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1 Fact-checking ‘The Crown’: Did Margaret Thatcher really look down on women?
2 Margaret Thatcher: Facts about the controversial prime minister in 'The Crown'
3 Margaret Thatcher: Thirty years on from her Downing Street exit, her legacy lives on
4 The true story of Thatcher's downfall is way wilder than 'The Crown'
5 Why a Planned Statue of Britain's 'Iron Lady,' Margaret Thatcher, Is So Polarizing
6 Is Margaret Thatcher’s Hometown Ready to Put Her on a Pedestal?
7 Season 4 of ‘The Crown’ features the disappearance of Mark Thatcher — before he moved to Dallas
8 'The Crown' Season 4: Gillian Anderson Is the Latest Margaret Thatcher
9 The Crown Fan’s Guide to Margaret Thatcher
10 The Crown Struggles With Portrayal of Margaret Thatcher
11 Fact-checking ‘The Crown’: How icy were Queen Elizabeth and Margaret Thatcher with each other?
12 Why Political Leaders Are Never to Blame
13 Opinion | How 'The Crown' dishes on Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana in its food scenes
14 The leadership fracas that forced Margaret Thatcher from power 30 years ago
15 What Margaret Thatcher Was Like As a Mother
16 When Margaret Thatcher Crushed a British Miners’ Strike
17 What The Crown season 4 gets wrong (and right) about Margaret Thatcher
18 Communist who laid the ground for Thatcher's revolution
19 Where Are Margaret Thatcher's Children, Mark and Carol Today?
20 Opinion | The enduring legacy of Margaret Thatcher
21 Margaret & Diana & Elizabeth & Nancy
22 Queen Elizabeth II and Margaret Thatcher's Complicated Relationship
23 Joe Biden witnessed Thatcher 'grab politician by lapels' as she demanded Falkland backing
24 In 'The Crown,' Gillian Anderson Explores Thatcher's 'Powerplay' With The Queen
25 Who is Carol Thatcher – and how realistic is The Crown's portrayal of her relationship with her mother?
26 Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana & Margaret Thatcher's PJs in The Crown Have Secret Meanings
27 Thatcher's poisonous television legacy is still being felt
28 John Rentoul: Margaret Thatcher's biographer on how John Major was the 'most skilful actor' in her fall, 30 years ago
29 Who Are Margaret Thatcher's Twin Children, Mark and Carol?
30 'The Crown' Season 4 Trailer: Margaret Thatcher Starts Her Feud With Queen Elizabeth II
