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1 Amazon offers advice on Docker Hub rate limits, announces new public container registry
2 Amazon Teases Image Registry to Duck Docker
3 Amazon Announces Public Container Registry Against Future Docker Hub Limits
4 New AWS Services Optimize App Development Process
5 StackRox + AWS + Kubernetes – A look inside our Security Hub integration
6 Sysdig announces automated inline image scanning for AWS Fargate containers
7 Storage suppliers go Kubernetes crazy in this week's roundup
8 Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon ECR)
9 Sysdig Dives Deeper into AWS Container Security
10 How to push Docker images to AWS’ Elastic Container Registry(ECR) [Tutorial]
11 CloudPassage Moves Halo Cloud's Fully-containerized Microservices Architecture to Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service
12 CloudPassage Halo's new capabilities support generic Docker hosts, Kubernetes nodes, and AWS ECS
13 AWS makes its Amazon EC2 Container Registry service available to everyone
14 How AWS' new product releases optimise application development
15 What's the point: Lua, AWS App2Container, OpsRamp, Diamanti Spektra, Couchbase, and Redis • DEVCLASS
16 Compare cloud container registries from AWS, Azure and Google
17 New AWS Services Optimize Application Development Process
18 Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS)
19 AWS: Your complete guide to Amazon Web Services & features
20 Building .NET Applications for AWS
21 A cloud services cheat sheet for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud
22 Cloud experts weigh in on AWS container capabilities
23 Continuous delivery with server-side Swift on Amazon Linux 2
24 Docker's Compose specification is now an open standard
25 How do I store secrets in AWS so they don't appear in my code?
26 CloudPassage Expands Cloud Security Capabilities
27 Deploying Microservices on AWS
28 AWS opens the Fargate to Kubernetes
29 Meet Arrikto and its Rok container storage backup software – Blocks and Files
30 Cloud-Native CI/CD Workflows in AWS: 3 Use Cases
31 Cloud Container Services Comparison
32 What Is ECR and How Can You Make Your Containers More Secure?
33 Amazon EventBridge Schema Registry Now Generally Available on AWS
34 Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) News: 01 October 2020
35 Kubernetes on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud
36 Harness Teams with Amazon Web Services to Bring Continuous Delivery-as-a-Service to Cloud-Native Applications
37 AWS Releases Amazon Timestream into General Availability
38 Why Amazon's AWS Cloud Business Will Continue to Grow
39 The top 30 Amazon products and services tech pros used this year
40 Hands On: AWS Bottlerocket vs Google Container-Optimized OS
41 Twistlock Provides Full Lifecycle, Automated Security for Cloud Native Workloads Running on Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes
42 Deploying Docker Containers Using an AWS CodePipeline for DevOps
43 AWS Building Blocks: Developer Tools
44 Compare serverless tools and services in the public cloud
45 Amazon Announces AWS PrivateLink Support for Its ECR and ECS Services
46 Amazon ECS Overview: What You Need To Know
47 When NOT to Use AWS Elastic Beanstalk [Deep Dive]
48 VMware makes its Cloud on AWS service more accessible
49 Open Source Registry Harbor's Graduation: Q&A with VMware's Michael Michael
50 How Docker and Kubernetes Work Together
51 How can we save money in Amazon EC2 Container Service?
52 AWS vs Azure | 2020 Comparison by eWeek
53 Recap of AWS re:Invent 2019
54 Amazon EC2 Elastic GPUs
55 Cisco Integrates Its On-Prem Kubernetes Platform With AWS
56 Latest Release of WSO2 API Manager Expands Security and Support for Kubernetes, Microservices, and Serverless Apps
57 Microsoft Updates Azure Stack Hub with New Management Features, Container Support and More
58 Amazon Announces General Availability of AWS CodeArtifact
59 Informatica Selects StackRox to Secure Containers and Kubernetes on Amazon EKS
60 Combatting COVID-19 misinformation with machine learning (VB Live)
61 Attackers Found Building Malicious Container Images Directly on Host
62 Optimizely Embraces Docker Containers to Advance Feature Flagging
63 HPE Ezmeral Container Platform Gets Shiny Updates
64 AWS re:Invent: Matillion Data Loader, Node.js functions for AWS Lambda, and new AWS support
65 The full list of services offered by the new AWS Cape Town region
66 An introduction to Alibaba cloud offerings
67 AWS Marketplace and AWS Data Exchange opens to Australian vendors
68 CircleCI expands partner integrations for Kubernetes with AWS, Azure and more
69 AWS On-Demand Instances (Amazon Web Services On-Demand Instances)
70 Amazon EC2 Simple Systems Manager
71 Researchers find AWS creds stealing worm
72 Amazon EBS (Elastic Block Store)
73 Free AWS Online Training Resources for IT Pros
74 Vulnerability Scanner Trivy Now Available as Integrated Option within Harbor
75 AWS Service Operator for Kubernetes makes managing your resources a breeze
76 AWS Config (Amazon Web Services Config)
77 AWS Directory Service
78 Krustlet: a kubelet Written in Rust to Run WebAssembly Workloads in Kubernetes
79 Everything Amazon announced at AWS re:Invent 2015
80 Weave Scope is now being exploited in attacks against cloud environments
81 From Capistrano to Kubernetes: Lessons from PhraseApp's transition
82 Red Hat kicks off long goodbye for CoreOS Container Linux
83 AWS Trusted Advisor (Amazon Web Services Trusted Advisor)
84 Microsoft Announces the General Availability of Windows Server Containers, and More for AKS
85 Amazon EC2 Dedicated Hosts
86 Open source tool helps test security of cloud containers
87 How to deploy Docker Hub-hosted microservices in AWS ECS
88 JFrog Brings the First Kubernetes Registry with Helm, Docker, npm, and Universal Repository to the AWS Marketplace
89 Enforce Instance Compliance in Amazon EC2 with State Manager
90 Assess five ways to deploy AWS containers to production
91 Tripwire For DevOps External Registry And Alert Capability
92 Amazon fits EFS with better access management • DEVCLASS
93 Top Public Cloud Kubernetes Services
94 MayaData Donates Chaos Engineering Tool for Kubernetes Apps to CNCF
95 Chef and Puppet Throw DevOps Features at AWS OpsWorks Platforms
96 An Overview of Various Docker Registries
97 PaaS tools on shaky ground as Elastic Beanstalk evolves
98 Securing and Protecting Containers in AWS Fargate
99 Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud P3 launched alongside NVIDIA GPU Cloud
100 Cloud Development Kit Can Now Generate Terraform Configurations Using TypeScript and Python