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1 Scientists made a counterintuitive discovery about the Amazon rainforest
2 Amazon rainforest photosynthesis increases in response to atmospheric dryness
3 Climate Explained: what would happen if we cut down the Amazon rainforest?
4 Species lost deep in the Amazon rainforest | NSF
5 Some Amazon rainforest regions more resistant to climate change than previously thought
6 Amazon rainforest: What would happen if the Amazon was destroyed?
7 Could President-Elect Joe Biden Help Save the Amazon? | Time
8 Fires in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest jump in October
9 16 Photos From the Amazon: The Region That's 'Ground Zero for Our World's Greatest Battles'
10 How e-commerce works in the Amazon rainforest
11 Amazon Deforestation: Causes, Effects, Facts, & How to Stop It
12 Fires in Brazil's Amazon rainforest surged in October, data shows | Daily Sabah
13 Emerging arboviruses in the urbanized Amazon rainforest
14 Some parts of the Amazon rainforest will thrive in a warming climate
15 As 2020 Amazon fire season winds down, Brazil carbon emissions rise
16 Green groups denounce Brazil's 'sham' Amazon tour for foreign diplomats
17 Brazil vice president defends rain forest policy, says it won't change if Biden wins in U.S.
18 Mogo Launches New Interactive Rainforest Mode in its App
19 British chicken driving deforestation in Brazil's “second Amazon”
20 Amazon initiative pays farmers and ranchers to keep the forest standing
21 Trans-Purus: Brazil's last intact Amazon forest at immediate risk (commentary)
22 Some tropical forests show surprising resilience as temperatures rise
23 A virtual trip to the heart of the Amazon rainforest the focus of 'augmented reality' artwork
24 ‘The rock art gave me goosebumps’: discovering the Amazon’s lost archaeology
25 lavera Naturkosmetik is now climate-neutral and is protecting 5,023 ha of rain forest in the Amazon region
26 Historic Amazon rainforest fires threaten climate and raise risk of new diseases
27 Coronavirus in Brazil is fueling another crisis: Destruction of the Amazon rainforest
28 Brazil will track illegal Amazon wood exports using isotopes: Bolsonaro at BRICS summit
29 Amazon rainforest fires sharply increased in June – raising concerns about a repeat of last year's devastation
30 In the Amazon's 'sand forests,' birds play by different evolutionary rules: Birds travel across habitats patches to breed, unlike their forest counterparts
31 The Amazon Rainforest Could Become a Savannah Due to Human Activity: Study
32 How your chicken is linked to deforestation in Brazil
33 Amazon tragedy repeats itself as Brazil rainforest goes up in smoke
34 Can Norway’s deforestation program outbid loggers?
35 The Amazon savanna? Rainforest teeters on the brink as climate heats up
36 High School Students in Brazil are Interested in the Environment, Biodiversity, and Conservation
37 Amazon road-building could deforest millions of hectares: report
38 The Dangers of Deforestation
39 Once the Amazon rainforest passes the point of no return it could be gone in decades
40 Bird's eye view: Drone photos of the Amazon rainforest (insider)
41 As the Amazon burns, what happens to its biodiversity?
42 How important is the Amazon Rainforest for the Brazilian economy?
43 Amazon rainforest the size of Sao Paulo cleared in July in Brazil
44 Brazil faces renewed pressure to protect Amazon rainforest
45 The Amazon Is Still on Fire
46 Exploring the history of the Amazon and its peoples: an interview with John Hemming
47 Tens of thousands of fires are pushing the Amazon to a tipping point
48 In the Amazon rainforest, degradation may be a bigger threat than deforestation
49 Amazon Deforestation Soars as Pandemic Hobbles Enforcement
50 Deforestation Accelerates In Amazon Rainforest During Global Pandemic | The Weather Channel
51 Amazon under threat: Fires, loggers and now virus
52 Amazon Rainforest Fires in Brazil Surge in July
53 Brazil's Jair Bolsanaro calls new Amazon fires a "lie" — as videos show the rainforest burning
54 The Amazon rain forest is near a survival tipping point
55 New Study Finds Firestorms Could Turn The Amazon Rainforest Into A Major Carbon Source
56 Satellite data show Amazon rainforest likely drier, more fire-prone this year
57 Amazon tribes are using drones to track deforestation in the Brazilian rainforest
58 14 straight months of rising Amazon deforestation in Brazil
59 When will the Amazon hit a tipping point?
60 Amazon fires: Are they worse this year than before?
61 Brazil revises deforestation data: Amazon rainforest loss topped 10,000 sq km in 2019
62 Coronavirus pandemic leaves Amazon rainforest more vulnerable than ever
63 José Gregorio: Either we preserve the Amazon rainforest, or the planet will take revenge
64 Brazil deploys military to protect Amazon rainforest
65 Loyal couples in the rainforest
66 Amazon's widespread fire damage 'invisible to our eyes'
67 The Amazon rainforest in Brazil: Living in the shadows of violence and development
68 Young people of the Amazon are the real guardians of the rainforest | Living
69 Gold mining restricts Amazon rainforest recovery
70 Investing in Amazon Rainforest Conservation: A Foreigner's Perspective (commentary)
71 Scientists launch ambitious conservation project to save the Amazon
72 The $60-Billion Industry Behind Brazil's Exploitation of the Amazon Rainforest
73 Scientists measure Amazon drought and deforestation feedback loop: Study
74 Human activity could transform the Amazon Rainforest into savannah
75 A New Tool for Tracking Amazon Fires
76 Brazil to extend military deployment in Amazon rainforest by five months
77 Amazon fires may be worse in 2020 as deforestation and land grabbing spikes
78 Coronavirus Creeps Through the Amazon Rain Forest
79 The hidden toll of lockdown on rainforests
80 Rainforest Destruction in Brazil's Amazon Is a Public Security Emergency
81 With world distracted, the Amazon rainforest continues to burn
82 Amazon rainforest deforestation: The Amazon is in trouble. Again.
83 Rapid deforestation of Brazilian Amazon could bring next pandemic: Experts
84 Scientists fear deforestation, fires and Covid-19 could create a 'perfect storm' in the Amazon
85 Musician Wren is fading from the Amazon rainforest, study says
86 The millenial pre-colonial cultural influence is evident in the Amazon forest
87 Santiago Manuin, tireless defender of the Amazon rainforest, succumbs to COVID-19
88 The Amazon Is Nearing the Point of No Return
89 Were fires in the Amazon rainforest fueled by U.S. companies and consumers?
90 Crimefighting NGO tracks Brazil wildlife trade on WhatsApp and Facebook
91 Deep in the Amazon rainforest, armed tribesmen battle illegal loggers for their future — and ours
92 Amazon rainforest loss topped 10,000 sq km in 2019, according to Brazil’s revised deforestation data
93 What you need to know about the Amazon rainforest fires
94 Amazon rainforest is about to reach a tipping point, experts warn
95 Deforestation of Amazon rainforest accelerates during pandemic: report | TheHill
96 Amazon Rainforest Fire Season Starts With Outlook for Record Burn
97 World Rainforest Day: The world's great rainforests
98 Deforestation in the Amazon is accelerating despite coronavirus
99 Impact of Effort to Reduce Amazon Deforestation Overestimated, Study Finds
100 Here's what we know about the fires in the Amazon rainforest