31 Plan to spend £100,000 on Margaret Thatcher statue ceremony “staggeringly insensitive”
32 Nothing better demonstrates Thatcher's legacy than the continued fury of the Left
33 This Comedian's Impression of Margaret Thatcher on The Crown Is Royally Funny
34 Gillian Anderson on her transformation into Margaret Thatcher for The Crown
35 What to Watch: ‘The Crown’ Takes On Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana
36 This is the only convincing performance I have seen of Mrs Thatcher as Prime Minister
37 Thatcher, Di and hunting metaphors: The Crown’s fourth season explained
38 When Margaret Thatcher's Son Got Lost in the Sahara
39 Queen Elizabeth's Press Secretary Michael Shea Led the Royal Family Through Multiple Crises
40 Mark Thatcher now: What happened to ex-Prime Minister’s son who goes missing in The Crown season 4
41 Joe Biden's bruising speech on apartheid in face of Reagan and Thatcher
42 Margaret Thatcher's hair was a powerful political weapon
43 When Mark Thatcher raced Le Mans and went missing on the Paris-Dakar rally
44 Maradona's victory over 'Thatcher's England' sealed Argentina's 'resurrection', says Emmanuel Macron
45 Britain hasn't had a pro-liberty PM since Thatcher resigned 30 years ago
46 Joe Biden's explosive support of Thatcher over Falklands despite fury with Reagan
47 Margaret Thatcher tribute: Grantham calls for £100k grant for statue’s grand unveiling
48 Margaret Thatcher on screen | HeraldScotland
49 Council to spend £100k on Thatcher statue unveiling
50 Gillian Anderson Set 'Boundaries' with Partner Peter Morgan to Play Margaret Thatcher in The Crown
51 Was Mark Thatcher Really Missing? True Story From The Crown Season 4
52 The Reason Margaret Thatcher's Son Dominated Headlines in 1982, and What Happened After
53 The story behind The Crown: Thatcher's downfall
54 The Crown: 48:1, season 4 episode 8 review: would Thatcher have really spoken to the Queen like that?
55 The last thatcher of the Western Isles
56 Lessons in losing, from Cleopatra to Thatcher
57 Margaret Thatcher was no friend of freedom
58 The Crown distorts Mrs Thatcher's words and deeds to suit 21st-century tastes
59 What if Thatcher won the 1990 leadership challenge?
60 Though She Passed the Balmoral Test, Diana Came to Hate the Castle
61 Stephen Boxer on becoming Denis Thatcher, Gillian Anderson and The Crown
62 The Crown: Mark Thatcher goes missing in Paris-Dakar rally
63 Why academics hold Thatcher and Trump in such contempt
64 Watch: BBC presenter confuses former UK PM Theresa May with Margaret Thatcher
65 Thatcher unanimously passes resolution regarding masks | Coronavirus
66 ‘She Kind of Reminds You of Margaret Thatcher’: Liz Cheney Prepares To Make Her Move
67 Margaret Thatcher: It's 17 years since the Tories' Section 28 was repealed
68 Gillian Anderson is extraordinary as Thatcher in The Crown
69 The Crown: Royal tragedy, Thatcher's reign and THAT wedding: Top five moments in series four
70 A closer look at Margaret Thatcher's penchant for jewellery and watches
71 How Thatcher’s legacy endures, 30 years after her dethroning
72 A little-known Southern Oregon man just became Republican Kim Thatcher's largest benefactor
73 “We can be ruthless if we need to be” – does the downfall of Thatcher hold lessons for Boris Johnson?
74 Judge Thatcher finds 18 guilty in Mount Vernon Municipal Court
75 The Mandalorian: Sophie Thatcher Rumoured For Season 3
76 The Queen & Margaret Thatcher's Relationship: The Crown Season 4 Storyline
77 'The Crown' star Gillian Anderson says she would have been 'really dumb' to turn down the role of Margaret Thatcher
78 Did The Queen Like Margaret Thatcher? What Was The Relationship Like?
79 Mary Kay Thatcher: Rural America Needs Bipartisan Representation
80 1982: Margaret Thatcher
81 Best Twitter Reactions to Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher in The Crown
82 Why 'The Crown' Season 4 includes Princess Diana's bulimia and Margaret Thatcher's private life
83 We're Still Living in Margaret Thatcher's Britain
84 The Reader's Notebook: Margaret Thatcher
85 The Queen had Thatcher on her knees: Gillian Anderson joins The Crown
86 Gillian Anderson promises we'll “see another side of Thatcher” in The Crown
87 Boris, Thatcher and ‘Society’
88 Britain's EU Journey: When Thatcher turned all euroskeptic
89 Article by young Boris Johnson helped inspire Thatcher's 'No, no, no'
90 Margaret Thatcher wasn’t for turning, but Boris Johnson is
91 Tech Bro Uniform Meets Margaret Thatcher. Disruption Ensues.
92 Thatcher planned to meet Kate Bush at Abbey Road, but got the Wombles
93 Seeing Margaret Thatcher Whole
94 Here's a first look at Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher
95 Von der Leyen to UK: Thatcher would not break her word on Brexit
96 From the Archives, 1988: Margaret Thatcher jostled, pushed in Melbourne
97 Thatcher and Reagan week is latest skirmish in Bolsonaro's culture wars
98 Political leadership in the Cold War's ending: Thatcher and the turn to engagement with the Soviet Union
99 Margaret Thatcher’s Battle Over Europe
100 Treasurer's inspiration from Thatcher, Reagan has merit: Economists