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1 Polls are tight in Texas. Will national Democrats invest enough to turn it blue?
2 Judge blocks Texas removal of straight-ticket voting
3 Texas Democratic Party calling on Republican leaders to sign Texas First Pledge
4 Texas Democratic Party Doing Outreach to 1 Million Unregistered Voters This Week
5 Despite Setbacks Texas Democrats Continue Fight To Equalize Voting Access
6 'Pretty Lame Excuse': Texas Democratic Party Chair Joins Trump In Criticizing Biden's Low-Key Campaign
7 Texas Democrats Claim ‘Unprecedented’ 1 Million Voter Registration Blitz, Where Trump And Biden Stay Close In Polls
8 While Texas Democrats cash in on Trump’s Supreme Court gambit, Biden treads lightly
9 Federal appeals court rejects Texas Democrats challenge to mail ballot age restrictions
10 Texas Democrats roll out first wave of planned digital ads as Election Day nears | TheHill
11 Texas Democrats Aim to Contact 1 Million Unregistered Voters
12 Ross Ramsey: The 2020 election and Texas’ incremental blues
13 Hillary Clinton to headline Texas Democrats’ Johnson-Jordan dinner
14 Court Blocks Democrats' Attempt to Revive Straight-Party Voting in Texas
15 U.S. House defeats East Texas congressman’s resolution to ban the Democratic Party
16 Garcia: Texas Democratic chair urges Biden to make serious campaign investment in this state
17 Texas Supreme Court Rules 3 Green Party Candidates Should Be Added Back To November Ballot
18 The price — and big potential payoff — of turning Texas blue
19 Poll: Trump and Biden tied in Texas ahead of first debate
20 Texas: Does Biden actually have a shot at winning? The answer is a tossup.
21 Crenshaw looms large as Democrats look to flip Texas House seat | TheHill
22 Why both Democrats and Republicans need the Hispanic vote in Texas in 2020
23 Voting Begins in a Month. Here’s What Is at Stake in Texas.
24 Texas Democratic Party on death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
25 Big donors fund state parties at record levels | TheHill
26 Texas Democrats Try To Drag State Rep. Lynn Stucky Into Christian Camp Scandal
27 National Democratic group to spend $6.2 million in Texas House fight
28 Democrats eye Arizona, Georgia and Texas as potentially winnable
29 How the next fight for the next Supreme Court Justice could affect Texas
30 Federal Appeals Court Hears Texas Vote-By-Mail Case
31 Texas Republicans fight vote by mail expansion while using it themselves
32 Texas college voter turnout at risk because of COVID-19 restrictions
33 Texas’ Candace Valenzuela wants to be the first Black Latina in Congress
34 If Texas Is a Battleground, Biden and Trump Aren’t Acting Like It
35 Democrats hope to turn Texas blue — in part by banking on Asian Americans
36 First Reading: Forecaster Rachel Bitecofer warns Texas Democrats not to unilaterally disarm
37 This group is trying to woo Latinos to the Texas GOP. Democrats are skeptical.
38 Health Commissioner Urges Texans To Get Flu Shots Early: ‘We Want As Few People As Possible To Get Sick’
39 Texas voter registration has plummeted during the pandemic
40 North Texas Political Leaders React to First Presidential Debate
41 U.S. appeals court rejects bid to expand voting by mail in Texas
42 How to become a Texas poll worker
43 Texas Republicans turn on GOP Gov. Abbott over extending early voting
44 Supreme Court blocks Harris County plan to send mail-in ballot applications
45 As battle for Texas House rages, Democrats, Republicans weigh bids to succeed Bonnen as speaker
46 Texas Supreme Court takes another look at mail-in voting
47 After 2018 wake-up call, Tarrant Republicans scramble to fend off Democrats in Texas House races
48 Texas 24th Congressional District Is Still a Toss Up
49 Joe Biden has 66% of Texas Latino vote, new poll shows
50 House rebuffs GOP lawmaker's effort to remove references to Democrats in Capitol | TheHill
51 New Texas Poll: Trump up in Close Race
52 Texas Republicans file lawsuit against Gov. Abbott over early voting
53 House votes to kill Gohmert-sponsored resolution to ban Democratic Party
54 How Republicans Are Trying to Use the Green Party to Their Advantage
55 Trump leads Biden by 3 points in Texas in poll released on day of first debate
56 Texas Democratic convention begin online Monday, GOP's will stay in-person
57 Sarah Davis and Ann Johnson debate flipping the Texas House, redistricting
58 Sen. Cruz says Trump’s taxes are not 'front and center' for Texans
59 Republican, Democratic Party chairs say sign stealing has to stop
60 Texas November 2020 Election Guide: Read This Before Voting for Judges | Texas Lawyer
61 Texas will play a small role in this year's Democratic National Convention
62 Texas Democrats look for the right tone in pandemic and election year
63 In Texas, President Donald Trump hopes bus tour will shore up support
64 Texas Democratic Party targets big counties with mail-in voting outreach
65 Texas Democrats Counting On Nonwhite Vote To Flip Seats In 2020
66 Joe Biden to address Texas Democratic Party convention June 6
67 Texas Democrats hope Kamala Harris will help them flip the state in November
68 Historic Runoff Turnout Sets Stage for Texas Democrats in 2020’s ‘Biggest Battleground’
69 Madigan gives $2M to Illinois Democratic Party, its largest donation in history
70 Mail ballots delayed again in legal fight | Coronavirus
71 Texas Democratic Party Shatters Fundraising Record
72 Texas Democrats campaign aggressively online during the pandemic. Is it enough to flip the state?
73 Texas Democrats suing to kick Green Party candidates off November ballot
74 Texas Democrats sue the state to keep straight-ticket voting in 2020
75 How many delegates does Texas have?
76 Texas Democrats launch largest voter registration campaign to hobble GOP's grip on the state
77 Texas Holds Super Tuesday Primary Amid Democratic Party Changes
78 Democrats are using a data scientist’s secret sauce to flip Texas blue
79 Texas Democratic Party takes mail-in voting case to Supreme Court
80 Democratic National Convention 2020 featured four Texans in the party
81 Texas straight-ticket voting lawsuit tossed by federal court
82 How Texas Democrats plan to pull off an all-virtual convention
83 Trump erases Biden’s lead in Texas, as Hegar chips away at Cornyn’s edge in Senate race
84 Hinojosa: Cornyn turned his back on South Texas residents
85 Joe Biden tells Texas Democrats they could flip the state blue
86 Judiciary Committee to collide with campaign trail for Supreme Court fight
87 Texas Democrats snubbed by DNC, ‘somebody dropped the ball’
88 Bernie Sanders' rise strikes concern among Texas Democratic establishment
89 Texas Democratic Party shifts organizing efforts to provide information on coronavirus
90 Texas Democrats launch aggressive voter-protection effort
91 Democrats sue Texas officials for vote by mail during coronavirus pandemic
92 Texas Democrats see virtue in virtual state convention
93 Democratic Party Chair Says Joe Biden's Words About The Pandemic Speak To Texas Voters
94 Despite a Favorable Poll, Biden has the Disadvantage at Tuesday's Presidential Debate
95 Texas Dems announce largest-ever voter drive in 2020 flip effort
96 As the Democratic old guard frets, Bernie Sanders finds a Texas foothold
97 Texas Democratic Party chairman details how national convention will be different amid coronavirus pandemic
98 Bovard: Trump Is Consistent and Truthful on Abortion
99 National Democrats jump into new lawsuit over Texas voter registration
100 Dozens of Celebrities Team Up to ‘Turn Texas Blue’ with Donations, Tweets and a Hashtag