tesla’s runaway success in the EV sector
84 Tesla’s Elon Musk talks single cast design and its collision repair strategy
85 Next-gen Tesla Roadster’s insane top speed sprint imagined in concept video
86 Tesla Model 3 driver walks away ‘scratch-free’ after high-speed crash
87 Tesla Model 3 ‘refresh’ goes live with 353-mile range, Uberturbine wheels, powered trunk, and more
88 UPDATE: Tesla gets progressive with Bitcoin ATMs at factories, claims report
89 SpaceX Starship prototype gearing up for first static fire with three Raptor engines
90 Tesla’s first Cybertruck-specific Supercharger spaces are now official
91 Tesla (TSLA) crushes Q3 earnings with record profit, accelerates global growth
92 Tesla Fandom: Terrific or Toxic?
93 Tesla Autopilot smoothly identifies and slows down for pedestrian in impressive video
94 Tesla will retire the iconic ‘skateboard’ it pioneered in favor of structural battery packs
95 Tesla mobile app shows signs of upcoming FSD subscriptions
96 Tesla Cyberquad replica rips past 100 mph with DIY electric powertrain
97 Tesla’s next-gen Roadster to take on the Nürburgring, confirms Musk
98 Tesla reveals plans for its fifth Gigafactory, but it won’t be in India
99 Suspect behind failed Tesla ransomware ploy on Giga Nevada pleads not guilty
100 Tesla’s new 4680 battery cells have been deployed in working vehicles for months