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1 Wildlife corridors keep elephants connected by genes
2 Elephants can lose two bathtubs full of water in a single day when it gets hot
3 Botswana to Repatriate Elephants to Angola to Reduce Overpopulation
4 Elephants
5 New report highlights continued threat to African elephants from poaching
6 The 21st Century Threat to Wildlife is "Cyberpoaching"
7 African elephant numbers plummet during 'worst decline in 25 years’
8 Wildlife watchdog put to shame after experts say baby elephants sold to ‘perfect’ China zoo violated rules
9 Kenya's Elephant Population Has Doubled Since 1980s
10 ‘Large-scale human rights violations’ taint Congo national park project
11 Botswana reports mysterious deaths of hundreds of elephants
12 How African Elephants Fight Climate Change – IMF F&D
13 365 Elephants Died in Botswana. The Cause Is a Mystery
14 CITES: African elephant poaching down, ivory seizures up and hit record high
15 Why are hundreds of African elephants dying?
16 Following African elephant trails to approach conservation differently
17 For Rats That Coat Themselves In Poison, These Rodents Are Surprisingly Cuddly
18 What’s killing Botswana’s elephants? Here are the top theories.
20 Hundreds of elephants are suddenly and mysteriously dying in Africa
21 African forest elephants are in more trouble than we thought
23 DNA sleuths target ivory poachers
24 It's not poachers killing elephants in Botswana. That worries conservationists.
25 Guest Article: We Must Rachet Up the Fight Against Illicit Wildlife Trafficking
26 Mysterious Cause of Hundreds of Elephant Deaths in Botswana Finally Comes Into Focus
27 Ivory Coast's elephant populations are now in catastrophic decline
28 Sophi, 52-Year-Old African Elephant Dies at Indianapolis Zoo
29 Botswana gets first test results on elephant deaths
30 Cameron Park Zoo staff mourns 40-year-old African elephant
31 African Elephant Numbers Plummet 30 Percent, Great Elephant Census Finds
32 Zoo: Oldest African Elephant in North America Dies at 56
33 Elephant poaching falls dramatically in Africa
34 Botswana reveals the cause of a mass elephant die-off after months-long wait
35 Botswana probes mysterious death of 12 elephants
36 Secrets of male elephant society revealed in the wild
37 Elephant poaching is still rife across Africa despite claims the situation is improving, study finds
38 Mass Elephant Die-Off Caused by Cyanobacteria, Officials Say
39 Poachers Are Invading Botswana, Last Refuge of African Elephants
40 Contagious yawning in African elephants
41 Monitoring the Illegal Killing of Elephants (MIKE) | CITES
42 Kenya's wildlife tourism, a casualty of COVID, gets a lifeline
43 'Let us trade': Debate over ivory sales rages ahead of CITES summit
44 Mass Elephant Deaths: Anthrax, Poison Ruled Out in Botswana
45 Elephant poaching on the rise in Botswana
46 Study uncovers a heightened threat to African forest elephants
47 Male Elephants Are Not Loners After All
48 Representative Don Young Hopes to Enlist Whistleblowers to Combat Illegal Wildlife Trafficking
49 African elephants will likely be extinct when our kids are adults
50 Take a virtual safari to celebrate World Elephant Day
51 Conservationists fear African animal poaching will increase during COVID-19 pandemic
52 Sophi, The African Elephant, Has Died At The Indianapolis Zoo
53 Satellite collars to help boost protection for Nigeria's largest remaining elephant herd
54 This magnificent rescue of a family of African elephants is an example to the world
55 'A Species That We Cannot Afford To Lose': Hundreds Of Elephants In Botswana Found Mysteriously Dead
56 Mass Elephant Deaths Baffle Home of World’s Largest Herd
57 Elephant poaching has improved little or even worsened since 2011 across Africa-report
58 The African Elephant Fund: Delivering the African Elephant Action Plan
59 The elephant in the room: Are zoos suitable homes for the world's largest land mammals?
60 Kenya calls for more efforts to save African elephant
61 Botswana Weighs Lifting Hunting Ban, With Eye On Reducing Elephant Population
62 African elephant
63 African elephant, facts and photos
64 Podcast: Listening to elephants to protect Central Africa's tropical forests
65 How Botswana's Sudden Elephant Deaths Impact the Species
66 Elephant Deaths May be Due to ‘Novel Disease,’ Botswana Says
67 Illegal ivory mostly from recent elephant killings
68 Poaching and the problem with conservation in Africa (commentary)
69 Indianapolis Zoo's 52-year-old African elephant dies
70 PETA wants to ban trophy hunting. This LA man is the target
71 Largest Wildlife Census in History Makes Waves in Conservation
72 Elephant shrew rediscovered in Africa after 50 years
73 Researchers Are Using Artificial Intelligence To Stop African Elephant Poachers
74 Seneca Park Zoo reports the death of African elephant, Chana
75 How Mikki's pregnancy contributed to Louisville being ranked 5th worst for elephants
76 How the African elephant cracked its skin to cool off
77 Botswana lifts ban on elephant hunting
78 World Elephant Day: Africa's elephants still in trouble as governments ignore CITES
79 Young elephants were taken from their mothers in Zimbabwe. Now they're in cages in China
80 Lifting Botswana's hunting ban endangers its status a...
81 World Wildlife Day 2020 – 5 things to know about the illegal wildlife trade
82 Memphis Zoo elephant, Tyranza, dies after health decline
83 Hunting for clickbait
84 We reveal how the tourism industry is adapting to life in a pandemic
85 Debunking the myths about Botswana's elephant population
86 Botswana auctions licenses to hunt 70 elephants in effort to reduce conflict with humans
87 Ahead of CITES CoP18, Botswana tries to lift ban on ivory trade
88 Behavioural variability in captive African elephants in the use of the trunk while feeding
89 New Video of American Gunning Down African Elephant Prompts PETA Call to UPS: 'Stop Shipping Body Parts!'
90 100,000 Elephants Killed by Poachers in Just Three Years, Landmark Analysis Finds
91 African elephant conservation
92 Wildlife detectives link smuggled African elephant ivory to 3 major cartels
93 Poaching threats loom as wildlife safaris put on hold due to COVID-19
94 PETA alleges Monterey Zoo mistreated elephants, injuring employee
95 Elephant protection debate to dominate conservation meeting
96 Wildlife in 'catastrophic decline' due to human destruction, scientists warn
97 Five Things to Know About Botswana's Decision to Lift Ban on Hunting Elephants
98 African elephant population declining at 8% per year
99 Two Sets Of Elephant Twins Born Amid Elephant Baby Boom In Kenya
100 What killed hundreds of elephants in Botswana? Still unknown