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Result Content Idea Research
1 Report details Wildlife Services' handling of nuisance animals
2 USDA Wildlife Services Highlights Wildlife Damage Management Tools
3 Here’s what a deer cull means for Manistee’s ecosystem
4 Feral swine population a threat to export markets
5 Minks, farmer test positive for virus | Coronavirus |
6 Feral hogs a menace in South Central Missouri
7 Council rejects deer cull request
8 World Rabies Day
9 APHIS Wildlife Biologists Aid Squirrel Recovery on the Delmarva
10 Funding Announced for Campaign to Counter Chronic Wasting Disease in New York
11 Avian influenza strain calls for flock protection | Lifestyles
12 Environmentalists Go After US Wildlife Services for the Killing of More Than 1.2 Million Animals
13 USDA Investigates Packages of Unsolicited Seeds from China
14 APHIS Looks Into Packages of Unsolicited Seeds
15 Feral Kansas Swine Webinar Dec. 1
16 KDA to host webinar discussion of feral swine in Kansas
17 #Together Against Rabies: APHIS-Wildlife Services Works to Prevent Rabies
18 Washington, Oregon enlist tiny ally in fight against knotweed
19 USDA Working To Stop Spread Of Raccoon Rabies In Catoosa County
20 CBP officers find more than toys inside shipment from Spain
21 Wildlife damage programs, a complicated entity
22 USDA Wildlife Services
23 Keeping Our Military Pilots Safe from Wildlife Strikes
24 Animal group threatens to sue county over program that kills wildlife
25 DOE Providing Funding and Expertise for Researchers to Support COVID-19 Projects
26 Rabies vaccine for raccoons to be distributed in northeastern parts of the state
27 City Residents should not try to trap skunks
28 APHIS releases 2019 Impact Report highlighting agency's support of U.S. agriculture
29 APHIS Student Interns: Making a Difference in the Future of American Agriculture
30 USDA expands ability to study brucellosis in wildlife, livestock
31 Settlement over Wildlife Services prioritizes nonlethal animal control methods
32 Lawsuit Says Feds Illegally Killing Montana Wildlife
33 From Vet to Fed: U.S. Coast Guard Veteran Now Helps to Protect America's Agricultural Resources
34 Predators Cause $232 Million in Livestock Losses in 2019
35 Neither Rain nor Sleet nor Snow Stops Wildlife Disease Biologists from Collecting Samples
36 USDA and Maine CDC team up to distribute rabies vaccines in the wild
37 Tiger King's Jeff Lowe is accused of burning tiger carcasses on makeshift wood pyres
38 Minneapolis clarifies what will be done with problem animals in city parks
39 Oklahoma looking to control feral swine as population grows
40 USDA's Wildlife Services Sued Again: Enviro Orgs Ask Court to Halt Wildlife-Killing Program in Idaho
41 New list of reportable animal diseases proposed by APHIS
42 Wildlife in Need owner will keep animals, USDA says
43 National training academy to be housed at MSU
44 APHIS-Trained Canines are Ready for their Close-ups: Dogs Featured on Disney+'s It's a Dog's Life with Bill Farmer
45 Wildlife Partners Unite to Protect Iconic Species from Deadly Plague
46 USDA Keeps Military Flying Safely in Nebraska
47 Feds fund feral swine control
48 Landowners: What to expect when trapping feral hogs
49 Doña Ana County Commissioners retreat on sodium cyanide bomb amendment
50 'Lethal Control' film details Wildlife Services' deadly use of M-44's
51 USDA and Partners Work to Eliminate Invasive Nutria From Maryland's Eastern Shore
52 USDA FMD Vaccine Bank
53 Projects to stem feral hog damage underway
54 The Search for Genetic Clues to Determine Chronic Wasting Disease Susceptibility
55 Never a Dull Moment for APHIS Wildlife Veterinarians
56 USGS Brown Treesnake Research Continues at Guam National Wildlife Refuge
57 USDA Finds Numerous Starved and Ailing Animals at 'Tiger King' Zoo
58 USDA Serving Military Aviation in Afghanistan
59 10th Anniversary of the 'Miracle on the Hudson': USDA Research Reduces Wildlife Hazards at Airports
60 USDA's Cutting-Edge Methods Help Deliver a Victory Against Asian Giant Hornet
61 USDA expands brucellosis research | Livestock |
62 US Wildlife Services Killed 1.3 Million Non-Invasive Animals in 2017
63 Feral swine eradicated from Colorado thanks to work of state and federal partnership
64 Nearly 150 geese removed, ‘humanely euthanized’ from Ala. community
65 Stop Invasive Pests in Their Tracks with Tips from APHIS and PlayCleanGo this Summer
66 Keeping the invasive bugs at bay
67 Vaccine bait aims to control rabies in US wildlife
68 Efforts Underway to Control Rabies in Chautauqua County
69 Graphic video shows injured deer caught inside feral hog trap in Reynolds County
70 Illegal release, transport of feral hogs a problem
71 NRCS announces second round of funding for feral swine program in Texas
72 APHIS Wildlife Services to begin field trials on feral swine toxic bait
73 Navigating Pet Travel? Let APHIS Help.
74 Recovering a Native: USDA Agencies Help with Endangered Ferret Reintroductions
75 Former employees raise questions about conditions at Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary
76 Celebrating Invasive Plant Pest and Disease Awareness Month with Your Children: Activities, Curriculums and Video Links
77 APHIS Geneticist Finds New Way to Track Invasive Pythons
78 Feds admit error in removing geese from Baldwin park
79 In Short
80 From pigeons to vultures, Upshur County takes on more nuisance birds
81 R-CALF Urges USDA to Reject Zoetis' FMD Vaccine
82 An Important Action to Take: Check Your Trees!
83 Events Highlight the Impact of Rabies on People, Pets and Wildlife
84 Wildlife biologists discuss Southern Oregon wolf kills
85 One Health
86 Over 670 feral hogs removed from Arkansas lands, officials say
87 Swans an invasive rife with conflict | Heraldrepublican
88 USDA announces funding to control feral swine in Louisiana
89 Slaughtered Pups and Maimed Wolves in Idaho Demonstrate the Effects of Federal Delisting
90 APHIS Foreign Service Officers: Join Us in Making a Difference throughout the World
91 EPIC announces plan to sue USDA program over killing of beavers
92 Taking to the skies to take feral hogs
93 USDA's Proposed Mandatory Animal Health Disease Reporting | Fox Rothschild LLP
94 Study Finds Diseases In N.C. Otters, an Important Species for Tracking River Health
95 Missouri increases feral hog elimination efforts, adapts strategy for 2020
96 Farm Hands on the Potomac: Nickerson named deputy chief economist at USDA
97 Safer Skies for Navy Fliers and Vultures
98 After Relocation to Animal Sanctuary, Haddon Heights' Glenny the Turkey Seized by USDA Officers, Euthanized
99 Range rider working to protect grizzlies, livestock in Gravellys
100 Officials in Texas on alert for African horse sickness